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Exams are the devil. No, really they freaking suck. Naruto slumped on his desk miserably. He really didn't want to think about how bad he was going to do on his exams. It wasn't that he wasn't smart or that he didn't have passing (barely) grades. He just always got sucky grades on tests and always had to retake them, but he couldn't do that with the Exams. He turned his head to watch his long time friend, Gaara. Gaara was the only one not semi-unconscious on his desk, but he didn't look like he was paying attention either. He must have noticed his stare because he snapped his head around abruptly. He didn't smile when Naruto grinned and waved but his hard glare softened a bit. Not that he had to. Naruto knew that he was the closest person in the world to Gaara. That's not to say that they were buddy-buddy lets goof off get drunk and be retarded. Their "bonding time" was spent sitting or lying in on of their rooms in silence or speaking quietly to each other.

This was a feat as Naruto didn't do anything quiet or calm unless he was with Gaara, Gaara didn't say anything or stop glaring unless he was with Naruto. But that was something they treasured, the fact that Naruto could only open up to Gaara and Gaara could only open up to Naruto. The two felt a connection to each other sprung from the mutual pain that they felt. This connection allowed them to reach out to another human being for the first time in their lives. For Gaara quite literally. Gaara didn't not touch anyone except Naruto. He would let Naruto hug him snuggle up to him and he allowed himself to initiate this touch by brushing a hand over Naruto's or against his whiskered cheek.

Both Gaara and Naruto had nasty pasts and hard lives. Gaara's father was abusive and the older boys in the "group home" (ORPHANAGEcough sneeze) where Naruto used to live used to abuse him too. They shared the same secret of abuse but had handled it very differently. Gaara feared touch and Naruto craved it.

At first this had presented a problem. Naruto would want t hug Gaara or lean on him and Gaara would shove him away, but Naruto was persistent and eventually Gaara had come to enjoy Naruto's touch.

The first time Gaara had ever initiated any full out contact they had been six. Iruka, his foster father at the time, had allowed Gaara to sleep over. Things had been going great! They had fun, watched T.V., stayed up late, but shortly after they went to bed Naruto had a nightmare. Gaara was never told exactly what the dream had been about but he could guess. That night Gaara had woken up to Naruto crying curled up in a ball right after the dream. He had jumped up right away but stopped before actually helping. He took a step forward and tried to ignore the voice in his head that told him to leave him alone or worse run away. He made his way over to Naruto's side and put his arms around him.

"Naru? Naru are you okay?"

"I don't wanna go back. I don't wanna!" Naruto whimpered and Gaara felt something he never had before, his heart twinged in a painful way and when Naruto cried harder it hurt again worse.

Naruto smiled in his mind, lost in thought, before feeling a poke. Ow! poke What the hell!? poke

Naruto blinked himself out of his stupor to see Gaara preparing to poke him in the head.

"Class is over, Naru." Naruto smiled sheepishly.

"Heh Heh guess I got lost in my own mind. Ready to go home?" His red headed companion simply nodded. The class room was empty except for them meaning Gaara was being personable, talking about what he missed in class, which classes he would be exempting etc. Naruto nodded and smiled but had no comments of his own. Gaara knew that was a sure fire way to tell something was wrong.


"Hmm?" Naruto zipped up his back pack and slung on to his back. "What is it, Gaara?"

"Is there something wrong, Naru? You're too quiet." The blonde stopped on his way to the door. "Naru-"

"Gaara, I didn't want you to worry, but if I don't pass these exams they're going to take me out of Iruka's care."

Gaara's glare solidified. "No." he said, as if it wasn't an option. His friends blue eyes clouded for a moment. "I don't want to go backā€¦" His eyes suddenly changed. "But there's no way I am going back, because I am Naruto Uzumaki!" He took a step out towards the door. Gaara's hand snapped out and grabbed his wrist. He pulled Naruto to him. It wasn't really a hug. No one's arms were wrapped around anyone. But Gaara's hand held him in place and Naruto's head on his shoulder was probably the most contact he could stand while at school.

While Naruto buried his head in the crook of Gaara's neck the red head spoke. "I won't let you go back." He spoke it as a threat to anyone who would dare to take his Naruto away from him. Naruto shivered at the strong tone and pressed closer.

Iruka stopped in to Naruto's sixth period class impatiently to see why the boys hadn't met him at the car yet. He caught a glimpse of the boys' embrace and turned around. He would go back to the car and wait. He was willing to give them all the time they needed.

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I wrote this right before exams and after each one i took! ITs like 20 pieces of note book paper front and back so far and I plan to write more!