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Chapter Six

No sound woke him, but Dean jerked upright from where his head lay against Sam's arm. The moon had set but the dim light from the hall was reflected in Sam's eyes.

"Hey." Sam whispered and then choked.

Dean poured some water into a cup and angled the straw for Sam.

After two swallows, his head fell back. "What happened? Is she gone?"

"You were struck by lightning. She is toast. I need to go back and fill in the grave though. I hope the realtor doesn't spot that hole. No one's come to ask any questions so I guess there will be no grave desecration charges for me here."

"How can I be alive? All the others died."

"I don't know. Maybe 'cause you're a freak? Maybe 'cause it wasn't the right day? Who knows?" It dawned on Dean that they were having a conversation. The doctor had warned that Sam might not have much cognitive function at all. Once again, his brother had beaten the odds. He felt his face practically split in two with a smile.


Collapsed against his pillow, Sam was exhausted. He'd spent most of his day with a neuropsychologist who administered a bunch of tests for memory, IQ, and organizational ability. Now the brothers waited for the results. Sam didn't feel any deficit, but some of his answers were guarded due to the Winchesters' checkered past. Some omissions were made that could not be covered by lies. He knew Dean felt guilty but nothing he was able to say helped. Dean just brushed off Sam's apologies and attempts at deep conversation. Sam knew he'd been given a reprieve somehow and he needed to learn why he'd been spared. He'd survived too many close calls for him to ignore another.

Dean had actually left him alone last night. Sam had worked all afternoon to convince him to go get cleaned up and get some rest. What Sam had really wanted was some time to himself. He was terrified about what the test results might show. He helped Dean best by doing their research and if he couldn't even do that, how could they continue hunting together? He had spent most of the night staring at the wall hoping for the best. He needed to help his brother, not be a burden to him.

Dean came back the next morning looking much better. A good night's rest coupled with a shower, shave, and clean clothes had improved his whole outlook once it seemed Sam was out of the woods. He had not wanted to leave the hospital but Sam had been insistent. After years of dealing with his baby brother, Dean recognized the signals that told him Sam needed time to think. Sam seemed better now and all they needed were the results and they were out of there. He kept bouncing around the room. If he had to face Sam, he knew his brother would try to draw him out in conversation. He just thanked whoever was listening that he had Sam, whole, and a monster pain in the ass once again.

Both looked up as Dr. Boetto entered the room reading a chart. "I don't know how to explain this," he began looking confused.

"Explain what?" Fear crept around Dean's heart again.

"There seems to be no impairment at all. From what you've told us about Sam here before the accident, nothing had changed. That's not normal."

"But I'm okay?" Sam was confused. The doctor actually seemed upset that he'd suffered no ill effects.

"You seem to be. But. For the next year, you need to get checked every month with an EKG. Your heart might have sustained some damage that will show up later." He turned to Dean. "If you notice any behavior changes that are drastic or unusual, you might need to get him to a hospital immediately." He blithely ignored Sam's glare as he faced him. "Chances are that your brother will notice changes before you will. That's to be expected."

"Sam is a bundle of behavior changes so I'm not sure if I'll see a difference. Right Samantha?" Dean covered up his fear with jokes as usual. The idea that Sam could be affected later when it seemed he'd escaped completely scared him. He listened to more last minute instructions and collected the prescriptions.

Sam had pulled out his clothes from the plastic bag and was trying to get dressed when something small slipped out and fell to the ground. It was the gold chain. The medal was a melted lump. When he pulled on his shirt, he noticed that the burn hole was where the chain had rested against his neck.


They finished out the week in the motel. Sam searched local records until he found what he was looking for. Dean drove them. It was an overgrown cemetery with a small plot set aside for the Cleeves family. One small stone rested in the corner. Diligence Cleeves. Granddaughter of Redeemed. Diligence had died young from a fever.

Digging a hole in the turf, Sam placed the chain with the melted medal inside and patted the dirt back down. "I hope you both find peace." He cocked his head to one side, listening for giggles that didn't come. His lips lifting into a smile, he rose and turned towards the car. Dean still had a hard time believing Sam's story but the proof was standing beside him, whole and complete. "Thank you," he whispered to the air. "You saved both our lives." He joined his brother.

A/N: Giles Corey died by pressing at the Salem Witch Trials. One of his wives had an illegitimate mulatto daughter but I found no name hence her story is of my own imagination. Also, I had a friend who was struck by lightning at Pennsic War. She was the reigning queen at the time for my kingdom, the Outlands, within the SCA. The doctors believed she was spared damage due to the gold plated crown on her head. Faye's request sparked (pun intended) the connection, hence this story. I hope you all enjoyed it. Please let me know what you thought.