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Teris Xenite

Authors note: This story contains elements a bit darker than my other stories. There is nothing explict in this chapter, but there is some angst. It is M/L shipper (come on no one is really suprised at that are you?). The story is unfinished but new chapters are comming soon, right after I post the conclusion of 12 days.

"Don't be scared Max, you know that I'll never hurt you. Just relax and trust me." He placed a gentle kiss on each of her eyelids and slid a soft satin blindfold over her eyes. How on Earth did I let this happen? One minute I'm trying to apologize to him and the next he's whispering about how he thought that you trusted him.

Come on who are you trying to kid? It was that lost little boy look that when he told you that he wanted you to trust you with the bad things as well as the good. Yep that's the moment that you decided to do anything just so long as it would wipe that look off of his face. Not that it's the smartest thing that you've ever done, and it certainly wasn't tactically sound, but damn it what was I supposed to do? That look made me feel like I kicked a puppy or something.

She'd told them that she did trust him, and the pain in his eyes was more than she could bear when he said: "I want to believe that Max. Really I do, but how can I when you always run off the second that something frightens you? I understand that you're scared Max, but I love you and I swear to you that I will never, ever hurt you."

That was how she'd come to take the pills he'd given her. The ones that sapped her strength and left her as vulnerable as any other woman before him. Her need to take comfort in his warmth and strength led her into his embrace and to his gentle but passionate kiss. She felt her knees go weak as he held her close and kissed her breathless. She looked at him in a frightened panic. Her previous experiences had been frantic, heat induced tumbles, not the slow and gentle seduction that she was facing now.

"Sh Max it's ok, you don't have to be scared. You never have to be afraid of me I promise." Logan kissed her again trying to prove his feelings for her as words could not. Max had never realized the intensity of feeling that could be conveyed with a kiss, or the joy that could accompany a single touch. There was something powerful about being held in his arms and knowing that if he chose he could use his strength against her, but knowing deep in her heart of hearts that he would never hurt her.

Logan pressed his body close to his as they slowly danced around his living room to the strains of a waltz. Her head began to swim under the barrage of new sensations. Moving from the dance into a tighter hug he lifter her from her feet and carried her across the room still swaying to the music. He sat her down in front of the window that she'd used as her escape route the night they met.

"Did I ever tell you how much I hoped you'd come back after that first night?" Max shook her head once again marveling at the sheer masculinity of him. "You captivated me from the very first moment that I saw you." He smiled and brushed a curl of hair away from her face. "You still captivate me Max. Every time I see you, you take my breath away." Don't run from me now Max, we're so close.

He saw her waver, then witnessed the frightened, hunted look return to her eyes. He knew that if he didn't do something she would bolt and he would likely never see her again. He kissed her again, far more gently this time. She trembled at his gentle touch and started to speak to distance herself from him. He placed a finger over her lips to still her protests. "You don't have to say anything Max. I know you're not ready to love me yet, and I can understand that. It's ok, all I'm asking is that you trust me and let me love you. Will you do that for me?"

Max bit her lip and thought about it for a few seconds before nodding quickly and he could see that she was still uncertain. "Don't worry angel, I'm not gonna hurt you I promise." He said noting her tightly closed eyes and tensed muscles. He pulled her close to him and placed a kiss on her neck then held her until she finally relaxed and leaned her head into his chest. "It's okay, we'll take this as slowly as you need to ok?"

She nodded and leaned in closer to him. "Logan it's not that I don't want to love you. I really do. I just, I just don't know how."

Logan laid his hand over her heart. "Your heart already knows the way Max, you just have to trust it." A kiss followed this proclamation, then he lay a kiss on her forehead. "I know you're scared baby, but I promise if it gets to be too much all you have to do is ask and I'll stop."

"O-ok." He pulled her trembling form into his arms cradling her like the priceless treasure that she was. His hand traced soft, comforting circles over her back and held her willing her to draw the strength to fight her fears from his love for her.

She had buried her head into his shoulder again, and her eyes were once again clenched shut. After a few moments, he felt her relax and a few moments after that she stopped trembling which he took as a good sign. He once again damned Lydecker to a thousand hells for the scars that he'd inflicted upon her. How could anyone do such a thing to a child? A beautiful, innocent child?

Ever since she'd told him the truth, he'd fully understood her fears of intimacy. How could she not fear it when the one who caressed her and told her she was beautiful by night was also the one who tormented her and reprimanded her by day? "Logan, I'm scared." She said in a fragile, childlike voice.

"I know baby, I know. It's gonna be alright I promise. You're safe here, and I love you no matter what, ok?" God, please let me get this right,let this work for her sake if not mine.

She gulped back a few tears. "Ok." He kissed her gently murmuring words of love and devotion. One of his hands soon found itself buried in her soft hair running his fingers through it and gently massaging her scalp. "You are so beautiful Max, so precious, so very special to me. Nothing will ever change that I promise."

He kissed her again very softly, and brushed away a few tears that had gathered on her cheeks. "Is it ok if we go into the bedroom so we'll have more room to cuddle? I promise, nothing will happen that you don't want to."

She took a deep breath and then nodded. "Ok."

*That's the end of chapter one. I kept the references to a minimum but for those of you who are still curious or just need confirmation. Yes, Max is a survivor of incest and Lydecker is a sick son of a bitch. The next chapter will be more intense, you've been warned. Do not flame me and say that you weren't. Any and all feed back is appreciated. Even flames which will be used to roast marshmellows.