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Chapter Twenty Five – Celebrations

Neighborhoods were well lit, decorated in festivities that stood out in the dark night. House lights were on and people were getting ready to eat dinner with their families. "Don you look like a puffer fish," laughed Jason Flack.

"Well thanks dear old cousin of mine."

"That's what I told him Jason," said Patrick laughing up a storm.

"Ya did not. What are you laughing at anyways Pat you got buck teeth like a beaver."

"If your calling me a beaver than I'm good with my buck teeth, cause that's what beavers have," said Patrick making a chomping noise.

"Well you'd give Bunicula a run for his money," said Don.

"Really Don how'd you get that fat lip?" asked Jason.

"Helping a friend out at school, it's not as bad now as it was on the first day."

"You got yourself hurt over a friend, hell I'd save my own skin first," said Jason.

"The situation wasn't like that."

"It wasn't, than what was it like?"

"I rather not talk about it."

"What's so bad that you can't talk about it?" asked Jason.

"It's just not something I want to talk about. How's Mo doing?"

"Donnie, you are the only person besides his brother that could get away calling him that. He doesn't even go by Maurice anymore."

"So what do you call him Boscorelli all the time? Isn't that a little long?"

"Na, we just call him Bosco."

"That sounds like it would be a dogs name," said Patrick.

"Shut up Pat," said Don and Jason.

"Says he's looking to be a cop someday, looking to settle things, make things right," said Logan.

"Yeah did my dad inspire him?"

"Don't know."

"You know if his old mans been around lately?" asked Don.

"Don't know, but you know him, he doesn't like to talk about that kind of stuff."


"Hey boys why don't you come and eat," said Victoria Flack. "What are you boys doing up here anyways?"

"We're trying to stay away from Jason's annoying gabby sisters, but those two are just talking about people," said Patrick.

"Really who are you boys talking about?"

"An old friend from New York ma."

"Which one?"

"Maurice Boscorelli."

"That fine boy, how's he doing Jason?"

"Alright I guess."

"He's a senior this year ain't he?" asked Victoria.

"Yep he's a senior alright."

"Okay well it's time for dinner so come down."

Sara, Tony and Don Eppes sat at the table messing with their food as the adults joked and laughed. They were bored and weren't hungry anymore. Sara separated her mashed potatoes from her salad and smashed the potatoes down. She sighed. "You guys done?" she asked her two friends.

Both of them nodded their heads. "Jennifer can we be excused?" asked Sara.

"Are your friends done eating?"


"Than take care of your plates and entertain yourselves. We'll be done soon and everyone will leave shortly after."

As Sara and her friends went into the kitchen they heard one of the adults speak. "I don't understand how you can trust three teenagers to be good Jennifer they're a world of trouble, and having to boys spend the night with Sara."

"The Eppes boy is an old friend of Sara's and Tony is a good kid that wouldn't do anything that Sara or we wouldn't want," replied Derek ruffly to the rude friend."

The Three held back laughs. "Yeah because Sara's foster parents can't take care of her and just invite random boys over," said Eppes jokingly.

The three of them held back laughter again. It had been awhile sense Sara had felt so good, to have such a terrific Christmas.

Ryan sat between his cousins Eliz and Erin as his family sat around in the living room opening presents. Bryce and Caitlyn were going first there had been the claim that present opening would go from youngest to oldest and Ryan didn't really mind he could almost guess what he was going to get. He watched his brother and sister tear into their's, littering the paper on the ground followed by screams of joy. He stole a glance at his Aunt Megan every once in awhile she didn't look healthy. She was thin and her eyes were dull, no sparkle or trace of happiness.

"Ryan pay attention it's your turn," came the sharp tone of his mother.

Ryan jolted back and picked up one of his presents. It was from his aunt which surprised him because it looked like she hadn't done much but lay in bed. He opened this present only to see that it was two stacks of notebook paper, "Gee thanks."

"Ryan don't be rude to your Aunt thank he properly," said James

"Thank you Aunt Megan, I really appreciate the gift."

Erin went next opening her present from her Aunt and Uncle to find a small woven basket full of candies and other goodies. "Thanks Aunt Julie, Uncle James."

"We didn't know what you wanted so we thought sense you were doing se well in school that you deserved a treat," said Julie

Eliz went next unwrapping her gift form her aunt and uncle to reveal a calculator. Eliz gave her best fake smile "Thank you," she said to her aunt and uncle.

"Good you got a calculator you needed one for that slow brain of yours," came the erie voice of Erin and Eliz's mother.

Eliz shoved herself off the couch "I'm not slow mom, I skipped to grades incase you've forgotten."

"Elizabeth Wolfe Craig, do not talk to your mother that way," yelled James standing up from his seat in a chair.

"You can't tell me what to do Uncle James, you're not in charge of me. My mom treats me the same way you treat Ryan because we're different you think we're stupid, but you're wrong, we're smart maybe even smarter than you," yelled Eliz at her uncle and stormed out of the living room and out the front door slamming it behind her.

"Let's all go to sleep so Santa can come," said Julie to everyone, but more so to Caitlyn and Bryce.

"There's no such thing as a Santa," murmured Megan Craig.

"Mom," said Erin.

"Mommy, what does Aunt Megan mean there's no Santa."

"She's tired, she doesn't know what she's talking about," said Julie leading her two youngest children up the stairs. "Let's go to bed."

James got his sister up off the chair and started to guide her up the stairs with the help of Jeffery.

Ryan got up from the couch. "I'm going to talk to your sister."

"Okay, I'll clean up and get our spots ready for us to sleep."

Ryan went out the front door to see his cousin sitting on the front step. He sat down beside her but didn't speak. They just sat there in silence and in the back of Ryan's mind he knew what she had told his father was right she and him were treated like they needed help in school in their lives, they were treated differently than the rest of the family kids.

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