Title: Tobi's Flower

Genre: Romance/General

Rating: T at least

Pairing: TobiHina (Tobi X Hinata)

Summary: 50 sentences on the pairing TobiHina. CRACK PAIRING! None of the sentences follow any real order. Please R & R!

1. Meet

When they first met, it was because of an accidental collision with one another. Still, for the rest of the day, they couldn't stop thinking about one another.

2. Name

The second time they ran into each other, they finally learned each other's name. When Tobi remarked that 'Hinata' was a beautiful name, he quickly clamped his mouth shut and turned away.

3. Flowers

Deidara kept pestering Tobi about why he kept sneaking flowers out of Zetsu's garden every day. Tobi didn't say anything in reply.

4. Hair

As Tobi followed Hinata to the Yamanaka flower shop, he wished he could move his fingers through Hinata' soft black hair…

5. Good

"You know, Tobi's a good boy…" remarked the strange, mask-wearing ninja as he held a clump of flowers in his hands. Hinata just smiled and replied, "Yes…you are a good boy…"

6. Miss

While on long missions with Deidara, Tobi would begin to miss Hinata's sweet voice.

7. Pain

As the pain slowly began to creep through his body, Tobi wished he could have seen Hinata one last time.

8. Kiss

When they shared their first kiss, Hinata removed Tobi's mask for a few minutes. Luckily for the Akatsuki member, Hinata had her eyes closed.

9. Lies

Tobi wonders how long he can keep his 'real life' a secret before she finds out…

10. Dance

'Tobi's so sweet to me…but he's a terrible dancer!' Hinata thought as she watched Tobi struggle at practice the 'Waltz'.

11. Curse

"Why do you wear that mask?" Hinata asked one day out of the blue. Tobi quickly replied, "Because I've been cursed…"

12. Comfort

Though their relationship wasn't very strong yet, Tobi vowed to be there for Hinata to comfort her.

13. Akatsuki

"Where do your loyalties lie, Tobi…?" The Leader demanded, a kunai blade inches from Tobi's throat. The masked man sighed and muttered, "My loyalty is to the Akatsuki…sir."

14. Crush

When Tobi saw a spotted lizard crawling towards Hinata during a picnic, he quickly crushed it and threw it away before the Hyuga girl noticed.

15. Love

Tobi loved Hinata, and the young ninja girl knew that. She just hoped she could accept his love in some other form besides friendship one day…

16. Candy

"I bought you some candy, Tobi-san!" Hinata exclaimed as she dumped a small bag of sweets into Tobi's hands. Tobi thanked her and thought, 'I'll need to save this for when I get back to the base…'

17. Time

Tobi knew the destruction of Konoha was coming soon, but he just wished he had more time to be with Hinata before it happened.

18. Fear

Tobi knew of Hinata's greatest fear all too well: the fear of rejection.

19. Face

When Tobi finally revealed his face to Hinata, he was surprised that she took it quite well.

20. Mask

Hinata didn't quite understand it herself, but she could never really picture Tobi without his mask on.

21. Small

As Tobi watched a swarm of butterflies flutter about in the sky, he thought about how some of the smallest things are the most beautiful…

22. Smile

Hinata's beautiful smile always gave Tobi a feeling of happiness and joy.

23. Blood

Tobi grabbed Neji by the collar and hissed, "If you ever make Hinata bleed, I'll kill you…"

24. Bath

When Hinata jokingly suggested they take a bath together, Tobi was glad he was wearing a mask to hide the blood.

25. Sex

They had never meant for it to happen. Still, Hinata couldn't help but actually look forward to it again.

26. Home

"I would like to introduce you to my family, Tobi…"

27. Naruto

When Tobi had asked Hinata who this kid was on this picture she had in her room, Hinata just shook her head and said she'd never seen him.

28. Body

"How do I look?" Hinata asked as she stepped out of the bathroom. A few minutes later, Tobi decided that Hinata looked best in a swimsuit.

29. Training

Kiba wasn't very happy that Hinata kept skipping her training to hang out with Tobi. Was it anger…or jealousy?

30. Anger

After "accidentally" ripping off Hinata's bra during a swim in the lake, Tobi learned that even the sweetest woman has an evil side.

31. Hunger

Tobi is afraid to admit how much he truly wants her; He doesn't want to scare her away.

32. Fortune

Kakuzu stepped into the living room of the Akatsuki's base and asked, "Where the hell did Tobi go? He mentioned something about a 'fortune'…"

33. Traitor

Deidara glanced up at the ominous form of their Leader and asked, "What shall we do with Tobi, sir?" Leader was silent for a few moments before replying, "Find him and kill him!"

34. Run

"Tobi…wait for me!" "Dammit, these guys sure are persistent!" "W-Why are they following us?" "…." "Tobi?"

35. Snap

Tobi cursed under his breath as his left foot gently snapped a small twig in half. A second later, they were surrounded.

36. Pitiful

Hinata's snow-white eyes hardened with anger as she watched the man she loved slice her father's throat open.

37. Hard

The second time they kissed, Hinata was the one that kissed harder.

38. Cool

Hinata was usually very calm, but she lost her cool when Tobi acts so…passive…about some things.

39. Gift

Tobi had bought a very expansive pair of earrings for Hinata on her birthday. Unfortunately, some kid named Kiba broke them…on purpose.

40. Breath

Tobi clutched the battered Hyuga girl to his chest and whispered, "Please breath…please…"

41. Cover

Whenever it's raining, Tobi makes sure he has an umbrella handy for Hinata.

42. Promise

"Do you promise you, Tobi-chan?" "……Yes. I promise. I'll protect you with my life."

43. Talent

Tobi finds it hard to believe that Hinata thinks she has no talent. 'She's the most talented person I know…' Tobi thought as he watched Hinata train with Shino and Kiba.

44. Blush

The orange-masked Akatsuki member thinks Hinata is cutest when she's blushing.

45. Anything

Tobi swore he would do anything for Hinata. He just never figured it meant he had to save her dad from a band of obnoxious pirates.

46. Wonder

'I wonder…does Hinata wear a bra under her shirt? Hopefully not…'

47. Telephone

Tobi sometimes considers buying a telephone to talk with Hinata from long distances, but he was sure that Leader wouldn't want to have to pay the bills.

48. Freedom

One day, Tobi hopes to brake the shackles that bind him to the Akatsuki. Ironically, he was the one who placed the shackles in the first place…

49. Baby

When Hinata first told him, Tobi really hoped she was just joking.

50. Supernova

Tobi loved to compare Hinata to a supernova. She was the most beautiful star on earth and in space.