Title: 4 Christmas Moments

Author: SBX

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Wally West, Ted Kord, Michael Carter, Greg Saunders, Justin Arthur, Hank and Don Hall

Rating: PG

Warnings: Fluff, lotsa fluff

Disclaimer: All characters belong to DC Comics.

A/N: I just wanted to write a Christmas fic with my favorite characters from JLU. I know Blue Beetle wasn't in the cartoon, but he was in the JLU comic, so that's good enough for me.

Summary: Frozen moments of peace during a time of love.


Hank and Don are in the process of a breakaway, hands clasped tight to keep them from falling. Neither of them was really paying attention to the music anymore as it had long changed from "Jingle Bell Rock" to something slower. They were dancing to their own inner music and not following any particular routine, but making it up as they went. They're tripping over themselves and each other, and their parents are laughing at them, and they are laughing at themselves and they are having the times of their lives. At the moment they aren't left or right-wingers or superheroes or even polar opposites. Right now they're brothers. And that's all that counts.


Booster is holding mistletoe over their heads, grinning like there isn't a thing wrong in the world but secretly nervous that this stunt could blow up in his face. Ted has one hand on his hip and the other covering his mouth to hide the amused smile but failing miserably. He's thinking it's about damn time, and wondering why it took so long but doesn't really care because this was the right time and the right place. In the next moment he would lean forward and Booster would meet him half way and they would take their first step towards intimacy. But it is in this moment that all is laid bare.


On a frozen pond in Wyoming, corner of no and where, Greg is teaching Justin how to ice skate. In this exact moment they are front-to-front, arms around each other's waist as much to be close as to keep balance and they are breathless with laughter. Justin's smile is warm and gentle while Greg's is wide with mirth and mischief. Justin knows that any moment now Greg is going to do something to embarrass him but doesn't really mind because in this moment everything is perfect.


They are alone in the Batcave and Wally is handing Bruce a cup of hot cocoa. Bruce looks a little surprised which doesn't happen often, and Wally is wearing his sincerest smile, which happens even less often. After this moment Bruce will thank him awkwardly and Wally will grin like he's found the secret to world peace, and maybe he has, and Bruce will smile back. This moment is the beginning of a fragile, yet ever strengthening friendship that will take hits but won't break. This is the beginning of understanding.


A/N #2: What did I tell you about the fluff? Pillsbury Christmas sugar cookies to whoever knows what a "breakaway" is, and can tell me what TV show "corner of no and were" comes from. Hope everybody reading this has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (wonders off humming carols)