Chapter 1

It's been two month since he last saw her. Two months since the breakup, and that's when things started getting even worse (if that was even possible).

He hadn't been feeling very well for a long time now, but he always ignored it. He thought that it was due to not eating or not getting enough sleep. Since that dreadful morning everything had changed, but at the same time, everything remained the same. She wasn't coming to the diner anymore for her coffee fix, but Kirk was still bothering him every freaking day from opening till close. He tried to remain calm this time; he tried not to burn food or throw annoying customers out. This time he kept the pain to himself and wore the usual grumpy face for everyone else. He didn't want the town to know how broken he was on the inside, how much he missed her, and how he couldn't get over the fact that she slept with him. The only person that made him insecure, the only person that made him doubt.

He was sitting by the window watching the crazy town celebrating, god knows what it was this time. And then he saw her. It was the first time in two months that he had even seen a glimpse of her. She seemed tired and distracted, not her usual perky self when attending town festivals, she didn't seem to enjoy being there. He saw her looking at the diner with a pained but longing look on her face. He wanted nothing more than run outside and hug her, but then he saw him approaching with a goofy smile on his face putting his arm around her. She turned to him with a fake smile (because even from up there he could still distinguish her fake smile). It was then that he closed the curtains and went to lay down but the thoughts didn't leave him. He has already forgiven her for that night, mostly because he recognizes his part in the mess, but the problem is she was now in a relationship with him. The look on her face tonight made him realize that maybe she wasn't happy with him, but she was trying really hard to look like she was. Maybe, just maybe, there was still a chance for them.

After hours and hours of thinking about the mess they were in, he decided that tomorrow would be the day - the day that he will try and talk to her. One last attempt to see if there is still a possibility after all.

The next day passed by very quickly because he couldn't get away from the diner. It was unusually crowded and Lane was on her honeymoon, so there was no extra help. Late at night when he finished the closing up procedure he headed towards her house. He was getting nervous because the last time they had met, they had exchanged harsh words.

Lost in his thoughts he didn't realize that he was already in front of Lorelai's house. Her jeep wasn't on the driveway but he made his way to the door anyway. He knocked but no one answered, the only noise was Paul Anka barking. He hesitated. Should he leave or should he stay and wait for her? He decided the former, assuming that at this time she would be on a date, and he didn't want to risk an encounter with him as well.

He went back to his apartment, grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat by the window looking at the street, thinking back to a time not too long ago when he was standing on this same spot with Lorelai.

Dawn broke and Luke was still sitting in the same spot. He didn't feel like opening today, but he knew he had to. So, with heavy steps he made his way downstairs to start a new day.

It was another busy day and Luke rushed from the kitchen to the tables, his lack of sleep not helping the situation. He saw Sookie entering the diner and he froze. His heart started beating like crazy in his chest. He felt dizzy and unable to breathe. Before he knew what was happening, everything turned black.

When he woke, the first thing he noticed was the unfamiliar surroundings. Sookie and Jackson were by his side asking him questions, that he could not quite register. He tried to get up, but the IV in his hand stopped him. He protested, but they informed him that he had been unconscious for the last hour.

The doctor walked in the room to examine Luke. He seemed very concerned. He had Luke's scans and test results in hand and proceeded to check them. He then turned to Luke:

"Mr. Danes, the results showed that your system is very weak."

"Yeah, I haven't been sleeping or eating well for a while."

"Ok, that would explain some of the numbers, but some indexes concern me and I would like you to come back for extra tests."

Luke stared at the doctor. "Why, what's wrong with me?"

"I won't lie to you, Mr. Danes. I'm worried that your situation might be more serious than we first thought. We need to complete those tests in the next week."

Luke didn't know how to respond to the news. The only thing that he asked the doctor was not to tell Sookie and Jackson about his concerns. The doctor explained that there was nothing he could tell them right now anyway, but he was willing to oblige to his request and say nothing. With that, the doctor walked out and Sookie came back in. Luke tried to act casually in front of her, but deep inside he was scared. He didn't know what tomorrow would bring.