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Naruto screamed as pain tore through him. He honestly didn't know what childbirth felt like and was glad he didn't have to feel that aspect. The problem he was having was Kyuubi's chakra ripping though his system. As the womb in him was maintained by this chakra and one of his kids was attached to it, thriving on only that, the birthing process was complicated.

To constantly maintain the flow of chakra, the bubble had to be reinforced and maintained, but it was fluctuating with each invasion. It kept trying to heal the cuts made into the womb and if the chakra wasn't absolutely necessary for every one of his kids to survive, Tsunade would have just removed the womb whole.

That had pretty much been her plan. It was quite fortunate that she had recovered so quickly, as she would literally have been the only one to have come up with such a complex but effective method; never mind being the only one to pull it off. The plan was to deliver all the other babies first and then seal the chakra of the womb inside a specialised stone that would feed the chakra into the newly born seventh child in a mock-umbilical way.

Of course, the stone would be the child's life line and would need regular infusions from the Kyuubi. Such dangerous chakra with no countering from the child's own chakra could potentially prove devastating. But as Tsunade had harshly snapped at him, Naruto understood that there was no other way. Naruto guessed he should be grateful that chakra channelling ores were in existence and that he was apt at seals. He had created this one and Jiriaya was to implement it.

Another incision and Naruto was biting his lip in pain. He wouldn't scream out again. But all the pain seemed to disappear as he heard the cry of a baby. His baby. All other sound, it seemed, was drowned out as he could hear and see nothing else. In that moment he forgot to breath. An overwhelming feeling was spreading from his heart and making every inch of his skin warm and inexplicably cold at the same time. A shudder crawled its way up his spine as he saw the mop of dark hair stuck to the heard of a red screaming miracle. He had memorised her face in a fraction of a second.

In that instant, Naruto felt a flare from the Kyuubi's chakra at the same time he felt a rip through his arm. Reality caught up with him, and everyone else it seemed, as a clawed hand of volatile chakra had swept away a kunai that had been flung toward the new born and its deliverer; defending them as Naruto's arm was pierced. He watched as Ino was hit in her shoulder, having turned at just the right moment. She screamed a little as she ripped it out, but got directly back to repressing the demonic chakra even though blood was pooling at her shoulder.

"ANBU; defence formation!" Tsunade shouted. "Protect the seal masters! Hinata-"

"H-Hai, Tsunade-sama."

The blond Hokage cursed as she quickly got back to her work. They had let their guard down in that one moment and were lucky they weren't paying the price. Shizune took the first child and Hinata dug the Kunai out of her thigh before setting to work on Ino's shoulder, leaving her own wound until afterwards. As soon as the baby girl was checked and put into the wooden-made crib, Shizune was back controlling Naruto's chakra; leaving the job of protecting the babies in Hinata's hands. Shizune would be better qualified for post-delivery care, but Hinata was the prefect defence for them.

Naruto laid there in pain and helpless of protecting anyone – his stomach ripped open underneath the seal and babies quickly being pulled from him, but directly in the middle of the ensuing chaos. Tobi and Zetsu - it seemed like Itachi had not remotely managed to kill the original, as he had hoped. But more than that, Kyuubi's chakra that was so close to the surface was screaming murder at the masked man. So much so that Naruto felt himself being pulled into his mindscape…


When Tsunade had woken up, Shizune was most definitely grateful. It seemed like the lazy Hokage hadn't bothered writing down any of her plans on the delivery of Naruto's offspring and it had been making her extremely nervous. However, Jiriaya had been overjoyed. He kept her awakening quiet and sent Danzou out, knowing that afterwards he could deploy Tsunade with ANBU guards and get rid of two of the most manic people to have graced Konoha with their presence. Well, maybe not the most manic, but the ones that were being a pain in his ass right now.

"I want Itachi." Tsunade had demanded.

"But Tsunade-Hime, Sasuke-"

"Shut up, Jiriaya! Do you think Naruto would ever forgive you? Or that all Konoha has taken from Itachi isn't enough that we have to take his little brother, too? I may dislike the gaki, but my brat wouldn't have it and neither will I! You want me to go to a peace treaty between the Kages, but still to wave civil war on my own village? I won't do it! Now get my Itachi God damn it!" With her violent outburst, the bedside table was burst into pieces beneath her fist.

"Tch, don't you think I know Itachi has been through enough? I don't want him to suffer anymore, but his brother has become a liability. If it comes down to it, Itachi will do what is right for this village."

"That's what I don't like Jiriaya; but he is the only one amongst us that deserves the head of Danzou. If what you say is true, that man deserves some kind of retribution and I intend to give it to him. As for Sasuke, I believe Itachi would do the right thing. He may not be impartial, but he fights for both us and his little brother."

"I didn't want to make him have to choose once again." The world worn hermit spoke forlornly.

"You may have a point, but Itachi is the only one able to make this decision."

That was how Tsunade, who had been begged by Naruto to save the life of her once-enemy, came to have him as one of her personal guards to the land of iron. The meeting had been tense to say the least. The Hokage was exceptionally grateful for Gaara and Naruto's friendship in the dealings with the Kazekage, even if they did not always see eye to eye. The other Kage did not know of Naruto's condition, but suggested that he go into hiding with the Hachibi's Jinchuriki.

With much persuasion, Gaara and Tsunade had convinced the rest that keeping them separate was the best way of evading the Akatsuki, and in exchange, Itachi revealed information about the strengths and weaknesses of the Akatsuki members. Including the annoying solid body clone Jutsu of a certain plant member by the name of Zetsu. Itachi had been extensively studying their abilities as by sheer number they were a major threat, not to mention their Mokuton origin. That fact had shocked even Tsunade.

Tsunade had established a very fragile relationship with the three remaining Kages. With Itachi being an ally and her taking him there, it had been a tense atmosphere from the start, but he had effectively proved his loyalty and the huge gamble she had taken had paid off. However, with war fast approaching, the fragile relationship they had with each other was all they could cling to in hope that the prediction was premature and they had time to plan more thoroughly.

The biggest problem they had was that none could agree on whether they would take the aggressor or defender role. Was a pre-emptive strike the best decision? With the majority of the Bijuu in the enemy's hands and casualties on all sides, they had indeed been weakened, but if they worked together and came up with an appropriate strategy, there may be some chance that they could potentially wipe the enemy's forces out. However, as the blond Hokage was keeping secrets from her allies, so Tsunade guessed they would be doing the same.

After all, their biggest weapon for the village, the Kyuubi and its Jinchuriki, were most definitely incapacitated.


The attack on Naruto seemed to come from nowhere. At once, Itachi had shunshined before the mystically appearing Tobi. His whole reason for joining the Akatsuki was this one man and he still knew so little about his fighting style. He seemed to slip through anything solid but still manage to slash through his enemy. And more unfortunately, Itachi hadn't seen him fight well enough to combat it; even though he could go through every memory and movement with perfect clarity and recollection a thousand times over.

The point of the glistening kunai and the man himself slipped straight through Itachi, still heading for murder on the Jinchuriki. With lightening speed, Kakashi turned around, his Mankegyou Sharingan activated and swirling in concentration and transporting the masked man into another dimension. They heard the agony coming through the mask as he disappeared. Kakashi quickly covered his eye, feeling the toll on his chakra and turned back around to finish watching over the seal. But, of course, it wasn't that easy.

Although they had thought to combat Tobi's strange ability with Kakashi's unique ocular Jutsu, it seemed they were more intertwined than any of them had ever thought possible. Because, there, stood upside down on the ceiling and laughing in a tone too joyful for such a serious situation, was the man with the distinguishable, orange, swirly mask that Kakashi had just sent away from their world.

"Missed me!"

"How?!" Came Kakashi's shocked tone as he was facing back to the annoyance that was Tobi.

"Try again." This time all humour suddenly dropped out of the other's voice, leaving a deep, gravelly and dangerous aftertaste.

"Ooh, Tobi is getting serious!" The white side of Zetsu spoke, leaving the shadowed, black half of himself to answer, "Then so should we."

As if at once, a dozen white Zetsus rose from the wood and soil around them, causing a shiver of panic to run up Kakashi's spine before he squashed it down with determination. Nowhere around them was safe and they did not bring many people to this private party, leading Kakashi to send a silent prayer that no more strange plant men were going to emerge from the woodwork, literally. These were solid bodies and not the clones the ninjas gathered there would have liked them to be.

"Kakashi-senpai." Itachi addressed the older man as he raced beside him. "Describe to me your Sharingan. It seems it's the key to understanding his ability."

"It's a space-time ninjustsu." Kakashi bit out between defending their position against a white Zetsu and sending it back with his force and channelled chakra.

"What is it's time frame?" Itachi asked, black flames spreading across the plant form that had been slung onto his back a small distance from them and throwing several kunai in the area to his left.

"It depends on my chakra!" Kakashi shouted as he sped to the right and interacted violently with another two Zetsu clones.

"Oh? Have you figured it out Kakashi?" The dull tone came from his left as Tobi grasped onto him and took him to the alternate dimension of their shared technique.


Naruto woke in the dank sewer he was so used to seeing when he was in trouble. His skin crawled with the rancid and uncontrolled chakra leaking out of the rotting cage that held Kyuubi. It seemed the whole of his mindscape was deteriorating around them both, even though a thin veil of blue was trying to keep their two worlds from mixing.

"Brat! Let me out! I want to rip that bastard limb from limb!" The mighty Kyuubi roared through the ripples it was creating in its rage at the chakra shield.

"Stop it Kyuubi! You're going to destroy us both!"

"Ha! I cannot die! At the most, my chakra will dwindle, but it will still be more magnificent than yours could ever hope to be, human! Only your pathetic existence will end!"

"And yet it's my pathetic kind that put you here!" Naruto snapped before he fell to his knees as a pain shot through him. Ripping his jacket open, he noticed the seal was turning a blood red and growing, showing the craft of the seals that had created it. It was literally unravelling before his eyes, bringing with his growing panic. "What's going on?!"

But as Naruto looked toward the Kyuubi, he noticed he was far too gone in his anger at the stranger that bore the orange mask. Naruto didn't know why he was so enraged by the man, but nothing about him sat right with Naruto's sensitive emotions. His hate and malice seemed to rival that of the beast dwelling within him; with so much negativity that it was hard to breathe through it. Naruto had felt that kind of hate toward the village he swore himself to, that he could feel it in others so clearly.

A crack seemed to slowly creak up to his heart as he realised he could sometimes feel that from his former teammate. The only thing was that it was so much different. He could feel the boy inside that he had known so well try to break through every time their eyes met; as if begging for someone to notice before they became hard and guarded and veiled with an evil that reeked of Orochimaru. That snake didn't have hate and sadness, but sadistic pleasure and cruelty.

Another wave of pain laced through Naruto, causing him to fall forward onto his hands. The seal pulsed on his flat naval as the seals edges turned to chains and lifted out of the dank water with a violent pull from the Kyuubi. The blond found it odd that only now when it was shown how physically these chains connected him to the fox, did he notice that he was not pregnant in his mindscape. Deep red chakra travelled down the glowing chains, burning further into Naruto's skin.

Crying out, Naruto briefly wondered what was going off in reality.


"Shit; Ino!" Tsunade cursed as the Kyuubi's chakra started bubbling over Naruto's stomach.

They had only managed to get four of the baby's out so far, but with the fluctuating chakra, Naruto passing out and a battle going on around them, Tsunade figured they had done well. But as she screamed orders out and battled getting another baby out of her brat, she knew she wouldn't be satisfied unless she had them all delivered and that asshole Tobi was dead. With charred hands, she forced her chakra against the Kyuubi's and drove her hands in.

Ino coated the red chakra in her own to allow Tsunade entry while Shizune was forced to try keep the chakra filter up by herself, wincing against the effort. Jiraiya had reverted to sage mode, forcing up a natural chakra barrier with the help of ma and pa toad to keep out as many attacks upon them as possible. His face was in concentration as he tried to reinforce the seal with his own that had been drawn around the blond prior to delivery. His eyes narrowed as he felt what Yamato had just shouted out from his battle.

"The seal is breaking Jiraiya-sama!" He ran through as the barrier dropped to allow him entry, dropping to the other side where Kakashi was supposed to be reinforcing the seal to lend his aid.

Unfortunately Kakashi had been MIA for the past few minutes and with what Itachi had said about the masked Tobi, it didn't sound like he would be able to hold his own for very long. Bringing down a hand, Yamato channelled chakra into the earth and along the wood that Naruto was laying on. Immediately, wood held the Jinchuriki down with the calming, controlling chakra of the Shodai Hokage and the Mokuton user started to feed his will into Jiraiya's counter seals.

From where he was knelt, Yamato saw the flash of something appearing in front of him. He was fairly certain that was an arm that had appeared for the briefest of moments. With a morphing affect, Kakashi was back within the confines of the normal world, battered and bleeding but alive. As he reappeared, Itachi was by his side in an instant, lending him support from the inevitable apparition of the masked Tobi.

"What did you find out, Kakashi-senpai?" Itachi demanded smoothly, belying the deep respect he had for his superior.

"He's not Madara." Kakashi breathed out raggedly. "Our eyes come from the same person."

Itachi's eyes widened as his mind stumbled through that information. "Obito?"

"That person, Obito, no longer exists." Came the monotone voice that was no longer muffled by a mask.

Both men's heads swung to the side as beside the annoying plant Shinobi that was Zetsu, in a swirl appeared Obito. In his hand he held the mostly intact mask that would have still covered the majority of his face, had it been left on. His sleeve was mostly ripped off and his robe had a tear; but aside from the mask, that was the only damage. In his other eye socket, there seemed to be another problem. This man imposing as Obito had the Rinnegan.


Naruto had felt and seen Ino's chakra climb from the depths of the murky water as it surrounded and soothed the pain on his stomach. For a moment, he could have sworn he saw flashes of Ino's determination in the light reflected in the water. It was a determination he should be so familiar with right now; in all the times he's battled against his own hate and that of the Kyuubi's.

With great concentration, he fought the chakra running down the chains at him with his own; sending it up the chains at the giant thrashing fox. For a moment, Kyuubi stopped ramming the cage and let out a roar as his frantic eyes caught those startling blue ones of his jailer. Naruto's blue narrowed into determination, challenging the fury of the Kyuubi, who barked out a laugh.

"There's that determination I'm so used to, human."

"What has that guy done to get you so worked up, Kyuubi?" Naruto gritted out through clenched teeth, having to force the words out like he was with his chakra.

"I hate the Uchiha!" Kyuubi roared. "Vile chakra and vile attitude! Thinking they can control the great Kyuubi no Kitsune!" His words were punctuated by a demonic chakra pulse.

Naruto winced as his chakra was slowly forced back down the chains and with another Bijuu attack on the bars of the cage, they came stumbling down. Naruto was thrown down to the floor with the force of his mindscape falling around him. When his eyed opened again, he could have sworn blind that he had woken up in a different dimension after years of hibernation. Either that, or he noted with panic, that this was death. Everything was deathly quiet and white with no shadows cast.

In front of him was a redheaded woman with a smile on her face and he wondered absently if it was the Kyuubi in human form. The angelic voice as it called his name made him think otherwise, as there was no hate or malice there. Just a love he couldn't understand. The woman walked toward him and he stood still with anticipation. Slowly, a hand came up to his face and he felt all the love radiating from her.

Her arms came around his head and held him to her. Slowly, his arms encircled her waist in an embrace he felt oddly comfortable with. His breath came out in a hitch as she said she loved him and started to fade in front of him. Or was that his vision as he was rushed with memories that definitely weren't his? Memories of love and taking on the burden of the Kyuubi; of a death protecting a baby that looked remarkable like himself.

"Kaa-san?" He asked as everything came back into focus of the sewers of his mind and tears collected in his ducts.

"Naruto, you have to keep up the fight, honey. Don't leave your kids like we had to leave you!"

Naruto saw the chakra chains emanating from the woman, subduing the Kyuubi in his absence. Saw the seals darting up from the sewer water and struggling to keep hold of the fox. He saw the walls crumbling to nothing but darkness and he found himself starting to panic.

"Naruto, you have to make your own chains! I know you can do it! They have to be made of your love and have your will in them. I cannot hold him for long with the pull the afterlife is having on me."

Naruto nodded, dumbstruck. This was his Mother fighting beside him for the good of the Shinobi world. But he hesitated. It was one thing being forced to be a Jinchuriki but could he handle choosing that road for himself. He shivered at the implications. How could he create something more powerful than that which his Father had made? He blinked as a hand slipped into his own and saw the encouragement in the woman beside him.

Warmth once again flooded his heart as his own, golden chakra chains flew from the water and around the tails of the giant fox. The light permeated the darkness of his mind. These chains were the light and the goodness that was in him. He could see it where the water was being cleared. He could see something beneath it that he hadn't known was there.

"This is your mind Naruto." His Mother explained to him as Kyuubi was shouting offensive words at her with her given name, Kushina. "It can be anything you want it to be. It doesn't have to be overrun with these negative emotions. I don't have long left, but you need to learn to let go of all these hateful things."

"I don't understand. I do-"

"You have kept every hateful thing, Naruto." Kushina snapped, kicking up some water that the light flashed up a memory of hateful eyes from his childhood. "I know it's hard having the life of a Jinchuriki, but there are people that love you and you have to be strong for them."

"I-I don't know if I can." Naruto bit his lip.

"I know you can. I'm proud of you, Naruto." Kushina smiled, placing a kiss on his forehead. Naruto felt his lips curl, remembering the feeling when Tsunade had done the same thing.

When he opened his eyes, his Mother had faded away. With a frown on his face, he walked toward the snarling fox, keeping the warmth in his heart with all the force he could. He placed a hand on the heated fur absently, looking up into one giant eye.

"One day Kyuubi, I'm going to do something about your hate, too. But for now, I have to do something about my own."


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November - (Early) Pregnant, (Around 10th) Party, (Mid) Day mission, SasuIno (Late) Mission starts.

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January - (Early) Kakashi makes a lie, NejiHina told to be false. (Mid) Sakura tries visiting. (Week later) last failed visit.

February - (Early) Questions of father stop, (Mid) Sakura's baby's sex, Sasu rapes Naru, Naru moves. (Late) Meets Sakura, Stops training.

March - (Mid) Finds Itachi, Saves Itachi, finds Itachi's curse seal, InoSaku talk, Stag do (interrogation), SasuSaku wedding, ItaNaru consummated, Naruto taken out of Konoha, the aftermath (Late) In world of summons

April - (Mid) Found answer to Kyuubi's seal

May - (Early-Mid) Shizune, Tsunade and Ino in the world of summons. (Mid) NejiHina

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