A Tale Of Mystery And Danger by Naglfar

It was dark. clouds floated in the air. Darkness was spreading. Alone of a field was a cloaked man. he had tight pants and a dagger. he was erect. Suddenly he died. A random guy ran towards him shouting "HEY HEY HEY HEY" wehn he reached him, he died too. The spot the man stood was called the Dieing Spot. And this is where the mystery begining.

Castle Rigward

Gheb awoke. across from him was his dead boyfriend Lyon, who was dead. suddenly gheb had an idea.

"ill go solve a mystery" he said. :It will probably have danger, but im gheb dammit!" He got up and picked his dead boyfriend. Lyon would make an excellent weapon. He walke dout of rigwald and into the field. The field smelt of daisies. he pranced happily through the daises until he found two dead guys. He started running towards them, but suddeny the got back up ((undead! SO scary!!!!) he put lyon into a battle position, then waited for the undead to creep up on him. He swung lyon at the first udnead and knocked his head off. Then the guy with tight pants zombie got a huge boner and stabbed gheb with its longness. but it didn't affect gheb, who was alos to Boner King. Gheb kissed the carcass of lyon, which gave him a boner so massive it crushed the tight pants demon. blood was splattered everywear. Gheb smirked at his besmirchless victory

"Now then I must solve this mistery! The mystery of...THE DYING SPOT! dundunduuuuuun" But first Gheb decided to sex Lyons carcass. He got his boner back up and proceedded to violate lyon's corpus.

Stay tuned foe chapter 2!!!!

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