Author's note: Thank you for joining me

Author's note: Thank you for joining me!  This is my very first fanfic ever, so please do not judge me too harshly.  The story is a Saturn romance, so if you do not like Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn or overly sappy romance stories than I suggest you do not read on.  And for those of you who read past the prologue may I congratulate you for you're bravery.  Don't forget to review my story (no flames please!).  Before we go on though…

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or any of the characters.  Sailor Moon is a product of Bandai, Toei, and Naoko Takeuchi. The only person I lay claim on is a certain guy in the story whose name I cannot say since it would spoil the story.  Anyway, let's get on with it!

Together Forever

By: Hotaru Tomoe


            The full moon shone brightly in the night sky, illuminating the trees in the forest.  The only noises heard was the wind rustling the leaves and an occasional animal that scampered out into the open.  The lake near the center of the forest was as tranquil as any other part of the forest.  That tranquility was not to last long.  Suddenly, the wind began to blow furiously around the lake causing the water to crash upon the shore.  As quick as it had begun, the wind stopped.  Then, a man appeared on the shore, from out of thin air, or so it seemed.  He was certainly a very unusual sight.   His appearance made him out to be about 18 years of age, very well built, golden blond hair that just reached his shoulders, and deep ocean blue eyes.  He was wearing black armor made from a metallic material, a sword hung from his waist, and from his shoulders hung a long cape that flowed down shining like bright waves of violet.  This man was indeed a strange sight to the forest.

            He began to walk at a steady pace away from the lake towards the city, a look of determination on his face.  Every now and then, he would stop and concentrate on something, obviously the person or thing he was searching for.  After walking for quite a while, he stopped on a hill where Tokyo could be seen in the distance.  He concentrated again, and this time a smile of triumph appeared on his face.

"At last I have finally found you, my love."

He closed his eyes again, and on his forehead a symbol appeared, glowing bright purple.

"It has been nearly a millennium, but I have finally found you.  Now I will be able to keep the promise I made to you so long ago.  We will be together again, this time forever, my love, my Princess…"