Incarcerated Friendship- Prologue

Summary- During the first major battle with the Gammau, the Archangel deploys its only mobile suit piloted by Kira Yamato. But when the coordinator pilot Athrun Zala captures the Gundam with his Aegis, he is forced to board the ZAFT ship, and becomes a prisoner. With out any back up and an old friend who is still plagued with betrayal, Kira's fate appears grim.

It takes place beginning after Episode Five, where Mu La Flaga actually give the orders that saves Kira and his Gundam, but in this story, help never came.

Disclaimer- I don't own Gundam SEED. I'm poor and untalented.

Author's Note- This is the first fan fiction I've ever written, so I am opened to pointers. This story was inspired by a role play I have been continuing for a bit, so some of the paragraphs from Athrun's point of view are copyright Kao. Enjoy!

Jarred by a sudden jolt, Kira had assumed he had been hit by laser fire, but the distict sound of groaning metal made him turn about madly in his cockpit, assessing the situation with confusion and awe. It was then he saw the bright red arm extending across Strike's chest and back.

"Athrun! What do you think you are doing?"

He had been struggling with the controls, uselessly pressing random buttons and switches in an attempt to find an extra power source helplessly. But after countless hours of reprogramming the hard drive of his Strike Gundam, the violet eyed pilot knew better than anyone that there was no extra battery, no spare fuel source for his machine. The helpless mechanism was clutched between the arms of the Aegis, powerless in the situation.

"I'm taking you to the Gammau."

"What?! I'm not setting foot on a ZAFT ship!" Kira protested, an outraged edge in his voice.

"You are a coordinator Kira, you're our friend! You belong with us!"

"No! I won't join ZAFT!"

"That's enough Kira! You will come…other wise….other wise I'll have to shoot you."

It felt as though his veins had turned to ice with the words spoken to him over the communicator. The words were still ringing in his head, spoken from the same emerald-eyed boy Kira had known since childhood, before the war. Before alliances.

An interlude of curses and shouts filtered in over the static of the communicator, of which he could only assume were the three other battle suits circling about around the pair, though their threats were only distant whispers. He glared into the communicator, eyes wide with a mixture of indignation, fear, and betrayal directed toward the pair of deep green eyes that stared back from the screen. But he could only picture the face that was hidden behind the red mask of the enemy. Kira hadn't expected to be threatened by his long lost friend in such a way, and it jarred his mind a bit. He scolded himself, shaking his head to rid his mind of such childish thoughts. He was a fool to think that things would be the same.

The captain of the Archangel had personally asked the young coordinator if he would be able to operate the Strike mobile suit in order to protect the spacecraft that was carrying his friends. Kira Yamato had never been particularly apt at denying anyone's request, his good hearted and shy nature not completely melted from his personality even through puberty.

Before he knew it, the young coordinator had donned the white and blue suit meant for flying, tightly fitted to keep him warm in the desolate landscape that was space, and had fired up his machine. After the destruction of Heliopolis, Kira was still plagued with dark thoughts. What if his parents had perished? What if… what if no one picked up the life boats? They were disturbing ideas that he quickly pushed from thought. He figured if these people were the only thing he had left, it was his responsibility to protect them.

A high pitched, feminine voice called out to him over the communicator, the voice of his friend Miriallia Haw shouting desperately over the receiver. "Kira! Kira! Respond!"

He pressed a particular switch that allowed limited vocal contact, every moment adding more distance and more static between the Archangel and the Strike. "Power's out. I'm in need of assistance… I repeat-" His blood ran cold when a flashing red light drew his attention, Signal Lost.

"Damn it, Athrun!" Kira shouted, recklessly thrusting his controls in different directions, attempting to jar any reserved power. It was rather unlike himself to curse out of turn, but this situation was overqualified for a few good vain words. Sweat had began to cling along his hairline, hands trembling from a mixture of rage and horror. "Let me GO!" So what if Athrun had threatened to kill him? Death was better than being captured by enemy forces. He knew that.

Within the whirling dance that was battle, Kira had been holding back, merely firing off warning shots, not wanting to seem suspicious. What he hadn't calculated, however, was the low fuel level of his machine. Now the brunette was trapped by the Aegis, closer to his long lost friend than he had been in years, only under much more grave of circumstances.

Author's Note: So, yeah. It's a bit short, but bear with me. Sorry if it has been a bit glitchy. I changed the name last minute, after I had posted the story. x.x Review!