Hopes Renewed

He had chosen that path, and she was to accept it. But she couldn't help thinking it had been her fault. If she had been strong enough… If she had evaded that one blow, she wouldn't have had to be carried by him on his behalf… And if that had not happened, the homunculus wouldn't have been brought about.

They both had been prepared to make such sacrifices, weren't they? Yet, as it always happens, who would've thought the 'sacrifices' could be of such high cost, and conceal that much grief and pain? But, despite all that, there was still a ray of hope…

The artificial nervous system was an amazing replacement, and the arm began to move as if it were the original, flesh-and-blood one. Her eyes lit with that emotion which keeps most of the desperate alive, and advises them to carry on… Just like her.

If that one time she had failed in her role of guardian, she was now more stuck to it than any other time in her life. The unhuman being would know what she was really made of. With all her might and, now truly, regardless the cost, she would bring her protected… no, her beloved back. Uncaring of what her grandfather might say, she began the journey to meet the only ones who could assist her.

After countless time of utter sorrow, it felt good to see that everything was going to get better; her hopes had been renewed.

Well, it's been a while since I last wrote anything, and I thought this would not only be a 'good' story but also it is related to my very own 'life facts'... Anyway, enjoy!

By the way, I might just now start with the Hohenheim story I had mentioned in my profile...