Epilogue: Together Forever
Epilogue: Together Forever

It was a week later since the incident at the North Pole. A scout meeting was being held at the temple. Everything had gotten pretty much back to normal. Ami was talking to Setsuna, Minako, Makoto, and Michiru were looking through a magazine, and Haruka was watching Rei and Usagi argue while Chibi-usa was annoying Usagi.

Chibi-usa stopped when she heard some footsteps.

"Here come Adrian and Hotaru!" She exclaimed.

Everyone else stopped and looked up at the arriving couple.

"Hi everybody!" They both said in unison.

"So, did everything go ok?" Setsuna asked.

"It went great." Adrian answered and sat down with Hotaru.

"Mr. and Mrs. Makino absolutely loved her!" Hotaru smiled, "And she looked so happy!"

"Do you think Metallia will be alright?" Makoto asked, looking worried for a minute.

"Yes, I do." Adrian said, "All of her powers are gone and her memories erased. Now she can have a normal life and be happy."

"I am going to miss the baby Metallia though." Hotaru said, "She was so cute!"

"She was an adorable little thing." Adrian said.

"The house won't be the same without her." Haruka said too.

"Oh my God!" Hotaru said standing up, "You two just AGREED with each other!"

"No we didn't!!" They said in unison.

"You just did it again!"

"It was just a fluke!" Haruka yelled, "You won't see it happening again!"

"Well," Adrian began, "It is only natural for her to agree with me. I guess Haruka's finally realized that I'm twice the man she'll ever be."

Haruka's head seemed to be on fire from the amount of heat coming from it. Sensing what was coming next, Rei grabbed her table and ran to the other side of the room. Haruka instead took the bed and threw it at Adrian.

"I give up!" Rei said exasperated and handed the table to Haruka, who promptly threw it at Adrian again.

"Missed me by a mile grandma!" Adrian taunted and stuck his tongue out.

"You're going down!" Haruka said and ran after him.

Everyone else just sat there and laughed as they watched the duo run back and forth after each other.

"Those two are never going to grow up." Michiru said.

"Adrian, come back here." Hotaru said laughing and then ran up to him.

'I'm just playing around Taru; I wouldn't do anything that might hurt her. You don't know what might happen with her condition." Adrian said, only to get a rock thrown at his head.

"Baka." Haruka said and sat back down.

"How long are you two going to keep this up?" Hotaru asked.

"For as long as we're together." Adrian replied.

"And for how long might that be?" Hotaru said while he embraced her.

"Oh, I dunno. Does forever sound good enough to you?" Adrian said, tilting her head with his hand.

"Forever sounds perfect." Hotaru smiled and then closed her eyes as Adrian gave her a long, hard kiss…


The End =^_^=

A/N: Ta-da! So how was that for my first fanfic? I'll keep working on it in my next one. YES, there is going to be a sequel to this story, I'm not done with Adrian and Hotaru yet. The sequel is going to be called To Be With You Tomorrow. Still a Saturn romance, still has the same two main characters. I'll probably post the first few chapters two weeks from now when I get back from vacation (two whole weeks without the internet!). Anyway, hope you enjoyed my story and thank you everyone for the wonderful reviews.