What will be a series of drabbles detailing what the Naruto-verse might be like if the Rookie Nine were the Rookie Twelve. Team Twelve is entirely original, and based on people in my life. Just to try and free me of writer's block for my other stories. I would still appreciate reviews though. Thank you, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Team Twelve 1:

Aki's story

Down, up, left, left, right, cross... Pagnin Aki nodded at the work on her hand, and checked her watch. She was down to two seconds in drawing up this particular seal.

It still frustrated her that her younger sister had gotten to the same speed only weeks before. Kaylee was, fortunately, not smug about it, she just enjoyed the respect accorded to her by academy faculty. Already talk of another genius in this year of the Konoha Shinobi Academy. Her younger brother, Ryu, had no interest in becoming a ninja and their parents were just fine with it. Unlike other powerful clans, they didn't force their children down their parent's path.

But Aki had always wanted to become a summoner, if for no other reason than to prove her worth. Her younger sister was the prodigy, skipping grades and staying right with her despite being eight years old to her fourteen. Their brother, the middle child, was the cute one who impressed with his kindness. Dai, the bookish eldest, wanted to go further than either, even if it was by hard work.

The sky cried above her, angry clouds jostling and booming as the storm raged. She extended her hand, confident in her family's special seal ink.

The Pagnin were relative newcomers to Konoha, having emigrated from faraway Coastal Country. On the beaches of that ancient land they had perfected the art of sealing the elements, weapons, even animals into chakra-enhanced seals. Rumor had it that a distant branch of the family had created the first techniques to seal demons away. Unlike other clans and families that were famous for their seals, however, the Pagans had developed an entire fighting style based on the techniques.

Lightening flashed again, as a hard wind blew, shaking the tree Aki was currently perched on top of. She sighed, before once more taking the family TV antenna into the hand her seal had been painted on and thrusting it up towards the heavens.

"C'mon already...!"

Kaylee had already managed to summon the water from a swimming pool from her seals. Along with the flames from a bonfire, a thrown kunai (how, Aki still wasn't sure), and even a cloud of smoke.

But there was one thing that no Pagnin had yet managed to seal, and that was a bolt of lightening.

Probaby because every Pagnin before her had more common sense.

"Would you just strike me already!" Aki shouted, waving the antenna around. She usually kept her cool, but she was soaking wet, had scrubbed the same seal off her hands several times now, and had been sitting in a tree for several hours now. 'What do I have to do to get struck by somelightening around here-?'

BOOM! Aki blinked. There had been a bright light, a shock of heat, and yet every seemed the same as before, as thunder rolled above her. Reaching out with her trained senses, she couldn't help the grin that came to her face. Her seal was buzzing with energy, absorbing the power of the storm. She quickly formed the hand seals she'd wanted to use for nearly five days now, and held out her hand.

"KAIFUU JUTSU: TODOROKI BATSU!" BOOM! A blast of lightening left her hand, blasting apart the tree next to hers. Aki whooped.

"YES! I DID IT! WOO HOO!" Unfortunately, Aki did not notice that the tree she'd taken out was now toppling into her own. She leapt away just before her tree fell, followed by another, and another, and another. Aki cringed.

"Uh oh..."

Naturally unnoticed by the young girl, is the fact that her eyes began glowing white as she released the jutsu. She shivers, feeling as though someone or something is watching her, before she rushes off, hoping that the destruction doesn't attract attention.

It did, but not human attention.


Aki - Autumn, or bright

kunai - Ninja throwing weapon

Missen No Jutsu - Tightly Sealing Technique

(This jutsu transforms normal matter into concentrated chakra, allowing her to carry it around in the form of "ink", and then unseal it back into it's original form. This jutsu only works on basic matter, like water, air, plasma (fire), and certain solid materials. )

Kaifuu Jutsu: Todoroki Batsu - Broken Seal Technique: Thundering Strike

(It's common in Japanese martial arts to name the technique you use, either mentally or vocally, to focus it better. And to give techniques you create names that tell something of what it is and does. This technique merely acts to break the seal on the lightening bolt and let it loose)