Kyoya noticed the pained expression on Mori-senpai's face. He racked his brains for a way to lift the load on Mori-senpai's back….and to keep them trapped together for quite a while. (never forget that Kyoya is still evil)

Ah! If I shifted that hockey stick……. Kyoya reached over and gave a hard heft to the hockey stick on his right. Yes!!!!!!!!! The equipment now held by itself, but they were still enclosed inside.

Kyoya noticed Mori-senpai's sigh of relief and inwardly congratulated himself on having lifted Mori-senpai's burden. Then he realized how even more closer they were now. Mori-senpai had flopped down due to sheer exhaustion and because there was little space, they were only a few inches apart. Kyoya couldn't stand it anymore. Mori-senpai's breath on his cheeks, the warmth emanating from his body, was making Kyoya go crazy.

He threw his arms around Mori-senpai and pressed himself against his back.

"Mori-senpai, DAISUKI!!!" he said, wrapping his arms even tighter around Mori-senpai. (sorry if it sounds childish. I have a very limited grasp of English, especially when the L word is concerned)


Mori couldn't believe his ears.

"Ahh??!!" he uttered in great surprise, turning around to look at Kyoya. Kyoya looked away and blushed and Mori realized it was true. He struggled to come out with the reply. "I…..I……….love…… too!!" he blurted out in the end, stuttering in embarrassment, and pulled Kyoya closer to him and they kissed.

It was soft, sweet and salty all at the same time and they both could feel the heat of each other's bodies as they were pressed together, feeling a rush they'd never experienced before.

They shifted so Kyoya was the uke and Mori the seme. Mori slid his finger down the length of Kyoya's body and felt him shiver. Then they kissed again, urgently and deeply, their tongues exploring fully each other's mouth and Mori pulled down Kyoya's bermudas. Then he tugged at Kyoya's underwear………then I'm sure y'all know what happened after that.

Yep. Hani burst through the PE room door and cheerfully shouted,"Takashi! Found you! " (Due to his height, he couldn't see what was happening and could only spot Mori's head). Kyoya immediately pulled up his bermudas. They dusted all the dirt off (though practically non-existent due to the cleaners cleaning it at about every 5 minutes). "Well done, mitsukuni-kun. You found us". Mori praised and helped Kyoya out. They then followed Hani out to search for the others.

Kyoya gritted his teeth. Damn Hani-senpai. I was so close. He frowned and pushed up his glasses. This is one debt I'll forever remember.