Prologue: what's happened so far

Hello, I'm Kiri-chan (call me Fen)! If you enjoyed the first part of my tale, which is called the Tale of Norse Deities, then I hope you'll enjoy the next leg of my journey! To those who haven't read the first part, here's an easy-to-understand summary!

In the beginning I was originally with my parents, Sakura Elric and Kumo (Makenshi). My parents were about to take me to a family reunion when I was suddenly sucked up by a bizarre whirlwind! I was thrown into a world where the gods and goddesses from Norse mythology lived! Loki, the dark god of Mischief, Tricks and Flame, found me and took me back to Asgard, the world of the Gods. I was reborn into this amazing world, and was renamed Lunartimus, (Later I became Fenra, or Fen for short.)

After an incident with Odin, who rules all the gods and goddesses, I left Asgard and stayed with my two brothers, Fenrir and Migardsomr. I came back many years later and stirred things up quite a bit with the help of my boyfriend, Heimdall. I did have some trouble because my 'father', Loki, didn't even recognize me! We dueled and I eventually won.

After the confrontation, Loki finally revealed the truth of my origins, and so my two older brothers, Heimdall and I went in search of my real parents. We had some difficulty with the Dimensional Gateway, but I eventually managed to get it open. The first world we came to had some amazing sights, as well as quite a few odd characters! We left the world traveling with five others named, Syaoran, Sakura, Fai D. Flowright, Kurogane and Mokona.

Now is when things start getting really weird. The first world we came to, called the Hashiin Republic, ended up being the only world we'd visit with our new friends. After we were attacked, a new Dimensional Gateway appeared out of nowhere; Heimdall, Fenrir and I were sucked in! This new dimension, which we later found out where we were, had an interesting and dangerous test known as "The Hunter Exam". Fenrir went back to our home world, while Heimdall stayed with me. I decided to take the Hunter Exam along with two others named Gon and Leorio.

Right now I'm following Gon's example; I'm fishing over the side of the ship. Leorio, an annoying man with glasses, made a foolish mistake by insulting Heimdall, who was disguised as a Hawk. Heimdall retaliated by dive-bombing him, and many of us got a good laugh out of it.

Well, that about covers what's happened to me so far. But what exactly is the Hunter Exam? And what surprises are in store for me and my friends?

(For the fans of Hunter x Hunter, don't get mad about the fact that I added this even though none of the main characters are actually from the anime/manga! I liked the show enough that I threw my own characters into the main storyline! I hope you enjoy the fanfic. If you get confused about Fen and Heimdall, read the first part title the Tale of Norse Deities. It's not in the HxH category, but it might clear a few things up about the two!)