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Die with Me

Part 1: Regretful Actions.

The young Uchiha cringed as the bolt of lighting streaked across the cloudy night sky. Sasuke hated thunderstorms. He hated the sudden light and, the loud thunder that woke you up in the late night. Scary.

A whimper escaped the pale lips of the seven year old. He sat under a tall desk in his room. His legs bent, pressed up against his chest, arms hugging his knees. His dark eyes shut tight as another clap of thunder shook the house.

The room was dark. Shadows played across the floor and walls, taunting Sasuke, playing with his imagination.

Sasuke was so distracted by the storm outside and the scary shadows inside that he didn't notice the older Uchiha male kneel down in front of the desk. Itachi frowned as he watched Sasuke trembling with fear.

"Ototo, there is nothing to be afraid of."

Sasuke jumped, startled. "N-NiiSan..." His voice quivered slightly.

"Sasuke, what are you doing under here?" Itachi spoke calmly. "OtoSan and OkaSan were looking for you."

"T-the...thunderstorm..." Sasuke answered.

"Well come out from there. Lets go into the other room, with OkaSan and OtoSan." Itachi stood and backed away from the desk, as Sasuke crawled out from under it. The young Uchiha then proceeded to follow his older brother out of the room and down the hall, into another room, where his Mother and Father sat, quietly talking to one another.

This room was well lit and much more comforting to Sasuke then his room. Here, he didn't have to worry about the storm outside. All of Sasuke's fears melted away the moment he stepped into the room behind Itachi.

Their father looked up from his conversation with his wife and smiled as he saw his two sons. "Itachi, I see you found Sasuke."

Itachi nodded. "Yes. He was..." He paused and turned his head to look behind his shoulder down at Sasuke. "He was, sitting in his room."

"Why were you in your room, Sasuke?" Their mother asked. "You missed dinner."

Sasuke bowed his head slightly. "I umm...I wasn't hungry..." A lie. He was in fact very hungry, haven't eaten since the early morning.

"Are you feeling ok, Sasuke?" His mother asked. "Come here and let me check your temperature."

Sasuke walked slowly over to his mother, and stood in front of her. He closed his eyes as she placed her hand on his forehead.

"Well, you're not sick. You do not have a temperature." She smiled gently, as she watched Sasuke.

Sasuke smiled back, but that smiled was quickly replaced with a frown as he head his father's voice.



"Even if you were not hungry, it is still disrespectful that you did not come to at least sit with us at dinner." His father spoke sternly.

"..." Sasuke turned and looked over at his father. "I'm sorry. I-It won't happen again."

"Make sure it doesn't." His father nodded and looked away, towards the window.

Sasuke shifted uncomfortably. He didn't know what to do. He had just lied to his parents and then gotten in trouble for not going to dinner in the first place. He decided it was the stupid thunderstorm's entire fault. He glanced over at Itachi and sighed. His brother was standing, back against the wall and arms folded across his chest. "...NiiSan...?"

Itachi turned his head and looked over at his younger brother. "Yes, Oto--!!" Itachi never finished his sentence because...

The lights flickered twice and then went out.

Sasuke gasped, frightened by the sudden darkness. His fears only got worse as the lightning outside streaked across the sky once, followed by a loud rumble of thunder. "N-NiiSan!" Sasuke moved forward slowly, as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He could make out the tall figure of Itachi and moved over towards him. "NiiSan..."

Itachi reached out and pulled Sasuke into a light hug. "Like I've told you before, Sasuke; there is nothing to be afraid of." He picked the young boy up into his arms and looked around the room. He felt Sasuke wrap his small arms around his neck, and lean his head against his shoulder.

Itachi watched as his father moved around the room and over to the window. "No lights are on outside. The power must have gone out. Hopefully it will be back on soon. Until then, all we can do is sit and wait."

The room was silent and dark. The only sound was from the thunder outside, and the only light was the flash of lighting. As they sat in silence, a low scratching noise interrupted.


Sasuke blinked and lifted his head. What was that noise...?


Sasuke watched as his father stood and walked over to the door and peered down the dark hallway, towards the front of the house.


"Sasuke! Stay with your mother! Itachi! Get a weapon!"

Itachi placed Sasuke down on the floor and walked over to his father's side. "What's wrong?" He whispered. He already held a kuni in his hand.

Sasuke ran over to his mother and she pulled him up into her arms and held him tight. "Be careful." She said to her husband.

The young Uchiha watched as his father and brother walked cautiously from the room and down the hall and out of sight.


Sasuke and his mother listened intently for any sound. They didn't expect the sound to be loud, but a sudden cry told them differently.


Both jumped and Sasuke buried his head against his mother's shoulder. "OkaSan...what's going on!?"

The sound of a struggle could be heard. A sudden thud told them that someone -or something- had been shoved up against the wall or floor.

"I'm not sure, Sasuke." His mother whispered.

There was another cry of pain, this time not as loud. Then silence.

Sasuke wondered what had happened. He wondered if his father and brother were alright. The sound of soft footsteps helped. He was relieved when he saw Itachi and his father re-enter the room.

"What happened?" Sasuke asked, climbing down from his mother's lap and running over to the two. "What was all that noise?"

"Someone had broken into the house." His father announced.

Sasuke heard his mother gasp. "Is the intruder captured?"

"No." Sasuke's father shook his head. "Itachi drove a kuni through the man's chest."

"No...Itachi, tell me you didn't do that!" His mother whispered.

Itachi stood silent and stared coldly towards the floor. Sasuke didn't like the look in his brother's eyes.

His father turned to Itachi. "Why, why did you kill the man?" He asked, sounding angry.

"He trespassed into our home." Itachi stated, never taking his eyes off the floor. "He trespassed into my territory, so I killed him."

His father sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, in frustration. "Itachi, that man, did you look at his forehead protector? It was of the Thunder Village. We are at war with them at the moment. You know that, you've been on missions involving that part of the country. But at the moment, we have a peace treaty." He paused and looked at his son. "Now, there will be severe consequences for you killing a member of that country while under the treaty!"

Itachi looked up, glaring at his father.

His father continued; "Itachi. Tell me you had a good reason for killing the man, please! If you did, you won't be punished severely. I can't help you get out of this. You have made a wrong choice, please tell me you had a reason!"

"I already told you." Itachi spoke quietly. "He trespassed into my home. I killed him because he was in my territory."

Sasuke heard his father curse, and watched as he turned and looked towards the window. "I'm going to the Hokage." He spoke to his wife. "I'll be back later." He turned to Itachi and Sasuke. "As for you two, both of you, to bed. Now."

Sasuke turned and began to walk out of the room, looking behind his shoulder to see if Itachi followed. "NiiSan...Come on..."

Itachi stood still. He continued to hold a steady glare towards his father. "...OtoSan..."

"Itachi, I said to bed, now. I don't want to deal with you right now, Go!" His father hissed.

Sasuke sighed loudly. "NiiSan...Lets go." He wanted this fighting to stop. He didn't like seeing his father or brother in such bad moods. He continued to walk out of the room and started off down the hall. He heard Itachi follow a moment later.

As he neared his room, Sasuke was aware that the thunderstorm was still present outside. He shuddered at the thought of the lighting flashing in his room. Now more then ever, he hated the storm. The power was out and the storm was even scarier in the dark. He stopped and turned around, looking down the hall towards Itachi. "NiiSan..."

Itachi stopped before Sasuke and looked down at his little brother. "What, Ototo?" He sounded tired.

"NiiSan...c-can I stay with you, tonight?" Sasuke asked quietly.

"Why?" Itachi sighed.

"Because! The thunderstorm!"

"Sasuke, The thunderstorm won't hurt you." Itachi said. "You'll be fine. Don't worry about it, just go to sleep."

"But Itachi!"

"No, Sasuke."

The young Uchiha sighed in defeat. "...Fine..." He turned to walk to his room. "Goodnight, NiiSan."

"Night, Ototo." Itachi walked to his room and opened the door, stepped inside, and closed it.

Sasuke slowly continued to his room and was soon in bed. He fell asleep almost immediately.

Chapter 1 Complete!

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