Part Six

The next morning began early. The sun had just risen, not yet peeking through the windows and the birds were chirping. Alison was the first to wake. She was excited and immediately ran to the Christmas tree by the window; she barely missed the limp arm hanging over the edge of the couch. The tree was put up and decorated the previous night, before everyone left.

Kira was the next to wake. She had heard Alison rush to the presents. She looked over at the girl and smiled.

"Hey, kid," she said.

Alison instantly dropped a gift she had had and looked at the former Yellow Ranger. She looked like she had just got caught doing something wrong.

"Don't you want to wait until everyone else gets up," Kira asked.

"I'm 9," Alison said plainly.

Kira laughed and remembered how she used to be when she was Ally's age.

"I guess not," she said as she got up and just to prove her maturity, she walked to the tree. "Move over."

Alison smiled at the other girl and did so. The two girls began to open their gifts, together. It wasn't even ten minutes later that the boys joined them.

Conner, Ethan, Trent, and Justin were pushing and shoving their way down the hall. Like a group of 10 year olds, they couldn't wait to get to their presents. When the finally reached the living room, the boys were disappointed to find the girls had beat them to the presents.

"No fair," Justin with a pout that belied his intelligence.

"Yeah," Ethan agreed.

"We wanted to be first," Conner whined.

"Act your ages," Kira said as she threw a sphere shaped gift at the former Dino Thunder leader.

Conner caught it and began to open it anxiously. The former Ptera Ranger threw each boy a gift and they, Conner, Ethan, Trent, and Justin all found a place to sit and unwrapped them.

It was another 10 minutes, when they heard the squall of a baby, announcing Kyle was awake. A minute later, Kat came out into the house with the baby boy on her shoulder. She was patting his back and cooing to him. She didn't look or say anything to the people surrounding the Christmas tree, all she did was walk straight into the kitchen to feed Kyle his morning bottle.

Conner, Kira, Ethan, Alison, Justin, and Trent just shrugged and continued to open their gifts. Kat and Kyle joined them about 10 minutes later.

Five minutes passed and the ever growing number of people rose again, when Jason decided he had slept enough. He laughed the moment he reached the living room. Everyone was buried under piles of crumpled and torn wrapping paper.

Katherine glanced up at the sound of her husband's deep laughter and smiled. Moving over on the loveseat, she swiped off the paper and patted the spot next to her.

Jason smiled and sat beside his wife. He leaned over to kiss his son's head, then his wife's lips.

"Good morning," Katherine said with a bright smile.

"Morning," Jason returned.

He couldn't help but return the smile.

Conner reached under the tree to remove a box wrapped in shimmering, red paper. He noticed it earlier, because all of the gifts were color coded. Jason, Rocky, Kyle, and his gifts were all decorated in the red shimmery paper; Kira, Aisha, Trini, and Tanya's gifts were all wrapped in yellow paper with white stars; Justin, Billy, and Ethan's presents were by silver paper spotted with blue snowmen; Kimberly and Kat's were a pale glittering pink; Alley's were read with green Christmas trees; Trent and Tommy's gifts were silver with white snowflakes; and Zack, Hayley, and Adam's presents all donned metallic silver wrapping. Beyond the wrapping, the gifts had labels with their initials on them to make it easier to find which gift was whose.

It was an easy system. Actually, that also became easier. Kira, Ethan, and Trent were putting the gifts in different piles. Now, they were not only by color, but also by name.

Jason smiled at the young Tyranno.

"Thanks," he said with a grateful nod.

"No problem," Conner said.

It wasn't long after Jason opened his first gift, when Tommy and Kimberly came out of their room. They smiled at everyone as they stood at the entrance to the room, unnoticed.

It was a perfect scene. Everyone looked as if they were no older than Ally, as they happily opened their gifts. Tommy and Kim could already tell which gift the receivers favored most. Conner had gotten a new red and black soccer ball, Kira had received a new pair of karaoke microphones, Trent, a set of pencil and pens, Ethan, a videogame, Alison a brand new green dress, and Jason and Kat adored the portrait of their son Trent had drawn them.

Kimberly glanced up at Tommy to see his reaction to it all. He looked peaceful enough, almost like he could stand there beside her and watch, but Kimberly knew better. She knew that Tommy really wanted to join the group. She was about to tell him to go join the others when the door was knocked on, the rest of their friends were early.

Tommy looked at the door with a look of disappointed. He really wanted to open his gifts and spend time with his "family".

Kim giggled.

"Go," she said.

"Really," Tommy asked looking down at her.

"Yeah," Kim said lightly punching his arm. "I'll get the door. Besides, this is going to be my home too soon."

Tommy leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Kimberly said with a bright smile. "Now go and be a big kid."

Tommy chuckled lightly and went into the room to sit on the couch.

Kimberly walked to the door and opened it.

"It's about time," Zack said with a smile. He leaned over to give Kim a peck on her cheek as he entered the house, a back of presents in hand.

"Hi to you to Zack-man," Kim said with a giggle.

Trini walked in and hugged her live long friend.

"He couldn't wait to get her," she told the former Pink Ranger. "You know he's a big kid."

Kim out right laughed at Trini's comment.

"Well, you should go join him and the others in the living room," she said.

"Alright," Trini said with and followed Zack into the living room.

Kim was about to close the door and join them, when noticed Rocky's red SUV pull up followed by Tanya's green minivan. She sighed and stood there, waiting to greet her friends.

Rocky was the first to reach the door. He rushed inside with is red Santa sack full of gifts. He didn't bother to greet Kim, he just entered the house and raced to living room to open his presents.

Aisha laughed. She was also anxious to open gifts, but she had a little bit more patience than her husband.

"Hey, Kim," she said as walked through the doorway.

She hugged her friend.

"Hi, Sha," Kim greeted. "I see Rocky is still acting half his age."

"He just hoping I got him the videogame he begging for," Aisha said with chuckle.

"So, what is it that you been begging for you hope he bought you," Kim asked knowing the former Yellow Ranger well.

"Oh, nothing special," Aisha said plainly then laughed when she saw Kim's not believed look. "A new videogame as well, one the dog games for my Nintendo DS."

Kim laughed.

"Go and see," she said.

"Thanks," Aisha said and obeyed.

Adam and Tanya were now on the porch, awaiting their turn to be greeted. Adam held a green bag of gifts and Tanya carried a couple gifts in arms.

"Hi, guys," Kimberly said happily. "Come in."

The Parks entered the house and Kim was finally able to close the door, but left in unlocked for Billy and Hayley.

"Hey, girl," Tanya said.

The former Yellow Zeo Ranger didn't look well. Kim guessed it something to do with mild morning sickness the woman suffered. She also looked very tired.

"Morning sickness, sucks," Tanya said noticing Kim's worried look.

"I know," Kim said. "I had it bad with Alison and it lasted until my third trimester.

"Oh God," Tanya groaned. "I pray it doesn't work that way for me."

Adam leaned against the nearby wall. He looked exhausted.

"Adam, what's wrong," Kim asked.

"He's just tired," Tanya answered for her husband. "He was up late wrapping the last of the gifts and he got up early this morning with me to help comfort me."

Adam nodded sadly.

"Why don't you head into the den and get some rest," Kim suggested.

The former Green Ranger smiled at the idea and began to walk to the den. He placed the gifts at the doorway leading to the living room as he passed.

Kimberly and Tanya walked into the living room. Kim sat beside Tommy on the sofa and Tanya sat next to her.

"Where did Adam go," Kat asked.

"He went into the den to get some more sleep," Tanya answered. "He really needed it. He should be back in an hour or too."

Kat nodded.

A little over an hour later, Adam had joined the group, Billy and Hayley had appeared an half hour after the former Green Ranger went to rest, and after they had opened all of his presents, they all prepared breakfast. Well, not all. Mostly Rocky, Kat, and Kimberly cooked while the others play games.

During Breakfast, Tommy began to get anxious. He had been waiting to announce his and Kim's engagement ever since he woke up. Only two things distracted him, Alison's innocence and happiness Christmas morning as she opened her many gifts and his own happiness when he opened his own presents. Now, with all the gifts opened, he wanted shout out the good news.

So, Tommy stood, getting everyone's attention. He cleared his throat and glanced down at Kim's worried expression. He smiled reassuringly at her.

"I have an announcement," he said loudly and clearly as if he was speaking in front of his classroom.

Kimberly's eyes widened. She wasn't expecting Tommy to tell everyone about their engagement this soon. Well, at least not until dinner, but she understood his excitement.

"What is it Tom," Jason said using the short name. He knew he was the only one who could get away with it.

"Well," Tommy said. He was feeling like he had when he first asked his fiancée out. He cleared his throat again. "I asked Kim the question I wanted to ask her last night."

He began rubbing his hands nervously together, like he did when he was the Green Ranger.

"What did you ask her, Daddy," Alison asked innocently smiling up at him.

Tommy smiled back his little girl.

"I asked your mom to marry me," he said to her.

"What did she said," the 9 year old asked excitedly.

"I said yes," Kim said staring at Tommy with look of warmth on her face.

Alison squealed happily and jumped out of her seat and hugged her father, then her mother.

"Congratulations," Billy and Hayley said simultaneously.

Everyone else said there best wishes as well.

"It's about damn time," Jason said.

Everyone laughed at the first leader's comment.

"My Mommy and Daddy are finally getting married," Alison said merrily. "This is better than last Christmas."

"Really," Kim asked her daughter.

"Yup," she answered. "The only thing that would top this is baby brother or sister."