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Naruto groaned loudly in his first period Geometry class. He hadn't wanted winter break to end or for Gaara to go back to his dad's. It always sucked when he and Gaara had to part company. Gaara had stayed for as long as he possibly could, even so, they hadn't been able to say good-bye without at least a dozen more lingering hugs.

Iruka had pleasantly surprised the two by picking Gaara up and brining him to their house early in the morning so they could go to school together. Unfortunately, all the progress they seemed to have made over break had vanished the moment Gaara went back to his father's house.

During the break Gaara had had a gentle smile or a pleasantly content look on his face. Now the angry glare and hardened mask had returned even while around Naruto's family. He had let his guard down while he had felt safe, but that feeling of security had apparently not carried over into the New Year.

Naruto heaved a second sigh in the past two minutes. He hoped Gaara and he still had history and chemistry class together. He didn't think he could stand six hours surrounded by these morons with no salvation. Not that he could really talk, he was just as bad as his classmates were when it came to attentiveness in class, but he wasn't anorexic, stoned out of his brain, or hopelessly emo.

He vacated the classroom as soon as he was allowed. The next class on his schedule was a literary class that he was pretty excited about. He actually liked books; even all those terrible English journals he was forced to do for class were fairly interesting.

Room 233 was cozy and smelled faintly like tea and coffee. A row of musty dictionaries filled a small bookcase in the corner of the room and several large stacks of required class reading material were stacked beneath the windows.

Shikamaru had plopped himself in the chair closest to the door, as was his habit, because he as too lazy to walk any farther into the room then he had to.

"Nyaaa! Shika! I didn't know you had this class too!" Naruto glomped his friend as soon as he walked through the door.

"Ooof. Good morning, Naruto, missed you too" Shika hadn't budged and his voice was completely monotone but he had this smirk on his face that showed his affection well enough.

Across the room a certain moody redhead gave a huff in amusement as he watched his boyfriend attack their mutual friend with the warmest smile he had seen all day. He rose from his seat in the far back corner of the room and moved to a spot nearer to the door stating coolly as he slid into his seat "Should I be feeling jealous, Naruto?" It was such a tiny teasing guilt trip but he knew Naruto would spazz.

"Eh? GAARA!" the bewhiskered blonde detached himself from Shikamaru and flew over to Gaara's chair and enveloped the red head into another glomp. As what Gaara said sank in he exclaimed "Oh no Gaara! I was just happy to see Shikamaru in this class. Besides Shikamaru's a great friend but you're the only one for me, Gaa-chan, don't you worry." He nuzzled Gaara's hair slightly, a bit too happy to have Gaara in class with him, but taking full advantage of the opportunity to bask in the presence of his best friend/ boyfriend "I didn't even know you had this class this semester!"

Gaara shrugged "Neither did I they just put this class in my schedule as filler. I was planning on changing it, but now I guess I won't."

Naruto beamed and plopped down in the desk in front of Gaara and reached forward to play with the hem of Gaara's sleeve. "This is great! My two best friends in the best class I've got all semester!" he said as he twirled a loose thread over Gaara's wrist. Shikamaru huffed his agreement and Gaara smirked slightly, but as more kids filed in Gaara made a gruff noise that meant he wanted Naruto let go of him. Naruto smirked and retracted his hand, breaking contact with Gaara. He gave one more sweet smile to his red head then faced forward. Gaara opened his bag and pulled out his planner and a notebook incase he had to write anything down when class started. He normally despised sitting so close to the teacher unless there was a seating chart, but for Naru he would put up with it.

He felt his glare harden as he thought back to winter break. Winter break had been heaven, almost constant reassuring contact with his blonde ball of sunshine. Now he couldn't focus on anything. He was constantly on guard and hyper aware of what was going on around him, senses tingling as if he were under constant threat; the way it had been before he had spent break with Naruto. When he was with him he felt as if he were miles away from his father or anyone else's scrutiny; he was safe and warm and, more importantly, he was happy. He gave wistful sort of snort that to anyone else sounded like he was annoyed at something.

As he thought, a piece of paper had been slipped on to his desk. It was folded in the unnecessarily complicated way that girls fold their notes in class, but the messy scrawling chicken scratch proved that it was from the boy in front of him.

So…wanna go on a date?

Gaara blinked and stared at it for a long moment half wondering who wrote it. Surely his shy little Naru-chan would have beat around the bush for at least ten minutes before asking him so openly to go on a date. But there were chibis of Naruto and himself holding hands and brilliantly happy faces. He felt his lips quirk at the sight, definitely Naru-chan, juvenile, but cute.

Of course, Naru, where do you want to go?

He folded the note into a simple square and slipped it back to the blonde before starting on his lecture notes again. He made sure to write down the class supply list because he was sure Naruto wasn't paying enough attention to remember. Sooner than later the note was back, still in its simple square.

I don't care. Anywhere I can kiss you.

Such confidence! He wouldn't be so bold in a normal conversation. He would be an adorable, mumbling blushing fool. Gaara almost mourned the chance to see the blonde in such a vulnerable but honest state. Pity. He loved watching his Naru-chan squirm.

I can kiss you at home as much as you want. We don't have to go out.

The note was back even quicker than the first time.

But I want to go out and kiss you!

Gaara inwardly smiled. He'd known that, but he just wanted to make Naruto say it again.

Alright then. You, me, Ichiraku's, some ice cream and a movie.

His internal smile reached his face as he saw Naruto giddily bounce in his chair as he read the note. He immediately began thinking of a movie that was bad enough that there would be no one in the theater to bother him or his blonde.

Gaara received the note back one more time.

YAY! I want to see Happily Never After! If we go right afterschool there won't be anyone in there.

Naruto turned around half way in his seat to smile and to receive and acknowledgement about their date. Gaara nodded and leaned back in his seat. While he admired Naruto's happy smile, he thought that perhaps being back in school wouldn't be as terrible as he thought.

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