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WARNING: Does contain YAOI, which is love between two males. This is rated 'M' for a reason; that reason being the description of such stated relationship during sex. Mpreg - meaning a male pregnancy, will be another aspect introduced into this story, but at a later date. There is a reason to this, combined with an explanation. This is not a random fluff occurrence.

Pairings: Contains both SasuNaru AND ItaNaru. The final result is only one I know, but people should pick up on during the development of this story. Future mentions of, but no explicit detail: SasuSaku (I do not like this pairing, but such is essential for the story), NejiHina, KakaIru, ShikaTem, LeeTen…others are undecided but may show up also.


Naruto opened the door to the persistent sound of scratching. Since being away with Jeriya for those two and a half years, he'd picked up the hobby of reading. At first, he protested to the idea, but the amount of times he spent in hospitals pushed him to do something to cover the boredom. And there just so happened to be a shelf of books in the multi-bedded room. And reading a book was what he had been doing before the incessant clawing.

Before the door was even fully opened, a midnight blue ball of fur rolled into the room. With wide, feline-like eyes, it looked into the blue of Naruto's with it's own darker shade. Naruto blinked twice before kneeling down to the level of the small kit. It's seemingly innocent eyes were made to laugh a little as he jumped with grace, lightly landing, before bouncing off another step into the apartment.

Sluggishly, Naruto rose and shut the door, locking it securely before turning to see the small fox bouncing from one piece of furniture to another, playfully. Grinning his own little smile, he bounded after the fox, catching him on his fourth jump with a giggle.

"Well now Kitsune, what are you doing in the village?"

The fox stayed silent, his tail twitching slightly at being held under his front legs, held as if being inspected. Moving his way to the couch, where his book lay, he lowered the fox into his lap, stroking it softly.

"You've got strange fur for a Kitsune, haven't you?" He smiled. "Hm. I would usually wonder why you came here of all places, but…I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with Kyuubi…"

The fox ignored the blond and curled in upon itself. The white tipped tail completed the circle shape of the animal between the crossed legs of Naruto.

"Heh. I would love to see the Bastards face if he walked in right now." The fox fidgeted slightly, before resting again to, presumably, hear the rest. "All domestic and such. I mean here I am with a pet and a book." He chuckled.

A low growl sound came from the fluff ball and Naruto chuckled a little more.

"Sorry, Kitsune. You're trying to get some sleep and I'm talking like no tomorrow. Just sometimes I can't help it, you know, when it comes to Sasuke."

Naruto sighed and opened his book to where he last was, fidgeting slightly to get comfy, ignoring the way the foxes eyes seemed to narrow accusingly. Many minutes passed in silence. So long, actually, that the consistent stroking of it's dark fur, nearly put the animal to sleep. It would have too, if the warm hand wasn't suddenly removed.

The fox looked up to see a heavily blushing Naruto, staring embarrassed at the text before him. Curious the fox peered at the book, as if trying to read the fine print. Naruto fidgeted more and moved the fox over a little. However, the fox refused to comply and leaned more heavily into the teenage Shinobi. This rose a sharp breathing action, as Naruto nearly threw the fox off of himself and raced to the bathroom.

"Oh c-crap." Naruto drew out shakily. "Damn it, Sasuke. When I told you I read, I didn't mean porn!"

The words from the text started to play over in his head.. The completely graphic nature of the scene began to make his clothing feel way too confining. The bottom of his slightly baggy shorts, pulled away from his legs as his stiffening cock made room for itself. He yanked his hand away from the direction it was heading and tried to concentrate on something else.

"Perverted Bastard. How the heck can Kakashi read shit like this and not be affected? Not that I've, like, checked or anything…Damn it! Now I'm thinking of other guys' dicks?"

Flicking the shower on, he began to undress.. His t-shirt came off first, but as his hands fingered the waist band of his shorts and boxers he hesitated. Experimentally, he ran his hand over his erection, shivering at the contact. He took his hand under the hem and wrapped it loosely around, stroking lightly. He moaned, wanting to continue; so he did, slowly. But the damn fox interrupted him again, rubbing himself up against his ankles.

"Oh no you don't" He managed to breath out, stopping. "I don't care if you're only a Kitsune, I'm not gonna jerk off in front of anybody. Oh God…" he moaned in exasperation and a low type of whisper. "I can't believe I thought of doing that." His face was a heated red, ashamed to even think of masturbating. After all, if someone found out, he'd be so embarrassed.

Taking his hand from his boxers quickly, he used his other hand to pick the fur ball up. It struggled, as if in protest, but Naruto dropped it off outside the room anyway, mumbling something of damnations and tainting foxes. As the fox gazed up at the blushing face, a finger waved at him in agitation, telling him to 'stay'. With a blank expression, the fox leaned forward and started licking the hand. The hand…that had just been…on his…

"Eew - Don't do that!" He yelled, yanking his hand back violently.

Submerged in a closed off bathroom, away from all eyes, Naruto stripped off his remaining clothing, stepping into the shower with tension. He turned the temperature down; he was never going to solve this problem with a hot shower.

"Stupid damn Sasuke, with his gay-ass book."

The book wasn't gay, per se. It had all kinds of relationships. It just so happened that this sex scene was with two men. Two very arousing men…With very large-okay! He'd got the book off of Sasuke when he was - surprise - in the hospital.

"Jeriya said you read. Here."


It had been a short conversation. Like all others in which they had upon his return. His return, which consisted of a few dire hard truths and facts. One - Orochimaru was slaughtered by an enraged Kyuubi-Naruto. Two - Wherever said person, him, went, Akatsuki thus Itachi was sure to be near. Three - How was the clan to continue if Sasuke was dead? Four - This Sasuke was severely wounded and needed medical help. Five - He only, really, needed to kill an already dead clan to become Itachi. Despite his defeated state, Sasuke landed Naruto in the hospital an extra day, for that one.

"Stupid Sasuke and his gay-ass revenge."

It had put a huge rift between them. Wherever Sasuke went, Naruto would follow, but he wouldn't care. It had taken them so long to become friends and Sasuke had walked away from that…twice. Naruto convinced himself that it was the seal that had polluted him. That's what had made him so black inside. Since Orochimaru was dead, the seal had lost it's power of control. That was why he was back…It was beyond his control before…It wasn't his fault…

Why was he here again? Oh yeah, the book. He blushed for another time.

"Damn book. What's the deal with giving me porn?" As his dick began to want attention again he growled. He never had been one for self-restraint, had he?

"Stupid Sasuke and his gay-ass clothes. Stupid Sasuke and his gay-ass hair. Stupid Sasuke and his gay-ass smirk." Okay, was someone turning the heat up? "Gah! Stupid Sasuke and his gay…ass…." Oh God. Now he's naked?! Fuck - images - out - now! "Stu-" He continued, voice deeper and more breathy. "Stupid Sasuke and - and his…gay…cock…oh, God-"

Naruto put a hand on the wall to regain his control as images of him and Sasuke in the compromising position of the book ran through him. His eyes closed to the thoughts and his breath coming in a shallow, greedy rhythm; he wondered his right hand further down again, brushing hard against the exposed flesh. As he got bolder and more confident with his hand, running at a faster pace along his length, he began to moan deeply.

"Oh God, Teme…Yes…Ah, Sasu-Sasuke…Ah-"


The blond spun around so fast that he would've fallen over, had he not had something to grip onto…A naked something…A very aroused, naked someone

"S-S-Sa-suk-suke?" Naruto stuttered, horrified and yet, more turned on?

Sasuke leaned close to his team mate's ear, smirking and speaking in a low, sultry voice. " I thought you weren't going to jack off in front of anyone…Dobe." He took Naruto's lobe in his mouth and sucked alluringly, licking his way down the younger boy's chest. This made Naruto moan and gasp at Sasuke's ministrations and focus he was giving to each nipple. No words could be distinguished from the blond's lips.

"Oh and Naruto." Sasuke drawled on his way back to face the blond.


"It's drama, not porn."

With that, Sasuke kissed Naruto full on the lips, goading and tugging roughly on the soft flesh to grant him entrance. Mind numb and passion raging, Naruto allowed it, resulting in hurried caresses and sensual sucking of each others' tongues. Sasuke memorized every dip and curve of that mouth, licking and running along every tooth. Naruto shivered, breathing for air and moaning with such a deep vibration, that Sasuke let out a small one just from hearing it.

"Oh God, Naruto. Just let me fuck you."


"Is that a yes…Usuratonkachi?"

All Naruto could do was moan in response, nodding his head frantically and preying to whoever was listening that he would already. After all, Sasuke's hands never gave up their roaming on his heated, sexually deprived body. The raven thrust his tongue into the blond's mouth impatiently, as one hand left tanned skin to search blindly on the bathroom shelf for some kind of lubricant. Any kind of lubricant.

As his hand fell on soap, he smirked into the kiss. Slippery; perfect. By no means did he really care. He just needed to make it fit. If anything happened, the fox was there to help the Dobe, and he wasn't talking about the one he transformed into, either. With this in mind, he lathered up his hand and snuck it around the blond's backside. Lifting up one leg and holding it tightly to his waist, he drew their erections together, grinding hard whilst entering two fingers into him simultaneously.

Naruto didn't know whether to moan or wince at the harsh treatment. At more rubbing, his pleasure rose and Sasuke began to thrust the fingers in him. Naruto's mind abandoned him at the continuous torture of incompletion, yet pleasure he'd never experienced. Because of this, he could never say when Sasuke replaced the stretching fingers for his throbbing member. All he could say is how fucking great it felt.

Sasuke thrust slowly at first, getting used to the tightness and feel that surrounded him. It was so hot and confining, but Kami was the friction good. Each passing second sped each thrust. It wasn't long before Sasuke was nearing his peak and Naruto was screaming his name, blocking out the wet slapping sounds of their skin hitting hard with each others'.

The moans from both of the boys grew in meaning and intensity; Naruto backing up into the slamming of Sasuke's cock. More friction…More pressure…With feline flexibility, Sasuke bent his head down to Naruto's member and sucked three times, hard and long, before he came directly in Sasuke's mouth.

Naruto's tight muscles squeezed on Sasuke's swelled member and it became too much for him to hold out. Especially with Naruto's legs around his waist, at an angle just right to bring him impossibly deeper. His seed shot forcefully into Naruto as he rode his orgasm out in the heat. Naruto's head was thrown back against the wall as air burned his throat and lungs. Sasuke wasn't too much better, his slumped against Naruto's neck.

Weakly pulling out, Sasuke rained a bunch of soft kisses along a tanned neck. Naruto, unwrapping his legs from around his lover's waist, stood shakily, finally deciding to turn the pour of water off. Sasuke lifted his bent head and stood straight, looking down at the blond, who's head was also looking down. Sasuke tilted the blond to look at him and kissed him gently as soon as their eyes met, a slight blush appearing on tan skin.

"Sasuke?" His voice came sounding so different and fragile, Sasuke had to smile.


"What does this mean?"

"It means…We belong to each other…Dobe…"

Naruto flung his arms around the raven's neck. "Does it mean…You'll hug me back?"

Sasuke pulled Naruto close. "Always, Dobe…Always."


For those that like the idea of Sasuke and Naruto living 'happily ever after', Tch, like there's any such thing do not read another chapter of this story. Yes Sasuke transformed into a fox. Yes Naruto pretty much gathered that. Why? Is anyone's guess until it comes out in the story line, if at all. If you wanted to believe it was Sasuke's plan all along, then believe that. Right now, that's where my money is…but it could be he didn't believe Naruto read…who knows?

Extra WARNING: Angst starts next chapter…doesn't it always…hooray, for the fucked upped world we live in…and obviously them, too. Will feature the Bastard Sasuke is. Not so much a bashing as in the progression of his character seen through the manga series.