Chapter 22

It is over.

As the dust clears from the final battle, my boy's eyes scan the horizon. He sees all of the light spirits, all fully restored to their former glory, before they fade back to their respective homes. Suddenly, Link sees a small - but familiar - figure in the distance.

Could it be?

Hopeful, link runs towards the figure, hoping beyond hope, but is surprised when the form stands up to it's full height. A beautiful Twili woman stands before him, staring at him with piercing eyes. The Hero is uncertain and confused, until Midna's familiar voice reassures him. A smile spreads across his face, as he sees the Twilight Princess is alive and well.

Evil is defeated, and Hyrule is once again on the road to recovery.

Although everyone in the kingdom is not aware of what just happened, they all feel that a great darkness has been lifted from the land. The citizens of Hyrule castle town celebrate, while the long lost children finally return home to Odoron. On Death mountain the Goron battle each other in contests of skill, while a young prince in Zora's domain feels the loving presence of his mother's spirit nearby. The resistance group from Telma's bar investigates the Ruins of the Temple of Time, where the Master sword once again rests. King Bulbin and his followers race across Hyrule field, but with the monsters still loyal to Ganon hunting those they consider traitors down, Bulbin will not be alive for long.

Ganondorf's body simply vanished, probably taken by his monsters . But it will be at least a century before His Wizzrobes figure out the proper spells to reawaken the dormant Triforce of Power within him. Hyrule will not have to deal with the Evil king for a few generations.

As Link and Zelda go to the Arbitriter's grounds to see Midna home, there is a heavy sadness in the hearts of my boy and the Twilight princess. I see now the two of them have developed a strong bond during there adventures, and neither of them wants to say goodbye. But Midna realizes that Light and shadow cannot mix, and she and the Hero cannot be together. With a she tear, she passes through the Mirror of Twilight, and shatters it into countless shards. A look of pure sadness crosses Link's face, he is going to miss her.

Farewell, princess of the twilight.

As I float High above the kingdom, I look over this beautiful land of Hyrule. My boy and I have both worked so hard to protect the kingdom of the gods from evil, and our efforts have been self -rewarding. To see this land, and it's inhabitants, happy and safe is enough of a reward for all of our toil and sweat. So long as the sons of the House of Link are willing to wear the green tunic, take up the sword, and fight, evil will never claim victory. I only wish the path of the Hero was not always such a lonely one...

"Link?" I hear the voice of another spirit nearby... a voice I have not heard in a long time. I spin around, and find myself looking into the eyes of the ghost of a farm girl, as young and as beautiful as the first day I met her. I listened to her sad song echo across Hyrule field for many years, but have always been to afraid to go to her. Now, she has come to me...

"M-Malon?" I ask in surprise. "Malon, I never thought I'd see you again... I'm so sorry..."

She places a finger on my ghostly mouth, stopping me mid-sentence. "My beloved... I never blamed you for anything that happened, even though you've continued to blame yourself." She puts her arms around my neck. "I'm so proud of you, Link. For training our grandson, and helping to save Hyrule once again."

I try to reply but the words just won't come. I have never been as happy, during my life or afterlife, as I am at this moment. Finally, she pulls away, still holding my hand. "Come on, Fairy boy. It's time to go home."

I nod, and follow her into the light. As I go, the goddesses grant me several visions of the future. In one vision, I see one of my descendants sailing across a vast ocean, using some kind of Baton to conduct the wind. Farther into the future, I see another descendant splitting himself into four, and battling an evil Wind mage. In a later vision, I see one of my bloodline controlling the seasons with a rod, and the ages of time with a harp. And farthest into the future of all, I see a distant descendant of mine finally destroy shadow Link once and for all, and Awaken a sleeping Princess Zelda.

Seeing these images, I am certain the Hyrule will remain in good hands in the ages to come. Malon and I depart into the light, hand in hand, with no sorrow or regrets. But should my line ever have need of me again, I will return, and help them walk the path of the warrior.

After all, that's what a hero supposed to do.