"Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock," Laharl hummed as he began to move around the Inn, going for the hot springs. "Jingle bells swing and Jingle bells ring… snowing and blowing up bushels for fun… now the jingle hop has begun…"

Keitaro smiled as he watched Laharl continue singing. For some reason, he was high in the Christmas spirits, as he claimed to be a raised Christian. Odd, for a demon hybrid to be a born in a Christian family.

"Come on, Keitaro, sing along," Laharl smirked at him. "Oh what a bright time… it's the right time…" he then began to move his hips in a way that Keitaro chuckled, "To rock the night away." He then posed. "Jingle bell time, is a swell time…" another pose, "To go riding in a one horse sleigh…"

Stripping down, the two men of Hinata-sou went grabbed towels and went towards the hot springs while Laharl still sung the song. He ended with a nice "Roooooocckkkk…" then did an air drum solo, before bowing. "Thank you! Thank you! See you next week, or tomorrow! Just call me when you're free!" and he quieted when he sank in the warm waters.

Keitaro smiled, and let himself down, and both men relaxed as the warm waters soothed them. "You seem happy, Laharl," Keitaro declared looking up.

"Well, since people seem to love Christmas so much, it became a rather good way for heaven and hell to settle down, relax, and have a good time," Laharl shrugged. "How are you spending your holidays, Keitaro?"

"I… have a date later tonight," Keitaro whispered a bit. "Mu-chan is at Tokyo for today, and she and I are having an early Christmas dinner." After a moment, he looked at Laharl, and asked, "How about you?"

"I have to go shopping, buy a few presents, and visit some friends…" Laharl momentarily thought about something, and then asked, "Hey… whatcha give to the supreme ruler of hell?"

Keitaro blinked. "I have no earthly idea."

"I was tempted to give her a a sex toy, but she'll prolly just turn that around and use it against me." Both Laharl and Keitaro chocked at the idea. "Okay, maybe not literally, but, yeah, whatever," Laharl frowned.

"What does she want?" Keitaro asked.

"She gave me a letter once, telling me she wants to corrupt me for Christmas," Laharl rolled his eyes. "She sends that every year, so I don't take it seriously anymore." Suddenly, a bright idea came to his mind. "You know… I think I finally got it."

Keitaro smiled. "I don't want to know."

The Demon Eyes Laharl Christmas Special 2006

Manager's Room

15 minutes later…

Kitsune entered the manager's room with a small smile on her face. Keitaro was seemingly dressing up with a very handsome tuxedo that fitted his form nicely. "Where are you going handsome?" Kitsune asked.

"Dinner," Keitaro gave her a wry smile. "With some clients and family. Lawyer stuff," he gave a sigh. "Well, at least it's something before Christmas, eh?"

Her arms slowly ensnared Keitaro's chest, and she slowly put her chest on his back. Purring a bit, she whispered, "Kei-chan, can I ask you for a favor?"

Keitaro looked at her, and nodded. "Sure. What do you need, luv?"

Kitsune smiled, and said, "Kei-chan… are you free tomorrow evening?"

Keitaro paused a bit, and adjusted his cuffs. His eyes were narrowed, contemplating. "Well… other than the Christmas party here at Hinata-sou, I'm free." He looked at her. "Why?"

"I was hoping you'd have a late date with me," Kitsune smiled, and then winked. "Late night Kitsune special, all the way."

Keitaro laughed. Nodding, he said, "Alright. I'll make free time for my special tenant. What time will our date be luv?"

"After dinner," Kitsune smiled. "Thanks Kei-chan, you're the best," she said, and kissed him on the cheek. Keitaro smiled, and watched Kitsune go towards her room. After a moment, he looked at his phone, and read the time.

4:46 PM. Reservations were at 7:00 PM. Without much pause, he put on his coat, and checked everything he had. Now that he had everything, he went towards Su's room, and made sure no one was behind him before he pressed the button to access her lab.

The elevator came, and opened up for him. Pressing the button to go down, Keitaro briefly checked his PDA on his list for Christmas.

He had Mutsumi's gift. He also got one for his tenants, Naru, Motoko, Shinobu, and Su. Kitsune's gift, he'd probably bring it with him on their date tomorrow. He checked once again where he was supposed to meet Mutsumi, and when the elevator brought him to Su's lab, he went straight for the garage.

Grabbing his keys, he pressed the button of his remote lock system to open his Aston Martin DB9-S. He was glad Su was able to fix it before Christmas; how presentable would he be if he took out one of his best friends on a date commuting all the way? He'd never forgive himself for doing that to her.

Opening the garage doors, he opted to go to one of the interconnecting tunnels of the U Agency, and started his engine. The CD Laharl gave to him was still playing, and he began to hum along with the song before he shifted to first gear, and exited the garage.

Tokyo Hotel

An hour later…

Mutsumi smiled as she secured her dress. It was a white frilly dress that had a few belts and straps that fitted her form, and put emphasis on her curves. Securing the last button, her feet then went towards the white high heel shoes that came along with the dress. Standing up, completely dressed, she turned around, and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled, and went towards the table, and grabbed some make up.

She tried to keep it minimal. After all, she was already beautiful without much make-up, so she just tried to accent some spots. Some eyeliner, mascara… but it was the lipstick that was rather rich. Very pronounced red color, she dabbed it lightly on her lips, and smacked them when she finished. Grabbing some perfume, she sprayed herself lightly, and then she stood in front of the mirror again to see.

Her hair was flowing freely behind her. She tried to fix her bangs a bit, but then, Kei-kun didn't seem to mind them too much on the time they spent on Okinawa, so she didn't bother too much with it. She smelled her hair though, and was satisfied.

A small knock on the room, and Mutsumi took a moment before she looked through the peephole, and opened the door. Outside, Keitaro smiled at her. "Wow… you look beautiful, Mu-chan."

"Thank you, Kei-kun," she giggled. She noticed that he was holding a bouquet of flowers. "For me?"

"Lovely flowers, for a lovely lady," Keitaro replied smoothly. Then, he bowed, and offered his arm, he smiling at her disarmingly. "May I take the fair lady out for dinner?"

Mutsumi smiled, and grabbed his arm with hers, and clinched together. "Where sir, are we going to have our fill?" she asked, smiling not leaving her face.

"I had reserved us a nice place," Keitaro smiled. "Laharl mentioned it once, and I found it quite welcoming. The ambiance is amazing, and food is very decent."

Mutsumi giggled a bit, and then kissed Keitaro on his cheek. "Shall we go then?"

"If my lady pleases," Keitaro and Mutsumi then walked towards the elevator. They entered, alone, and when Keitaro pressed the button for the ground floor, Mutsumi suddenly dove her lips on his.

She didn't need to worry too much about her lipstick for she knew it wasn't the type that smeared easily. Keitaro welcomed her lips, and his arms slowly embraced her hips, as their tongues clashed with intensity. She lifted her legs and circled around his, slowly moving up and down.

Then as fast as it came, she ended it by separating herself from him. She smiled and winked at Keitaro who looked slightly flustered with her earlier actions. "Now now, Kie-kun… we have a lot of time for that later," she said with a small whisper in his ear.

Keitaro licked her neck, which got her to shiver. She was about to kiss him again when he separated himself from her. "Now, now, Mu-chan… there will be a lot of time for that later."

"You love teasing me, don't you Kei-kun?" Mutsumi asked.

"As much as you to me, Mu-chan," Keitaro replied with a smile.

The elevator arrived in the ground floor, and Keitaro once again offered his arm to Mutsumi. Taking it, both walked towards the front of the hotel, where Keitaro gave his ticket to the valet in charge. A few moments later, his DB9-S arrived, much to Mutsumi's surprise.

"Like it, Mu-chan?" Keitaro asked with a smile.

"Is this what your grandmother gave you for getting back the Stone of Dreams, Kei-kun?" Mutsumi asked.

"Yes… though Su had to fix it after I totaled it," Keitaro said with a sheepish smile. Opening the passenger side door, Mutsumi walked in, and entered the car. Closing the door after her, Keitaro gave some money towards the boy who brought his car back to him, and went to the driver's side. Entering the car, closed the door, and then locked them.

Without another word, Keitaro drove towards the restaurant.

Kyoto, Shinmei Ryu Dojo

The same moment…

Tsuruko was kneeling down on the grounds, her eyes opening as she felt an energy signature approaching. Standing up, she walked briskly towards the entrance, her sword on her side, her eyes narrowed. She hadn't felt this signature for quite a while now, and she briefly wondered why he'd have returned after all these times.

Their last encounter was still etched in her mind. His crimson blade crossing hers… she had thrown everything she could at him, and while she did draw first blood, he ultimately turned the tables around and beat her. It was her first loss and only since she received the title 'Master' of her school.

As she went to the gate entrance of the dojo, she noticed him seemingly waiting for her. Her face hardened, and taking steady steps, she walked towards him, her hand ready to unsheathe her sword.

When they were finally close enough, he looked at her, and smiled disarmingly. "Hello, Tsuruko-san… it's been a while."

"What do I owe the pleasure… Demon Eyes Laharl?" she said, pausing before saying his name.

"A holiday greeting, and a gift," the man said with a small smile. "May I be invited to your home, Tsuruko-san?"

She relaxed. Closing her eyes for a moment, she nodded. She waited until he was beside her when she started walking as well. For a moment, they stayed in silence, not looking at each other. But before long, Tsuruko had to break the deafening silence between them. "It's been a while… hasn't it?"

"Quite," Laharl replied softly. "You look well. I am guessing a married life has been treating you gently."

"Yes, fortunately, I had wed a good man," Tsuruko smiled at the image of her husband. "You have gotten your limb fixed, I see."

"It's not really fixed yet," Laharl showed her his left arm. "You did me good with that strike. It was the first time anyone actually ever got that close to killing me." He moved his arm a bit. "It isn't as good as my old arm… but… it's getting there."

The memory of his scream, the way his eyes suddenly turned murderous and demonic when her sword took his left arm off was still there, ever present in Tsuruko's mind. Her face at that time hadn't changed, but everything in her did. His blood was very toxic, on air or on her skin, it had almost the same strength, and it was one of the causes of her loss. Her cheeks flamed at the memory of the effects.

"You don't seem… upset," Tsuruko declared.


"Your arm," she replied, looking at Laharl.

"Should I be?" Laharl asked her evenly.

Tsuruko didn't know what to reply to that. She would be if she lost an arm, but she was human. This person she was walking with was a hybrid; half human, half demon, and she had to admit, she didn't know how truly different they are.

"I would be," she finally replied, studying Laharl on what his reply would be. "Not only for the arm, but also what I did to you."

"I'm not mad, Tsu-chan," Laharl replied, his tone changing a bit. He was now softly speaking to her, more of his normal tone in contrast with his formal one. "What happened then… it was all circumstances. Your family hasn't forgiven me for the crimes I committed on to them many years ago, and our earlier meeting before knowing who we were just made our fight even more personal."

Tsuruko had to nod. They met before she knew his name, and vice versa, and became friends, almost lovers at one moment in their lives. But when his name was known, so did the feeling of betrayal and being duped. She had thought their friendship was a fake, to make her weaker when she would inevitably face him. She broke their friendship, and probably his heart when they fought.

The image of him, bloody, eyes murderous looking at her, his crimson sword at his neck. She had given up her hope to get out alive when he parried her sword away. But his fatal strike never came. What she got was a few words, a tear, and the image of his back as he walked away.

Her thoughts were derailed when Laharl suddenly gave her a bag wrapped in bright red and green paper. Opening it, she saw different tea leaves in different packages. Looking at him, he gave her a rather small smile.

"Happy holidays, Tsuruko-san," he said with his formal tone. "I hope you still like tea. As you said, it's been a while since I visited, so, please forgive me if my gift is not to your tastes anymore."

"Thank you for the gift," Tsuruko said with a small smile, her eyes closed. Laharl seemed content with that, and was about to leave when she asked him, "Would you have tea with me?"

Laharl looked at her, and then gave a regretting smile. "I'm sorry, Tsuruko-san, but there are some things I need to do."

Tsuruko bit her lip a bit. She was silent as Laharl began to walk away from her, for a second, she contemplated on asking him the question that had been bothering her for some time… in the end, she did. "Why haven't you come back until now?" she asked.

Laharl stopped on his tracks, and looked at her. "I didn't want to give you any troubles." With that, he walked away from her.

Tsuruko held the gift he gave her, and watched Laharl as he left, and slowly, turned around, and walked away from him as well.

Tokyo, Restaurant

Keitaro and Mutsumi both raised their glasses, and hit them gently together. There was a small smile on her face as both drank their champagne. Their plates were clean except for some of the gravy and meat that Mutsumi had left.

Dinner was quite scrumptious and very delicious. Though it was more of sentimentality that got Keitaro and Mutsumi enjoying each other's company, as the only time they were together on a dinner date was when they were in Okinawa. Smiling, Keitaro grabbed something from his jacket pocket, and gave it to Mutsumi, who accepted it with a surprised smile.

"What is it Kei-kun?" Mutsumi asked, looking at the small gift-wrapped box.

"See it for yourself, Mu-chan," Keitaro smiled.

Without wasting any time, Mutsumi opened the gift, and gasped when she saw what was inside; a beautiful pair of earrings. The design would allow it to dangle from her ears, and at the ends, shining stones possibly made out of diamonds. Looking at them, she chanced a look at Keitaro, who nodded. She smiled, and quickly replaced her earrings. After she was done, she smiled at Keitaro sultry.

"Looks wonderful… you look wonderful," Keitaro said with a hint of blush on his cheeks as his lips and eyes smiled. Mutsumi had a proud grin.

Going back to the hotel, Mutsumi seemed to be more active than earlier, opening her window, increasing the volume of the radio and dancing or humming along with some tunes. Keitaro got into it after a while, and smiled as they stopped towards the hotel. Smiling slightly, Mutsumi then looked at Keitaro with that twinkle in her eyes.

"Kei-kun… come with me, so I can give you your Christmas gift," she said.

Keitaro smiled, and then nodded. Giving the keys to the valet, he followed Mutsumi as she slowly dragged her towards the elevator. She looked at him in his eyes, and he did the same to her, silently looking on, as if reading each other on what to do. When they arrived on her floor, they began to kiss gently as they exited and slowly went towards her room.

"We didn't talk much at dinner," Keitaro muttered as he kissed her neck.

"Should we have?" Mutsumi asked, her breathing getting ragged as she felt his lips.

"It's been some time since we saw each other," Keitaro then moved his hand on her back, and the other on her thigh. She groaned, and she moved her hands on his side, her leg slightly touching his.

"I've been…" she purred as his tongue tickled her neck gently. "Keeping tabs on you…"

"All good?" Keitaro asked as he slowly went towards her lips again.

"Some naughty," Mutsumi smirked. She closed her eyes as another shiver pass through her system. "Ara, Kei-kun… you've gotten better. I guess those rumors were right."

Keitaro felt a momentary nervous feeling pass him. "Are you mad, dear?"

Mutsumi inserted her card to the door without breaking her kiss with Keitaro. "Depends on how you will give it to me tonight…"

Opening the door, both continued to kiss, but now Mutsumi was slowly taking out Keitaro's jacket, while Keitaro removed the bow-tie he had been wearing, and unbuttoned the collar part of his shirt. After a moment, Mutsumi led him to a chair, where she got him to sit. Breaking out the kiss, she then winked at him, and whispered, ordering him to stay there until she said so.

Keitaro watched with increasing passion and lust as Mutsumi slowly strips. She had that wicked smile on Keitaro, watching his reactions as she sat in the bed, in front of him, and slowly removed her shoes with sensual emphasis on her legs. Good to his word, Keitaro just stayed there and watched, his smile never leaving her face.

Next, she stood up, and then slowly undid her dress. Little by little, she squeezed her perfectly shaped body out of her clothing, revealing her bare chest to Keitaro. Stepping out of her fallen dress, she then slowly removed her underwear, bending down in the end.

She smiled at him. Walking towards her bed, she grabbed a small wrapped gift and slowly sashayed her way to Keitaro, whose look intensified. After Mutsumi gave her gift to Keitaro, he opened it without delay, and was surprised when he saw what he had in his hand. A plastic mistletoe.

Without another word, she grabbed it, and slowly went to her bed, and then in a sultry manner, exposed herself to him. "Kei-kun… I think you know what to do now…" she slowly dangled the plastic mistletoe on a spot.

Keitaro smiled, stood up, and obliged. He promised to himself… he might spill anything in an interrogation, but there was no way he'll say to anyone the many places where she placed that mistletoe.

Next Day

Keitaro had spent the whole night with Mutsumi, and both woke up by late morning, almost noon. Instead of going out, Mutsumi opted for them to have a nice lunch in her room. Ordering some from room service, they entertained each other until there was lunch.

Nothing too drastic like last night, but they took it nice and easy. Maybe a little stabs of tongues here and there, but they kept themselves decently dressed. When their food came, they ate in the bed.

Since Mutsumi knows more or less what Keitaro's been up to (being an Otohime agent herself) Keitaro asked what she has been doing most of the time. She then gave a rather long, but un-detailed information about her stay in Okinawa. He didn't mind her not sharing information, as he was more than happy to stay with one of his promised girls that actually remember him. Besides, if she was hiding anything, Keitaro would think it was for his protection.

He knew how much info can make you more involved than what you'd anticipate. Like his last run with Laharl… it was pretty much the most bizarre adventure he had. From a vampire convent hidden in a bar to a succubi hideout in a red light district, he was just glad that his training paid off, and came out almost unscathed… well, his groin was, but still.

After lunch came the regrettable goodbye, Keitaro kissed Mutsumi one last time. She was going back to Okinawa after this, probably on her mission. He was glad she took some time to spend with him… ever since his stay at Hinata-sou as a faux manager, he only talked to her once, and that was on the phone.

Giving another tip, he took one last look at Mutsumi who waved at him. He smiled, and raised the watermelon she gave him. He loved the girl… she gave him two wonderful Christmas presents, one which will stay in his memory forever, and one which he'll probably eat this Christmas Eve.

Taking his DB9-S, he once again traveled towards Hinata-sou, and after an hour or so again, he arrived in his garage in the underground lab of Su. Taking a moment, Keitaro got off his car and made his way to the elevator.

Su wasn't on her lab, and probably busy testing the decorations she put. The last blew the fuse up, but it did create a sort of mini-nova in the city, much to everyone's amazement, except for the tenants who were temporarily blinded. She said she'd have that fixed, and everyone tried to pitch it. It was only when Motoko's hakama got caught in one of the wirings, and everything came down on her did everyone changed their minds, and left Su to her own devices.

Slowly exiting Su's room of forest, Keitaro made a bee-line straight to his room. Opening it, he spotted Kitsune, seemingly waiting for him. She had that small smirk, mock frown and anger in her face. "And where have you been?" she asked.

"Family," Keitaro smiled, lying smoothly. Approaching her, Keitaro gave her a gently kiss on the lips, which she didn't accept and intercepted his lips with hers. Her tongue was out, eagerly searching him, while Keitaro's fought like the resistance. She broke up before Keitaro could do anything else, and smiled at him.

"For later," she winked. Then without any waste of time, she exited the room.

Keitaro smiled, and shook his head. Mutsumi and Kitsune seemed to both tap in each other's spirits. They love to tease him.

Taking a moment, he dressed up to his normal clothes, and went towards the kitchen. Shinobu was there as well, cleaning the plates. When she saw him, she blushed again.

"Sempai… I left some food for you…" she greeted.

"Thank you Shinobu, but I already ate," Keitaro gave her a sad smile. "But I'll take my time to enjoy it later. You don't mind if I use the kitchen for a while?"

Shinobu shook her head. She wouldn't start cooking the Christmas Eve dinner until much later. "Sure, sempai."

"Thank you, Shinobu," Keitaro gave her a very heart shattering smile… well, for her eyes, that is. Her blush crept up to full force.

Now with permission, he grabbed flour, milk, and eggs, a bowl and whisk. He smiled as he grabbed the ingredients he bought yesterday morning. Well… even as a U-Agent, he never forgot how to bake like his father taught him.

Later that Night…

Seems Su did fix the lights, and even added some background music. Christmas music played around the house, and everyone seemed relaxed. Even Naru had minimized the venom she usually had when around Keitaro, and Motoko was more relaxed.

Shinobu once again amazed the house with her feast. Italian pasta using tuna instead of normal beef balls or minced meat, three perfectly roasted and juicy chicken. Even Motoko, who was more content with Japanese cooking had her fill with the aroma lingering in the air. Kitsune had her sake out, and asked who wanted to share.

Su jumped up in the idea, only to be shot down by Motoko. Naru took only one small cup, while Keitaro and Kitsune shared the bottle. Shinobu didn't seem to react with the sake, just content in looking at Keitaro as he complimented her cooking skills yet one again.

When everyone had their fill, it was time for the gift giving. Keitaro grabbed his gifts, and handed to them to the tenants one by one, wishing them happy holidays. He was also given gifts by the girls. And Su then gave extra gifts, claiming Laharl left them because he couldn't join them.

Naru opened Keitaro's gift, and looked at him balefully as she saw a practice test book for Toudai. She thanked him softly.

Su's eyes opened widely when she opened her banana flavored ice cream that Keitaro got from the freezer. She was even happier when Keitaro revealed to her of the chocolate cake he just baked earlier.

Shinobu was happy when she opened her gift. It was a nicely made blank diary made with scented paper. She smiled at Keitaro, who nodded. It seems he did remember her talking about having a need of another.

Motoko looked at her new sports underwear with a sort of dark face. She glared at Keitaro, who seemed to smile at her nervously. Without another word, she opened her other gifts.

Kitsune smiled as she saw reservation tickets for two in the new trendy bar for the new year. She gave a silent wink towards Keitaro.

Keitaro opened his gifts. He got a nice home made card from Shinobu along with a sketch book. He blinked. That was rather new. Naru gave him seemed to give him some sort of handkerchief. Well, it looked like one. Motoko gave him a piece of paper with a kanji sign on it, stating manager. She probably wrote it by herself.

Keitaro noted her impressive brushwork.

Su gave him a new PDA. He smiled. He hoped it wasn't buggy like most of her prototype inventions. And then came Kitsune's gift. It was a rather medium sized parcel but lightweight in size. Opening it, he spotted handcuffs, and a note. Taking the note, he read…

Bring it for later, handsome.

And there was a lipstick mark of her lips in the bottom. He chuckled. Going for Laharl's gifts, he opened a rather small sized box. In it contained 40 condoms. Of different varieties. His eyes narrowed.

It seems it wasn't only him that got an odd gift from Laharl. Naru shouted and threw away something that seemed long, erect and with a tip, and muttered about the Otaku (Laharl in his disguise) being a real pervert. Motoko ripped the comic gift that Laharl gave her, and he chanced to see the title.

The comic's name was 'The Naughty Samurai Girl Yuri'.

Well, at least his gifts were decent with Kitsune and the kids. Su got a brand new Tag Huer watch, probably another invention that he was again willing to share with Su. Shinobu seemed to receive a nice cookbook detailing some western and eastern cuisine. Kitsune received quite an expensive bottle of sake.

All in all, a decent Christmas. And it wasn't over for Keitaro yet.

An hour later…

Keitaro was wearing his white shirt, jacket, and slacks as Kitsune slowly began to drag him somewhere. He didn't ask any question. He still had those handcuffs inside his jacket, and Kitsune was in a very loose kimono. They arrived in what seemed to be a amusement park.

Paying for the tickets, Kitsune smiled at Keitaro as she then dragged him towards the Ferris wheel that seems to be out of order. She waved at the female guard, who Keitaro guessed was Kitsune's friend.

"Hey Yuki!" Kitsune greeted.

Yuki looked at Kitsune with a rather neutral face. She had a lit cigarette dangling from her lips, and her hand on her hips. "Took your time. Come on, Mitsune, I get deducted pay closing this ride, ya know."

Kitsune grabbed a rather substantial amount of cash from her small purse, and then winked at her friend. "Come on… let us up now!" she stated impatiently.

Yuki seemed to look at her with a note of expiration. "Hold yer horses alright?"

Opening a door to the bottom of the Ferris wheel, Keitaro looked at Kitsune who dragged him in. "What are you planning my daring fox woman?" Keitaro asked with a small smirk.

Closing the door, Keitaro noted the design of the wheel. Around them was a glass that was slightly tinted, probably to take care of the glare of the sun in the morning.

"I had my friend close this ride for tonight… maintenance, she'd say," Kitsune smiled. "Brought the gift I gave you, Kei-chan?"

Keitaro nodded, and showed her the handcuffs she gave him. Grabbing them, she suddenly kissed Keitaro in the lips, pinning him on the chair. He kissed back, but suddenly jerked when the Ferris wheel moved suddenly. Kitsune seemed to notice it, and continued to pin him down. The wheel stopped when they were on the top.

Kitsune stopped kissing Keitaro, and sat opposite of him. She looked out the window, and smiled. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

Keitaro nodded. The sight was something to behold… each house had different lights, blinking in different colors and time. Looking back at Kitsune, he smiled. "Is this the part where I say, not as beautiful as you?"

"Too cliché for you, Kei-chan?" Kitsune asked with her foxy devilish smile.

He had his own smirk. "Not as cliché as handcuffing me and having your way with me again," he mocked a frown. "And here I thought our dear fox woman here had something up her sleeve… didn't we do this…"

He didn't finish when Kitsune growled, and began to kiss him again, this time, grabbing his hands, and handcuffing them on one of the railings. She broke the kiss, and winked. "Wait for it, Kei-chan…" and with that, she slowly undid the cloth around her waist.

Unlike Mutsumi, though, she didn't bother to strip tease him. Putting her kimono aside, Kitsune then straddled her naked body on top of Keitaro, and smirked. She slowly unbutton his shirt, and slowly tantalized him with her tongue. She rubbed her body against his. Keitaro resisted the urge to moan.

"I guess you don't need my help to undo my pants," he said with a small smile.

"It's not going to come off until I say so," Kitsune said with an evil smirk.

"You're a cruel woman," Keitaro groaned.

"Enjoy it while you can, Kei-chan…" she said… and the Ferris wheel began to move slowly, enhancing the effects of her movement.

"Felis Navidad…" Keitaro muttered as Kitsune began to drive him towards the edge, and then, back again.

Who said Christmas can only come once a year? Not Keitaro, for one.

The End…or is it...?