WARNING: this is an incredibly corny story but quite pure, yah?

Ruka stirred. Someone was playing the haunting tunes of Mozart and Beethoven.

"Who's playing it? I'm not affected, so it can't be someone with an alice. Hmmm…".

He quietly stepped out of his room, and walked in the direction of the source of music. He climbed up the dusty stairs and found himself on the rooftop of the dorms.

Ruka's eyes widened in surprise. Natsume…….??????? Natsume's playing a violin! He hadn't played a violin since that……

Natsume stood on top of the rooftop, pouring himself in the music, his eyes closed in intense concentration, flanked by the moon.

Ruka looked in wonder, feeling like he was being carried away by the wind. Happy thoughts, like soft blossoms, swayed gently in the green fields of his mind. They were, however, washed away by the sea of longing in his heart. He longed for Natsume.

His heart had been captured ever since they knew each other. Natsume was just too kakoii and mind-blowingly good-looking. He'd also grown to love the secretive personality of Natsume's.

The way Natsume's hair glowed in the sunlight, the way he smiled when he was happy were all etched in the deep crevices of his mind, like hot lasers had burnt them in forever.

Natsume stopped. Someone was watching him. He turned and saw Ruka watching him, bathed in the lovely moonlight. It was as if someone had stolen his breath. He struggled to say something but all he could come up with was "You're here." He walked purposefully towards Ruka and cocked his head to the side. "Why are you here?" (due to being flustered, although you can't tell from looking at him, he's coming up with really stupid sentences.)

"Um….i heard music…so……i……i" Ruka stuttered.

Natsume sighed. "Nevermind."

Ruka fell silent, blushing. Thinking Ruka was embarrassed, he hurriedly changed the subject. "Don't you think tonight's scenery is beautiful?" Ruka hurriedly nodded in agreement.

Natsume thought, To the heck with it! And grabbed Ruka's hand, fingers interlocking, and pulled Ruka beside him.

"Umm……….. Natsume? You…you held my hand. Do…does this m…mean you l…l..love me?" Ruka said the last part in a rush and was barely audible. Ruka squeezed Natsume's hand and looked away, blushing.

"Yes." Natsume confidently replied. "Ruka, I've always loved you." Natsume cupped his hands around Ruka's face and kissed him gently on the forehead.

"I love you too!" cried Ruka, burying his face into Natsume chest. "I've always love you too! Ever since…….ever since I knew you!"

"Baka. You don't have to cry." Natsume said, kissing Ruka's fine, silky hair.

"I'm not crying!" Ruka denied vehemently and blushed, wiping his tears on Natsume's shirt.

"Uso. Then tell me why my shirt's wet." Natsume replied.

"it's raining." Ruka lied again, snuggling against Natsume. "I'm not lying."

"You sure are stubborn, you big liar." Natsume said, grinning and stroked Ruka's golden hair. "But that's also part of the reason why I love you."

Ruka didn't reply. He just hugged Natsume and fell asleep ,curling up in Natsume's arms.