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The pink rangers – along with the Overdrive team – materialized in a rock quarry where Thrax, Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix, Zeltrax and all their henchmen had congregated.

Why is it that these epic battles always seem to take place in a rock quarry? Kim thought sardonically as she strode alongside Jen, Kat, and the Overdrive team slightly ahead of the other pink rangers.

"Let's do it!" shouted Mack. "Ready?"

"Ready!" the others responded.

"Overdrive Accelerate!" called Mack, Rose, Dax, Will, and Ronny.

"It's Morphin' Time! Pterodactyl!" called Kim.

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Lavender Ranger Power!"

"Coral Ranger Power!"

"Peach Ranger Power!"

"Zeo Ranger I – Pink!"

"Shift into Turbo!"

"Let's Rocket!"

"Go Galactic!"

"Lightspeed Rescue!"

"Time for Time Force!"

"Lightning Storm, Ranger Form!"

"Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

"SPD Emergency!"

"Magical Source, Mystic Force!"

"Come, my evil alliance!" Thrax announced, sounding the charge. Moltor and Flurious engaged their respective foot soldiers, Lava Lizards and Chillers, ahead first then followed shortly behind, along with Thrax, Miratrix, Kamdor, and Zeltrax.

The rangers charged ahead, instinctively splitting up among the various villains. Mei, Julia, and Stephanie Dumas took on the Chillers while Sabrina, Mary, and Louise kept the Lava Lizards busy.

Kimberly, Dana, and Jen charged Thrax, who tried to bring his Z-staff down on Kimberly. Kim blocked it with her Power Bow, pushed the staff away, and swung her left arm around in an arc, which Thrax ducked. Dana thrust her V-lancer towards Thrax's midsection, but he sideswiped it, turned, and parried with his staff. Jen, using her Chrono Sabers in lance mode, swung her weapon around her head, brought it down on Thrax's shoulder, and pulled back causing the villain to fall back amid a shower of sparks.

Flurious charged at Mack, Dax, and Kat, who used her Wind Fire to let loose a volley of arrows on the villain while still charging. Flurious, ignoring the sparks flying around him, continued to charge, holding out his staff toward the rangers. Once they had reached each other, Flurious brought his staff around overhand to strike the rangers, but Mack blocked with his Drive Lance and pushed back. Dax used his Drive Vortex to push himself off the ground and above Flurious' head, then used his Drive Defender in saber mode and brought the weapon down on the back of the villain's head.

Zeltrax, engaging Will, Vida, and Kendrix, swung his sword around, striking Vida in the middle and sending her flying into a nearby boulder. Nonplussed, Vida picked herself up and joined the battle once again, while Will used his Drive Slammer to knock Zeltrax in the sternum, then swung around the other direction, attempting to hit the cyborg across the back of the head, but Zeltrax ducked the blow. Vida used her Magi Staff in wand mode to create a gust of wind strong enough launch a volley of boulders at Zeltrax, who used his sword to block the boulders and knock them away. Kendrix took advantage of his preoccupation to launch her Zeo Disc at him, effectively slicing him in half. The cyborg sparked as he fell, and exploded once he hit the ground.

Kamdor and Miratrix attacked Ronny, Belle, Karone and Sydney. The four rangers were using their respective sidearms in saber modes to block and parry the thrusts of Kamdor and Miratrix's weapons. Suddenly Kamdor, in a moment when he found himself disengaged, let forth a volley of explosions behind the ranger women, who jumped up and flipped backwards to avoid being hit.

"Drive Claws!" Ronny called, bringing forth her weapons. She used them to scoop at some boulder rubble and throw it at the two ninjas. Karone used her Transdaggers in beta bow form to send a series of flaming arrows at the villains. Kamdor and Miratrix flipped out of the line of fire, however, avoiding the Overdrive and Galaxy Rangers' attacks and responded by sending another shower of explosions to the ladies. Belle and Sydney, jumping sideways so as not to be hit, switched their Deltamax Enforcers from saber mode to pistol mode so they could return fire. The ninjas were thrown back with the force of the shots and landed face-first near Flurious.

Cassie, Rose, and Kapri flipped through the blasts Moltor was sending their way.

"Drive Geiser!" Rose summoned her weapon, firing concentrated blasts of water towards the overheated lizard, causing him to stumble backwards. He regained his footing, however, and redoubled his attack, kicking at Kapri. The trainee ninja ranger, however, would have none of that, blocked his kicks and pulled out her laser blaster, returning fire. This allowed Cassie to pull out her Satellite Stunner and send Moltor flying backwards amid all the sparks flying around him.

The rangers regrouped, facing the battered lineup of evil entities – minus Zeltrax, who had been destroyed by Kendrix. They each pulled out their respective sidearms and opened fire, causing massive explosions behind their foes.

"Power Rangers forever!" they shouted in unison.

"Come on, Miratrix; we've got jewels to find!" announced Kamdor in a huff.

"Not if I find them first!" retorted Moltor.

"Fat chance, Lizard Lips!" chimed in Flurious, who disappeared in a swirl of snow and ice. One by one, the other villains followed suit, until there was only Thrax remaining.

"You Power Punks haven't seen the last of me!" he warned before disappearing himself.

"Now that's what I call Ranger Power!" Mack exclaimed, holding his hand out to Kimberly.

"You got that right!" the Pink Ranger responded, laughing as she clasped his hand.

Later, back at the Hartford mansion, the rangers – old and new alike – were chatting about their respective adventures when Kimberly heard her cell phone chiming.

"Sorry, guys, I gotta go," she announced sheepishly, shutting off the offending device.

"Yeah, us too," added Jen, Kendrix and Dana.

"So soon?" Rose inquired. "There was so much we wanted to talk to you guys about!"

"Yeah, you can stay for awhile, can't you Kimberly?" Andrew looked hopeful.

"You can reach us anytime you need us," Kimberly explained. "And the other pink rangers can stay for a little bit if they would like, but the three of us have doctor appointments tonight."

"Doctor's appointments? Oh my God Kimberly, is everything alright?" Andrew demanded.

"Oh, are you guys finding out the genders of your babies tonight?" Cassie asked excitedly.

The four ladies glanced at each other and laughed. "Yeah," admitted Dana. "Well, at least we're gonna try. They won't be able to tell us for sure until at least sixteen weeks, and we're only at fifteen right now, but there's a small possibility we may be able to tell the genders. And Kim also has an appointment with Dr. Rocca."

The pink rangers nodded solemnly. "Good luck, Kimberly," her mother stated, reaching out to wrap her daughter in her arms. "We'll all be praying."

"Of course we will!" added Julia Scott and Mei Kwan, also wrapping the younger woman in their arms.

"Thanks, moms," Kim giggled nervously, nodding at the other three. "Let's go ladies," she stated as they teleported back to her bungalow in Baltimore.

"She's pregnant?" Mack asked incredulously. "She looks smaller than she was the last time she was here, doesn't she Dad?"

"She does," Andrew acknowledged quietly as he excused himself and left the room.

"Looks like he's not as over Kimberly as she says he is," Kapri commented, not noticing the dumbfounded looks her teammates were giving her.

Kimberly, Dana, Jen, and Kendrix rematerialized inside Kimberly's bungalow just as Trini did. Kim grabbed her keys from the coffee table and the five ladies headed out to their appointments.

"Hi, Melissa," Kim greeted the receptionist, who looked as if she was just getting ready to leave.

"Well, good evening, Dr. Cranston, Miss Scotts, Dr. Mitchell, Miss Morgan, Miss Kwan," Melissa responded brightly. "Do you all have appointments with Dr. Chan tonight?"

"Yes," the five rangers announced simultaneously. Kim explained the situation, and the receptionist nodded her understanding as she checked everyone in. As the ladies were seating themselves, the door chimed someone entering. Kim looked up and shrieked. Walking towards her were Tommy and Billy, followed by Jason, Adam, and Wes.

"Don't you guys have…work…to do?" Trini demanded, after proper greetings had been completed.

"You didn't think you could have ultrasounds done without us there, did you?" Jason responded, squeezing Dana around the shoulders.

"Don't worry," Adam added, seeing the look in Kim's eyes. "We all got our assignments completed.

"How is Stephanie?" Kim asked her friend.

"She did great!" Adam responded enthusiastically. "I paired her up with Xander and she did really well."

"Kimberly?" called Dr. Chan's medical assistant, Heather. Kim and Tommy followed her back and Heather got Kim's weight, took a urine sample, and took her blood pressure taken before wishing the pair a good evening and leaving the room. Kim took advantage of the few minutes she had before the doctor was to come in and adjusted herself on the exam table, reworking her wraparound blouse and her skirt to reveal the slightest bulge in her tummy. Tommy grinned, looking at the evidence of his child growing.

Just then, Dr. Chan bustled in. A small woman, she nonetheless exuded confidence every time Kimberly had been in to see her.

"Good evening, Kimberly," she greeted, sitting down and glancing through Kim's chart. "Everything looks good on your chart, except you are not where I would like you to be with your weight," the gynecologist chided good-naturedly. "Your fiancé needs to work on fattening you up a little."

"Oh believe me, I try," Tommy defended. "There isn't anything I haven't attempted to get her to eat."

"Well, let's see your baby, shall we?" the doctor asked, grabbing her ultrasound probe and squeezing some gel on it. She placed the tip of the probe directly over Kimberly's bump and moved it around until an image popped on the screen. Kimberly stared at the image of her child, then gasped.

"Is that…what I think it is?" Kimberly asked, pointing at a portion of the image.

Dr. Chan scrutinized the screen, zoomed in then out again, and burst out laughing.

"No, I don't think it is," she explained. She adjusted her probe on Kimberly's stomach to be below the baby bump, and pointed it up towards her sternum. What now showed on the screen caused both Kimberly and Tommy to do double takes.

There were two heads, four arms, and four legs. "Kimberly, didn't you mention that Trini's fiancé is your twin brother?" Dr. Chan asked nonchalantly.

Kim and Tommy nodded dumbly. "Her mother is a twin, as well," Tommy responded, a smile growing wide on his face. Quickly, he leaned down and planted a kiss on Kim's grinning lips. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Kim replied. "Do we know what they are yet?" she turned her attention to the doctor.

"Well, let's see," Dr. Chan responded, moving the probe over Kim's belly and taking a series of images in the process. "The babies are curled up, facing each other, which is making it difficult to see things," she explained, pressing the probe into Kim's belly. "If we can get them to wake up and move a little bit, we might be able to take a peek." Deciding that just pressing the probe wasn't enough, Dr. Chan began bouncing the instrument rapidly.

"Ah!" Kim shrieked, startled by the sudden sharp movements.

"Sorry," Dr. Chan responded sheepishly. "But the jostling may just wake them up."

Sure enough, one of the babies yawned and stretched out, which caused the other one to turn around and do the same. Quickly, Dr. Chan froze both images and saved them, before pointing out what Kim and Tommy wanted to know.

"Well Kimberly, everything looks good. Very good, in fact," Dr. Rocca observed, studying her chart. "You are finally beginning to gain some weight, which is good for your pregnancy, and your cancer cells are not increasing. However, they are also not decreasing, which is slightly problematic."

"How do you mean? If they aren't increasing and they aren't decreasing, then doesn't that mean that the tea is doing exactly what you told me it would?" Kim demanded.

"Well, yes. However, your pregnancy is taking away all of your energy at this time. And whatever healthy white cells you have are going directly toward protecting your baby."

"So there is the probability that things will not remain at this equilibrium," Kim concluded dully. "Especially given that I'm carrying twins."

"Really? That's wonderful! Congratulations!" Dr. Rocca responded warmly. Then, more seriously, "But yes, adding another fetus will decrease the defense to your own body."

"So then what are my options?" Kim inquired. "If radiation and chemo are out, and you don't want to do the tea anymore, what's left?"

"Well, actually I have been doing some research on that very thing. Many facilities in Asia have had great success in treating Leukemia with holistic medicine," the oncologist replied.

"You mean treating the mind and body as well as the disease?"

Dr. Rocca nodded. "Absolutely. In their culture, the disease is actually part of the body so they find little use in simply treating the disease. They believe that a balance between mind and body will lead naturally to a healing of illness. To this end, I have prescribed a schedule of exercise to be followed as well as a diet. I know you already do both of those, but humor me. I don't mean strenuous exercise such as gymnastics or martial arts, either," he added sardonically.

"Rather, I'd encourage you to take up yoga or pilates. Something that will keep you toned and limber but will not tax you. Eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, olives, and nuts are all good to have, although keep the salmon limited to about five ounces a week. Also, I am sending a referral to Dr. Melody Hawkins, a therapist here in the hospital."

"A- a shrink?" Kim asked skeptically. "I don't know if I'm comfortable-"

"You need to keep your mind healthy, Kim. A therapist does not need to be associated with curing crazy people. Sometimes, they are there simply to listen to you, as an impartial observer, so to speak."

At Kim's nod of acquiescence, Dr. Rocca continued. "And there are some things you can do at home to keep yourself in harmony. Painting and cooking are both excellent forms of stress therapy. Take up pottery, or read a book.

"Bottom line, slow down your pace a little. I know you are still working for your lab from Baltimore; call up your boss and let him know that you are taking a sabbatical. In order to get better, you need to focus on you and not everyone else around you.

"Finally, I am going to keep you on the herbs, but I am going to add in some mistletoe, which is a popular treatment in Germany for nausea, and very fitting with this time of year, I think."

Kim giggled. "Very fitting, indeed," she replied. "Anything else?"

"One more thing," Dr. Rocca nodded. "I am going to schedule a bone marrow transplant for one month from today. Your brother can be the donor; his marrow is a close match. If, as I suspect, the holistic regimen does its job, then your body will be ready to fight the cancer cells inside of it. Some healthy marrow will aid in that fight. We are no longer going to try to hold off the spread of your cancer; we're going to fight it. If we succeed, there is a good chance that you will give birth in five months completely cancer-free. Are you up for the challenge?"

"You bet!" Kimberly agreed enthusiastically.

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