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It wasn't long before Aro had set Bella up in a room. There wasn't a lot that he could do for her. Vampire health was generally very straight-forward. Bella was, at least on the record, the only vampire that this had happened to.

So, Aro did what he could. He provided her a room with a bed. There was no sign of life, but to Aro, and to Ally there was no other option. Once Bella was situated Ally sat herself next to her mother. Heidi had taken it upon herself to take care of Ally. She provided food three times a day, and would sit with her and talk. Every so often Felix would join as well, but his duties with the guard often pulled him from Ally and Bella.

Ally was withdrawn. It was an obvious side-effect of the events that she had witnessed. She rarely answered Heidi's questions, but was still happy to have the company. It was one of the first days that Heidi had forced her to leave the room that the first interesting thing happened.

She was wandering down the halls, estimating how long it would be before Heidi would allow her back into the room. She was zoning out, but the loud noises coming from behind one of the many closed doors caught her attention. Half of her wanted to see what was happening, the other half of her wanted to get back to her mother. The pull to her mother won out and she ignored the murmur of angry voices and went back to her room.

She hadn't thought it was important enough to mention to Heidi, and Heidi didn't want to upset Ally. It wasn't a happy time.

The next time she was wandering around she heard the same noises coming in the room. She debated the same way she had the last time she was down the hallway, but the time between her wanderings had changed her mind. She pushed the door open. The scene in front of her made her jaw drop.

Aro had lost his calm façade. The room was full of the Volturi guard and Aro was practically spitting at his guests. Nobody looked at her. Everyone was too focused on the argument between Aro and another vampire. Ally wanted to gasp when she saw Edward. "She's my daughter!"

"I've told you this before. No matter the relation I will not allow you to see the poor girl and harm her more than you already have."

"I haven't done anything. Bella ran away!"

"Ah… but how hard did you look?"

Edward didn't even hesitate. "That's all I did for years on end." He spat the words like poison.

"But you never came to ask us." Aro said, Edward's head turned. "We had the best resources, but you never asked for help. Is your ego too big for that to be allowed?"

Ally didn't want to be there. Didn't want to have to watch the horror run across her father's face. She didn't want to have to see the man she considered a grandfather angrily yelling at the man who was supposedly her father.

She bolted forward and straight up to Aro. "It doesn't matter." She told him quickly, before turning to face Edward. "What do you want?" She asked reinstating her famous stoic face.

He looked shocked, and rightfully so. Aro had been 'hiding' Ally away from him for the full week and a half that he had been there. Worst of all Alice hadn't been helpful. She was still having some issues having visions, at least visions about Bella and Ally. In her humble opinion there was a crossroads. Something would soon happen to decide the future.

"A-Alyssa." He stuttered. Ally continued staring at her. It was Aidan who broke the awkward silence.

"Ally, how is your mother?" Ally turned to him.

If it had been anyone else asking she wouldn't have replied, but he had helped her mother kill the bastard.

"Not well." Ally could hear the collective group of vampires inhale. "What did you think she would be okay?"

"Ally?" Ally's eyes met her fathers. "Would you allow us to see her?" Ally thought about it for a moment. She didn't want to; her mother had been fighting with them. All the same this was her family now. She nodded slowly and led the group to Bella's room.

When Ally entered the room Heidi stood up. "Why are you back so soon?" When Heidi saw the rest of the group enter the room she nodded and slipped past them. She wanted to give them their chance at a family reunion.

Ally returned to her chair set up next to her mother's bed. There was silence. Alice went and sat on the side of the bed, brushing her hand through Bella's hair. "It's been so long." She whispered. She felt arms and a chin settle on her shoulders and head. She leaned back to rest against her husband. Many of the other couples did this as well.

Carlisle pushed his way forward. "Do you mind?" he asked Ally, who promptly shook her head. He went straight to work, checking to see if there were any signs of life. He was disappointed to find none. He needed to write it off, she was a vampire, an undead member of the unloving. "Time will tell."

They had their time. The Cullens and Elementaurs had lived in Volterra for about the space of a year. Time moved differently when not in contact with the human race, so they lounged, hoping for a change in Bella's condition, a change that never occurred. Everyone felt the loss, but wanted to move on with their lives, except for Ally.

She had been coerced on a couple of trips outside of the castle, accompanied by some member of the large group, yet she never enjoyed them. It hadn't taken long before the tourist sites had lost all their appeal. She didn't enjoy the shopping trips with her aunts, and didn't want to watch sports with her uncles. Everyone worried about her. She was supposed to be a teenager, even if she was a vampire there should have been something that she cared about. She was lost in her indifference. She remained at her mother's bedside even as other left.

"Ally. I need to talk to you. I've talked this over with Aro and my family. We all agree that you need to get away from here. You've taken this upon yourself and it isn't healthy. I want you to join me. Aro will keep an eye on your mother, but you need to return to your life, if anything about her condition changes Aro has promised to tell us." Ally looked up at her father.

She wanted to question his love for her. Ally was dependant on her mother, not just as a child to a parent, but as a best friend as well.

Edward didn't understand the depth of their relationship. He was bonded to Bella as much as Ally was, but his bond to his daughter was equally as powerful. He couldn't lose both of them, and if Ally continued in this manner he knew there was only one way for it to end, and he wouldn't be able to survive losing both of them.

Ally tried to think about why he would be saying this, and came to the same conclusion, but it didn't change her answer in the slightest.


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