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Somewhere in the space/time vortex the tardis of the timelord known only as the Doctor traveled. Inside the tardis the Doctor's two companions Peri and Erimem are busy looking through the Doctor's vast library.

After flipping through one volume Peri was about to put it away when something fell from between the book's pages.

"Hmm what's this?" Peri said picking the object.

"What is that Peri?" asked Erimem.

"It looks like an old photograph. I wonder who the girl in it is." Said Peri showing the photograph to her friend.

"Perhaps the Doctor knows who she is." Suggested Erimem.

Peri nodded. "Good idea. I think he's still in the console room.

Meanwhile in the console room the Doctor had just finally removed Erimem's pet cat from the console and was busy setting the coordinates for their next destination.

"Hmm. Perhaps I should attempt another try for the Eye of Orion." Muttered the Doctor.

"Hey Doctor!"

The Doctor looked up to see his two companions walk into the console room.

Doctor, Peri and I found something while we were in the library." Said Erimem.

"Oh and what did you two find?" the Doctor asked only slightly interested.

"Just a really old photo. But Erimem and I were wondering if you knew who the girl in it was." Answered Peri.

"Yes Doctor do you know her?" added Erimem showing the photo to him.

Seeing the picture the Doctor blinked. Very slowly he took it from Erimem. How long had it been since they had parted ways all those years ago? 'At least four regeneration's.' the Doctor thought wryly.

"So Doctor do you know her?" asked Peri.

"Yes Peri I know her. She was the first of my traveling companions." Said the doctor.

"Your first companion?" questioned Erimem.

"So who was she? And why was she traveling with you?"

Peri was really curious now. She had known that the Doctor had traveling companions before her or Erimem. But the only one Peri had actually met had been Turlough.

"Her name is Susan Foreman. And to why she traveled with me. I don't see why not, after all she is my granddaughter." Answered the Doctor.

That reply took both Erimem and Peri by surprise. The Doctor never spoke of having any family. In fact he hardly spoke of Gallifry or his people.

"Excuse me Doctor, but you don't look old enough to have a granddaughter." Said Erimem.

The Doctor looked slightly sheepish as he put the picture in his trouser pocket.

"Yes, well my first body was much older than I look like now." Said the Doctor.

"So how come she isn't traveling with you anymore?" asked Peri.

"It was during one of our visits to Earth's future. The planet had been invaded the Daleks. My companions and I wound up getting involved in freeing Earth. Susan stayed behind to marry one of the rebels she had fallen in love with." Explained the Doctor.

Just then the console beeped.

"Ah it appears we have landed. Shall we see where? Oh and Erimem do try to keep your cat off the console." The Doctor said as he and his companions left the tardis.

The End