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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It's been 17 years. Exactly seventeen years ago I was sobbing my heart out because the ex-love of my life left me.

This seventeen year anniversary was definitely interesting, in the fact that it was almost exactly the same as that event seventeen years before. Only this time, I left him, and there were no tears streaming down my face.

Unlike most vampires I remember all of my human life with some amount of detail, the more important events show up more clearly, but I can still remember more then any other vampire can. That day, the day he left me is still my strongest human memory.

I sat at the kitchen table staring at the letter Edward had slipped into my locker. It was just a simple letter, the letter that broke my heart and a tiny little ring, that only made the pain worse.

Dear Bella,

I have to leave. I realized that no matter how much you truly want to join Me and my family as the damned that I just cannot be the one who takes your Life. I won't make you suffer. The Volturi won't be able to find you because You are somehow immune to their powers. I love you so much, but I need youForget me.


The ring is yours, I will always remember you and what could have been.

I looked at the ring. My gemstone, Edward had gotten me an engagement ring, that had my birthstone on it. It had a tiny blue sapphire with an even smaller diamond on both sides. The ring was made out of white gold. It was perfect in every way. It was small, and unnoticeable, but it was absolutely stunning if you paid attention to it.

All that I could think was 'If only he had given this to me a day earlier, if only he couldn't bear to leave me again, then I could be happily engaged to the man of my dreams. I could have been an engaged To-be-Mrs.-Edward-Cullen. But instead here I was sobbing over a lost love, because of a foolish decision.

After all Ed… His near death encounter with the Volturi he had promised never to leave again. He had also promised me that we would have a forever together, but that was lost with his second departure. How could I have believed him. Was I really stupid and naïve enough that he really cared about me. Even his letter left doubt in my mind. If he had really wanted to keep me safe, he would have made me indestructible.

I sat sobbing at the table until Charlie came home. He saw me just sitting there staring at the letter at the table my only movement was a shaking from the intensity of my sobs. He ran over to the table and picked up the letter. He read the first line, a fact I would have been relieved about had this letter just destroyed my only newly rebuilt life. Still that first line was all that he needed to read, it was obvious who it was from and what it was about.

I could hear the paper crinkling under Charlie's fingers as he gripped the paper harder, trying to relieve his anger. He turned to me and did the last thing I would have expected from him at that time. He started to yell at me. Not just yelling, but screaming.

"Bella! Just like I said he left you again. And you had welcomed him back with open arms, how could you have done that. Why did you trust him? I knew he was going to leave you again, I warned you. Did you listen? No." Charlie kept on ranting about how all of this was my fault, his face was turning purple and I just continued to sit there, my tears had greatly diminished. "I knew that Cullen boy was no good for you."

That was the final straw. I could understand Charlie not agreeing with me taking back Edward but it was still downright cruel to blame me, and call Edward worthless. I stood up and looked Charlie straight in the eyes. Through my tears I gave him the fiercest glare that I could. I grabbed the ring off of the table, and the letter out of Charlie's hands.

"Charlie, what the hell is wrong with you. My boyfriend just disappeared after leaving me a note and an engagement ring. Instead of comforting me you're yelling at me for making stupid decisions." I turned and walked to the door. Over my shoulder I said "Charlie… this time it is your fault."

With that final statement I ran. Not even ten feet in I stumbled and fell down. I scraped up my hands and knees in the process. I just jumped right back up and ran straight into the woods. I don't know how, but I found the exact spot where Edward had left me before. I just sat down and hugged my knees. I couldn't believe that I had just run away from Charlie; why does that continue to happen.

I heard a rustling noise coming from the bushes to my left. "Edward" I whispered not allowing myself to hope that it would really be him. My tiny spark of hope was extinguished the moment that my unwelcome visitor spoke.

"No. I'm not you perfect little Edward. Actually right now I'm pretty sure you think of him as the bastard that killed my James, and left you. Oh yes, I know that he's left, just so that he wouldn't have to change poor, little, insignificant, you. So, I'm going to do what he couldn't." Victoria was only a dark red blur only stopping long enough to sink her teeth into my neck, ripe the vein and use her nails to pull off most of the skin.

She was giving me a slight chance of immortality. My neck was bleeding profusely, meaning that there was a chance I would suffer for three days and then die, or suffer for three days and become a vampire. Suddenly the fire started seeping through my veins and I lost consciousness for the last time.

It was my ignorance of the basic facts, and fate that had completely screwed me over.Fate, and the world, everything was against me, though I didn't believe it at the time. Though, in having everything hate me I finally got everything I wanted, Edwards only goal lay unaccomplished.

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