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I shoved Roxas to the ground. Like I said, I wasn't going to take this from him anymore. "It's my pie, Roxas…" I said in my most threatening voice.

Roxas looked as if he were about to cry. "I'm… very sorry… I won't do it again…" I pulled him forward and kissed him.

"Roxas…So you're giving up that easily?" I was sort of disappointed that his tough guy act was just that, an act. Nevertheless, I held him to me, content to hold him in my arms. We sat there for a while, but it eventually occurred to me that I should probably get a shower. Straining, I stood up, still holding Roxas, and carried him back up to my room, taking care not to let him drop or run into any walls. To help me, he curled up into a round little Roxy-ball that promptly unfurled when I lightly placed him back down into my bed. I pulled each layer of the bed up to his chin and kissed him lightly. "I'm going to take a shower, okay? Don't do anything weird."

"I wouldn't do anything of the sort." Unconvinced, I turned on some light music and left the room. I didn't know what he was planning, but my earlier experiences had proved that Roxas could not be trusted under any circumstances.

As I started my shower, I started wondering exactly what Roxas had in mind for me. I could be relatively certain that he couldn't do anything too extravagant, not knowing much about my house, but Roxas had already proven that his greatest weapon was himself. Most likely, he was lying in wait; ready to ambush me just as soon as I stepped outside the room. For this reason alone, I took an extra long shower in the hopes that this would dissuade him.

In fact, I got myself so worked up about this that I didn't even bother to dry my hair, but hurried out to where Roxas still lay in repose, exactly where I'd left him. And after all that, I was slightly disappointed in him. Again. So I advanced threateningly towards him with the intent of doing something to him for causing me so much unfounded stress.

But, in the end, it didn't work out all that well for me, because Roxas pounced on me, hurtling me to the ground. I landed heavily, and Roxas sat on me triumphantly, as it seemed he did a lot. "Now then, who did you say was going to be punishing whom?"

I groaned. Roxas was much too good at this. "Oh, I give up. You beat me every time."

"Well, if you refuse to learn…I'll just have to be a bit harsher, won't I?" Roxas' expression quickly changed to what I was quickly learning to recognize as his 'seductive pose.' Which, really, made me quite happy. I said it already. I was perfectly willing to give in to him right at that moment. Roxas deserved me, if he wanted me, at this point. I was ready and waiting for him to do something, anything…! But in the end, he only kissed me slightly and snuggled into me. Dammit, Roxas! Kiss me again! Now is not the time for cuddling! What is wrong with you? My anger about Roxas' inaction caused all previous submission to disappear. Even when he kissed me again, harder this time, I could only think that he had had his chance, and he hadn't taken it. But still… "Roxas, you are the only punishment I'll ever want." And I meant it.

But that didn't mean that I wasn't going to show him what I really wanted.

And right now, what I wanted was force. So when he next prepared to respond, I leaned up and shoved myself into him, tongue lightly sliding into his mouth. I tried to go easy on him, and he relaxed slightly.

And when I felt the mood was right, I threw him down. The way he gasped in shock was enough for me to understand that he hadn't expected anything of the sort from me. "Thought I was sweet, and kind, and submissive, didn't you? Well, I'm a teenage boy too, and don't you forget it." I was trying hard not to laugh, but it was just so funny how he had been taken by surprise.

I felt like I had to move on. So I pulled off his shirt and pants quickly, with the minimum possible flailing on Roxas' part. I wondered if he was being uncharacteristically obedient, or if I had just caught him that well. So now the time was mine to take off my own clothes.

I got my shirt off easily enough, but my jeans presented a problem. I didn't have the energy to hold my head up and try to unbutton/unzip/remove my pants all at the same time, so I rested on his bare back, breathing heavily, moving as quickly as I could so that Roxas couldn't seize an opportunity to turn the tables on me, especially in such a delicate position. But he didn't seem able to do anything, and only started quivering again when I had pushed myself back up, jeans now firmly aside.

I pressed my fingers down by his hips, and grabbed his boxers. He froze temporarily, but I was able to get them off with some quick maneuvering.

Although it seemed like Roxas actually helped a bit.

And now he was completely naked, and I couldn't stop myself from reaching out and firmly pinching the flesh of his cute, soft little butt before slipping my own undergarments off.

"Please… be gentle…" Roxas' voice was soft and fragile.

And it was about now that I truly understood the situation. I was about to have sex with Roxas. And we had only met last week, and known each other for less than two days.

And despite the fact that I've never been involved in a homosexual relationship before (No, Riku doesn't count), it seemed as if my body knew exactly what to do. Everything just seemed so very familiar. Me, Roxas… it was like we two had played through this situation on many an occasion.

And there was certainly no denying the fact that I had felt like I had known Roxas from the moment he introduced himself to me. Although why this was, I most certainly couldn't say. Everything just felt right, somehow. Maybe, it was destiny.

… Don't tell me you actually thought I was serious.

Either way, I couldn't back down now. I was just about ready to either fulfill all of Roxas' wildest dreams or make him extraordinarily angry at me for being no good in bed.

Or on floor.

But then the siren of the Homeowners' Association Car o'DOOM! started up.

And although I wanted to go through with it and finish what we'd started, there was no denying that if the HOA found even one more teensy problem with our house, we'd be, like, thrown out of the neighborhood. Or killed. I'm really not exaggerating there.

(Cut to flashback swirl, dramatic music, and black-and-white film.) You see, it all started when we moved in. After the traditional grace period of 3 days, the HOA came screeching up to our house, sirens blaring.

"New neighbors! Why have you not baked cookies for the entire street and Homeowners' Board yet?" was what their leader said calmly over a large loudspeaker from a random helicopter that flew in at that exact moment. At least, we think that's what he said. It was kind of hard to tell. Fortunately, I had just baked up a batch, so I quickly raced out with a whole bunch of them on a steaming tray. "It took us a while to unpack our cookie sheet, and then we had to be sure we had enough for everyone… Our last batch is in the oven now," I improvised, holding the tray out to the angry creatures of the car, which were extremely chary of leaving their bastion. I carefully held up a cookie, and the driver slowly rolled down the bulletproof window just enough to snatch it. They set the car into full lockdown mode while one of the lower ranking members tested it for poison.

I stood back and waited. All of a sudden, lockdown desisted and HOA Car Squad Gamma surrounded me, all wanting some of the delectable goodies on my tray. I backed up into my mom. "You leave my son alone, you pervs!" she screamed, leaping into a fighting stance. Fortunately, she didn't have to fight, because the grasping fingers of the cookie-eating parasites were soon sliced off by precise machine gun fire from the helicopter. The leader of the HOA hijacked the helicopter, threw the pilot out to be crushed from the fall, and drove the machine into the mob. There was a huge explosion, and the only remaining survivor was the silver-haired leader of the Homeowners' Association.

He had landed completely unruffled, long hair blowing dramatically in the breeze. He walked slowly up to me and took the tray out of my hands. "Why, thank you for your hospitality, Mrs. Strife."

"Tifa. Call me Tifa."

I had started to object. These were cookies I had made! But my mom held me back. "If he knows that you, a teenage boy, had made these cookies, we'd all die!"

The mysterious figure had gotten into the car and driven off down the street. Before he pulled out of the driveway, he stuck one gloved hand out the window. "We hope to see you at some of our neighborhood events after you get settled in. We'll also be sending you a bill for damages to my personal helicopter. And get rid of all the dead bodies? We've got an image to maintain." He had smirked and driven away, leaving a thick cloud of smoke in his wake.

My mom had stomped back into the house, dragging me with her. "Well, if that Mr. Roth thinks he's getting twelve cents of my money, he's sorely mistaken…" she growled, using one of her favorite phrases.

A few weeks later, a bill for 25,000 dollars had shown up. My mom sent a polite note saying that she could not pay the bill until her property, a cooking tray that had belonged to her great-great-grandmother, was returned to her. Actually, we had bought it at a garage sale a year or so ago.

And that's why we didn't mind too much when we received a still-smoldering hunk of twisted metal with the note, "Good as new! Heart, Sephie."

So we worked out a payment plan with Mr. Roth, and after 5 months, everything was all right. Until Mom decided that she'd rather have a light blue house instead of a light tan house. Which didn't go over too well.

And that's how Car Squad Beta was destroyed, although we only had to pay 500 dollars, this time for ammunition for and destruction of a double-barreled, sawed-off shotgun and several high-intensity shrapnel grenades, wielded by none other than Mr. Sephie Roth.

And then there was the 'Flower Garden Incident,' and the 'Your Lawn is .060007 Inches Too Tall Incident,' both of which resulted in numerous casualties. The cemetery was beginning to run out of space, and I was starting to get the feeling that Mr. Roth just liked killing people.

I'm not saying anything about the 'Not Showing up to the Family and Neighborhood Picnic with a Basket of Steaming Hot Rolls Perfect for Everyone and Instead Arriving Late with Only a Half-Eaten Salad Incident.' It was slightly funny after we were no longer in any mortal peril, my mom having performed emergency brain surgery on my dad with a rusty spork and a chicken leg.

Suffice to say that the Homeowners' Association was not one of our dearest friends.

Really, it was quite understandable how worked up I was about this. I just hoped Roxas would understand. Although little Roxy was probably relieved, not having to deal with me after all that. I got up and quickly shoved my clothes on, taking one last, lingering glance at Roxas… my Roxas, before heading out to get a shovel.

Roxas followed at his own lackadaisical pace, and soon set to helping me with the driveway. He really looked quite cute, with his silly coat on, shoveling the snow into piles much larger than himself. I'm sorry, but he was just soooooooo beautiful that I wanted to hold him in my arms and kiss him and make passionate love to him all at the same time. Although I had to finish with this snowy place first before we could do that.

Eventually, I remembered that Roxas had his own place to take care of, and I watched him toddle over to his house, falling a total of eight times.

What a cutie. What a klutz.

I finished up with my side of the sidewalk and rushed over to aid Roxas immediately. I tripped twice in the process, so I suppose I couldn't really tease Roxas too much about his clumsiness. I quickly helped him with the rest of the snow, and we stood together, leaning on each other and our shovels for support.

"So… I'm gonna to go inside and change into my own clothes. Uh… you wanna come in, or something?"

I was sort of taken aback. I hadn't quite expected that reaction from him. "You don't want to… play around in the snow or something for a while?"

"Nah, I've never been one much for snow. It's too cold, and I'd much prefer to stay inside with a cup of tea. I get cold easily, y'know?"

"Really, Roxas? You don't seem like you would…" On further inspection of said Roxas, his teeth were chattering slightly, and he seemed to be leaning closer and closer to me. "I guess I'll come in with you and keep you company."

Roxas grabbed me by the hand and led me into his house, quickly unlocking the door. He pulled me onto a couch off to the side of the kitchen in front of a fireplace (though it was an electric one that gave off no heat) before disappearing up the stairs. I found the switch to the fireplace and turned it on, expecting a puny blue flame like in the fireplace at my house. Instead, it exploded into an orange-y-yellow conflagration safely contained within the barrier. I stared wondrously at the blaze before sinking down onto the couch where Roxas had left me.

"What kind of tea do you want?" Roxas' voice intruded into my thoughts of fire. How long had he been there? And did he really think I knew anything about tea?

"Uh… whatever you're having is fine with me…"

He dumped some bags into water and left them on a counter in the kitchen to take a seat on the couch, one cushion away from me. I was wondering whether he'd move any closer or if I was expected to make a move on him first when he got right back up to bring some tea over to me. I sipped it. It was good.

This time, he sat a little closer to me. Well, here goes… "Rox-"

"Hey, Axel, I'm still kinda cold, so… maybe you could… warm me up a little?"

"C'mere, Roxas." I felt sort of guilty that he had to say something, and that I hadn't really done anything for him. He had to initiate everything around here, it seemed. I sat Roxas down in my lap and did all I could to keep him warm. His feet were as cold as… what was his phrase before? Penguins… in a refrigerator in January? Whatever he said. But I was supposed to be 'Mr. Heat Man,' right? I could take it…

Well, no, no I couldn't. I was about ready to scream when he shifted his legs slightly so that the blocks of ice he called feet were no longer in direct contact with me. God, Roxas, ever hear of this new-fangled invention I like to call socks? Apparently, he hadn't, because after about five minutes, he moved his legs right back. I loved Roxas. And yet, I wanted to shoot him with one of Mr. Roth's various forms of destructive machinery. Which could be anything from an AK-47 to an electric toothbrush, in the hands of that maniac.

But I digress. And I would never shoot Roxas.

All right, maybe with a paintball gun. But nothing that would cause severe injury.

Unless I was really, really pissed.

But I love Roxas, right? Or something.

After quite some time, I started thinking about something else. He… only wanted to, sort of, snuggle, right? He didn't seem like he wanted anything else… but it was always hard to tell with him… So I had to ask.

"Right now, I only want to be here, with you, Axel."

And with these words, I could have cried. He really, actually, cared about me. Which made me realize that this was no random hookup or anything. He had loved me, from day 1. And I had loved him too. Like love at first sight, except that neither of us were teen models/actors/singing sensations. And we were both male. Yeah, you don't see a lot of that in those cheesy romantic movies they tend to show during the summer. To the best of my knowledge, anyway.

"Roxas, I… I love you."

"It's sort of weird, but… it seems, seems somehow… it sounds dumb, but I feel… like I've known you for a very long time. Even though it's only been a week. Do y'know?"

Absolutely. "I… sort of feel the same way. I want to protect you, Roxas."

"I want to be protected." He stopped for a moment, and suddenly seemed incredibly sleepy. "It's… it's not like I'm settling for you because you're what I've got. I'm striving for you because you're what I want."

"I'm… glad, I guess." And I was. To know that he actually did love me, and wasn't just messing around with me again, made my heart burn with a fire greater than that burning in the fireplace across from us. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Because that wasn't even a real fire. "I'm just happy to know I mean something to you."

"You couldn't mean more to me. Because I love you, too. Truly." He yawned widely, and I could feel him falling asleep.

"I said, 'Thank you, Roxas.'"

He was curling in to me, resting his head on my shoulder, and slowly letting his eyes droop down. I watched him. I … I had to do something. To show… that I meant what I had said, just as he had.

"Roxas, will you… kiss me?" I blurted out.

"Wh… at?" He slowly lifted his head to look at me. I knew I must have been blushing redder than a cherry tomato. Not one of those crappy grocery store ones, the ones that are always squishy and orange. One of the good kinds that ripens on the vine or something. One of the red ones.

I am not comparing it to my hair, okay? I draw the line here, and I will not step over it.

Except for Roxas, okay. He is my one and only exception to everything.

And chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting on top and the perfect amount of sprinkles on top. The pure sugar kind of sprinkles. Preferably green. The green ones always taste the best.

Damn, I love me my chocolate/vanilla/green sprinkle cupcakes.

"I said… I said, will you kiss me, Roxas?"

"I will." He seemed to be fully awake now. We leaned in close and our eyes met as we pulled each other in. He looked away and smooched me lightly before looking into my eyes again.

And this time, I kissed him. He eagerly responded to the light probes of my tongue, willingly granting me entrance. I slowly let myself sink farther into him, and Roxas made no move to stop me. If anything, he seemed to encourage me more with the way he pressed my face down towards his and how his own tongue barely seemed to come into contact with mine, leading me on. But it seemed in the end that he was just too weary, because his grip on me soon loosened and his body slumped tiredly down onto me. With one arm casually slipped around his shoulder, I sipped my tea, and the snow started falling again.

Roxas' fingers tapped lightly at the base of my neck. He still seemed sort of cold, so, seeing a blanket on the other side of the couch, I reached over for it. I couldn't reach, so I had to pick Roxas up and precariously snag the blanket. Fortunately, Roxas was holding on to me quite tightly, because he stirred not at all. Or he was just that tired. Either way, I sat back down with Roxas still comfortably wrapped around my legs and secure in my arms.

Watching Roxas sleep was really starting to make me tired. And it didn't help that he had kept me awake all night. I slowly rolled over, stretching out to my full length on the sofa, and Roxas tumbled down beside me. Freeing an arm from beneath Roxas' chest, I unfolded the blanket and draped it over us. I gently stroked Roxas' cheek, and he snuggled closer. And with that, I squeezed him closer still and tried to get to sleep.

And this time, it was easier than you might think.


I woke up on top of Roxas. He watched me with mildly amused eyes as I scrambled backwards, tangling myself around the sheets and him, and I eventually just fell off the couch, taking Roxas with me.

"Uuuhhh… do you always wake up so excitably?" It was true that whenever I slept with Roxas… slept beside Roxas, that is, something exciting happened. "It's okay. It's better than not having anyone warm at all next to you. Because one little blonde boy in bed can only produce so much heat, y'know?"

"Well, I'm glad that I can serve a useful purpose."

"You're really quite light, y'know. You climbed up on me a few minutes ago, which is when I woke up, and you snuggled onto me, but you didn't crush me to death, as I had temporarily feared."

"I'm pretty light for my height. My mom always says I need 'more steak and potatoes on my bones.'"

"But why'd you find the need to get a blanket?"

"Because you looked really cold."

"Awww, but Axel, didn't you say that you hardly ever get cold? If you were telling the truth, then you're the only blanket I need." He tore the blanket away and rolled onto the carpeted floor, smiling coyly and tapping his chest as if he wanted me to join him. I slid back onto him, giving him a light kiss that quickly deepened. We tussled playfully on the floor for a few minutes, although Roxas seemed to get bored after a while. I could tell by the way he shoved me away to the side and stood up, smoothing out his wrinkled, already-slept-in clothes.

I got up sadly and wandered off towards the front of the house. Roxas grabbed my sleeve and followed, restraining me slightly.

"Hey, I'm a horrible cook, y'know?"

"So you've told me," I replied, depressed by the way he had shoved me away previously.

"But my house is really big, right?"

"Yes…" I wasn't quite sure where he was going with this.

"Uh, Axel, do you… do you think that … your parents would be okay with it if … if you maybe moved in here with me?"

"Roxas, I…" I turned towards him, staring solemnly into his eyes before breaking into a wide grin. "Are you kidding me? Hell yes! I'd love to!" I kissed him again, very forcefully this time, slamming him against the wall in my exuberance. He was completely willing to cave in to my pressure, because it seemed he was just as happy as I was.

When I finally got my emotions and rampant energy under control, I pulled away slowly, blushing again. "S-sorry about that, Roxas."

"Aww, don't worry about it. We've been over this before. Why would I mind if you kiss me?"

"Well, I was sort of harsh and…" I stopped talking. My parents were pulling in to the opposite driveway. "Oh, God… I don't know if my parents will agree… Think we can convince them?"

Roxas rolled his eyes. "Is grass green?"

"Well, it's brown when it's dead. And in Kentucky, they have this weird grass that is actually bl-"

"That was a rhetorical question, darling."

"Okay… so, you really think this will work?"

"Trust me."

"I do trust you, Roxas." Most of the time, anyway.

"Good! You stay here. I'll be right back." He fluffed up his hair, zipped up his coat, and took off running through the snow. He only tripped once, and I was very proud. As my mom got out of the car, he jumped out and began chatting animatedly with her. After quite some time, he ran back over to the house, skipping up the driveway. He burst in, slammed the door, and… glomped me.

"Axel! Axel, I did it! I did it! You get to live with me!"

"Really? How'd you manage that?"

"Oh… I have my ways… Your parents will be coming over to eat with us two nights a week, but other than that, we have complete independence!"

"Wow…" I hadn't quite thought that he'd actually go through with it… or that he'd actually be able to convince them. Rule Number 1: Never underestimate Roxas. "So… where do I sleep?"

"Well… I don't exactly have a guest room, so it's either roughing it on the couch or bunking with me. Take your pick."

"Oh, you know I'd choose you any day…"

"Mmm, yeah. You know, this is probably the weirdest situation I've ever found myself in." So, you didn't really think any of this out, did you? No faith in yourself? That's not it… Just trying to make me feel better? Maybe…

"Yeah, I think I'm going to have to agree with that." Time for reassurance. I hugged Roxas close. "But it's still the best birthday present I've ever gotten."

"Me too."

We kissed again, and despite the fact that I was the happiest I had been in a long time, something told me that I'd soon be regretting this turn of events…


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