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Naruto opened his eyes to find himself standing. As he felt the chakra receding, he fell to his knee, panting with a breathlessness he had not felt for a long time. It seemed he was still too weak, because the man known as Obito had eventually retreated. He obviously hasn't expected such resilience in obtaining the Kyuubi; especially not from the fox itself.

Tsunade had managed to deliver all the kids whilst Naruto was out. She had struggled with the last, as the fluctuating chakra had started damaging the baby more than she had anticipated. There were scars that may never heal and at one moment, they had lost her. The chakra of the womb bled into Naruto and out at the rest of them in a sharp jolt. Tsunade herself had burns stretching all across her torso.

The shocking thing was when Naruto, sat up, touched his child and did something that caused those lungs to open and a cry to rip from the fragile throat. In effect, he jolted chakra into her system with force and a crudeness that Tsunade didn't think he was capable of. The problem was that she didn't think it was Naruto that had done that at all.

Afterwards, he stood up, a slight frown on his face and narrowed his eyes, teleporting himself across to the unmasked Obito with ease, as his insides and skin knitted together with a gruesome affect. The Uchiha's eyes widened, almost comically, before he faded out of focus and Naruto passed right through, only for Itachi to spark the fire of Amaterasu on the shoulder that appeared once again in the solid world.

Of course, Obito managed to send it to the other side, but only after it had managed to burn slightly through him. As soon as the black flames had disappeared, Naruto had managed to spin around with Kyuubi's chakra slicing partly through his Mokuton recovered arm. Obito jumped back, trying to assess the situation, but followed closely by Itachi with a very sharp Kunai aimed at his head, forcing the older Uchiha to duck.

Obito let the Grand Fireball blow from his lips, forcing his opponents to retreat somewhat backwards. With quick eyes, he noted the fall of his numbers, Jiraiya having figured out the Rasengan was very affective and turning the white Zetsu to the plants they represented. He cursed under his breath; taking note of Kakashi's weakened state and the fact that he could not yet control the Rinnegan. It was then he activated his Mangekyou; disappearing in a swirl and evading the blond heading on a collision course.


Sasuke was surprisingly quiet these days. Sakura was once again visiting in the secure part of the hospital. He had been detained for some reason but nobody was telling her anything. Not Tsunade, or Shikamaru; who had to know, because if she faced the facts, he was the smartest of them all. Neither Kakashi, nor Naruto had been to see him; this much she knew. Not that she had expected Naruto to, but Kakashi…

She tried to feed him and he turned his head away with a scowl; having a seeming battle with himself. She sighed, putting the fruit on the side with the cooling soup and stood up. She was getting bigger now and making all these worthless trips was taking its toll on her. She turned her back and walked over to the window to let some breeze in the stuffy room, when a crash made her jump and spin around.

The food, the flowers and broken pottery had been slammed onto the floor and all up the wall. Sasuke's Sharingan was spinning as he glared at her, leant forward with his arm out, before he settled back and once again ignored her existence. Tears brimming in her eyes, she ignored the window and rushed out the door. She just didn't know what was wrong with her Sasuke-kun. She just didn't know how to help him.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was having a very hard time controlling himself. He didn't know how he got back to Konoha, but he could feel the resistance seals on his body and the ANBU hiding in the shadows of his room. He wanted to tear Konoha apart, he really did; but he was in no position to. His brother was dead and Naruto had betrayed him. He was feeling something he hadn't felt in a long time and it was eating at him – guilt.

He was used to revenge, madness, anger, sadism, joy and sometimes sadness, but this…this was different. This seemed to reach him on a level he couldn't handle and he didn't understand why it was there. It was everybody else that had deceived him; destroyed him, not the other way around. He should be slaughtering everyone. Ripping them of their precious flesh and souls, but something about that just made his heart ache.

And that Bitch, teammate…wife, Sakura wasn't helping. Couldn't she see it was taking all of his control not to slice her, rip her, hug her, cry?! Why didn't she fuck off? She was going to cry like a weak, disgusting, caring piece of shit. He was so confused. There was something missing. Where was his malice? Where was that part of him that knew that power and using people was what he was; the meaning of him?

Konoha had ordered his family's destruction. Danzo or Konoha? Did it matter? Where they one in the same? Then who ordered his torture? That was Itachi. All Itachi? Was that ordered too? He wasn't even sure of what he knew now. He needed to get Naruto, still; that he knew. Naruto knew something and he was going to make him talk, even if it meant breaking his fingers one by one. He had to know! But…who else knew? The Hokage must, right?

Painfully, he grasped at his head. It was like he suddenly had no direction. What the hell happened in his battle anyway and who brought him back to Konoha? He didn't know how many days he had been mulling over the same question, or how long he had been out for. He knew that there was something wrong with his seal gained from Orochimaru. He couldn't feel the pulse that came along with his hate and chakra, but that could be from the resistant seals.

Slowly, he swung his legs over the side of the bed, stepping through the food and broken pot without a care and without feeling, heading to the door of his room. As soon as he stood before it, two ANBU appeared before him, blocking his path. Just as they should; just as he knew they would. There was only one path he could take now and as he put a hand to his forehead, the malicious smirk took upon his face with glazed eyes.

"I need to see Tsunade."

"She's busy." Came the voice he knew well.

Sasuke let out a chuckle, eyeing the bland mask with his Sharingan. "Then get my wife, Hyuuga. Or better yet, how about sweet little Hinata; can't you see I need healing?"

Neji became tense but stood firm, answering in his own monotone. "You did that to yourself. Now you'll suffer the consequences."

Sasuke tsked, storming back across the room and the shards, knowing he couldn't demand anything right now. He could barely call up any chakra, but he was still faster than that fucking Hyuuga. He spun his foot around, kicking a particularly sharp shard toward the pair, which was easily caught. Using it as a distraction, he leapt toward the window, fully intending to fling himself out of it, only to be detained harshly by the second of the ANBU.

Instead of flailing, he merely smirked as he was switched with a pillow. Stupid fuckers couldn't even differentiate between a switch when they couldn't seal his eyes. He made a sharp right down the corridor, only to come face to face with that stupid bland mask. He bit his lip in frustration, refusing to yell out. He was an Uchiha for fuck's sake. Standing up straight, he walked back to his room.

For now he would have to go along with this shit. Just until he found a way to get a hold of that fucking blond Dobe.


Kakashi sighed.

Iruka looked up from the papers he was grading but his lover said nothing.

Kakashi sighed.

Iruka narrowed his eyes and ignored him.

Kakashi sighed.

Iruka's brow twitched as he stopped grading papers.

"Is something wrong, Kakashi?"

Still, the grey haired ninja said nothing, his nose buried deep in one of his filthy porn books, making no move that he was listening to his lover or even knew he was in the room with his hospitalised self. Iruka's whole eye twitched as he clenched his jaw and went back to grading papers. There were a lot of end of year tests to mark.

Kakashi sighed.

Iruka ignored him.

Kakashi sighed.

Iruka's fist clenched.

Kakashi sighed.

"What the hell do you want, Kakashi?!" Iruka fumed.

"Mah, I was just thinking…"

"…Spit. It. Out. Kakashi…"

"Well…" A vein started to throb on Iruka's temple. "I miss how you used to always call me 'Kakashi-Sensei'." Iruka face-planted. "It was cute of you. When you used to blush and-" Suddenly Kakashi was hit over the head by a fuming, red-faced Iruka, cutting him off.

"Sh-Shut up, Kakashi! I can't believe you! That's all you have to say?! Stop wasting my time, pervert!"

"Mou, Iruka-sensei, I'm hurt." Kakashi drawled, acting like a kicked puppy and playing the victim. "I'm injured and in the hospital and you're hitting me."

"Well maybe you shouldn't try getting yourself killed." Iruka deadpanned, not an inch of sympathy on his face; completely different to when his lover and precious Naruto had come into the hospital, half dead.

"And here I was thinking of asking you to marry me." Kakashi said in a sad tone, but his eye conveying his seriousness.

Iruka froze, a blush creeping along tanned cheeks just as a knock came at the door and slipped open slightly for pink hair to come into view. The tanned man turned away, his face turning a bright shade of red. Kakashi turned his head to the noise, trying not to show his irritation on his face.

"Ka-Kakashi-sensei. Iruka-sensei" Sakura greeted. "I came to see Sasuke and one of the nurses told me that you had been brought in. Naruto too. How, how is he? They won't let me see him. They say he's in intensive care."

Kakashi's eye softened, as he beckoned the girl in. "Don't worry Sakura; Naruto it resilient. He will be fine."

"What happened? Does it have anything to do with his condition? I-I wish I could help." Sakura looked down.

"Maa, maa, where's that proud woman I trained gone?" Kakashi questioned, shocking Sakura into looking up.

"I-" She cut herself off, frowning, wondering just when she had started to talk to the floor. "I guess the pregnancy is just getting to me." She lied, debating something to herself. "Kakashi-sensei…"

"Hmm, what is it Sakura?"

"I was…wondering, hoping maybe…Sensei, what is going on with Sasuke-kun? He-he's under some sort of guard and won't tell me anything. He barely talks to me anymore. I-"

"Sakura-san." Iruka interrupted, concern in his voice, but a sort of hate in his eyes that had the pink haired girl's breath hitch.

Was this what Naruto saw when people looked at him? Why was Iruka-sensei looking at her like that? "H-Hai, Sensei?"

"I understand your concern, but please don't come in here asking about Sasuke-san. That's something for you to either talk to your husband", Iruka seemed to spit, "or the Hokage to answer. It has nothing to do with us."

"B-But Kakashi is his Sensei, he has to know something! I understand you've been on a mission and that's why you haven't been to see him, but-"

"Sakura…" Kakashi softly interrupted, "You have to understand that whilst we do understand your situation, we are under no obligation to disclose anything to you, even if we could. There are things about Sasuke you just don't know; but you knew that when you married him, didn't you." He stated. "You probably thought you could fix him, and maybe one day you can. But know this," He said with steel in his eye, "I will only ever see Sasuke when I'm ordered to."

Sakura took a step back. "I-I don't understand what he's done to make everyone hate him so much! What happened to teamwork? To never abandoning your teammates?"

"In a mission, I will protect all my comrades. But this isn't a mission and Sasuke has turned into someone I don't like."

Sakura's eyes watered and she backed out of the room, mumbling how she understood. And she realised as she shut the door that she really did understand, because maybe he was becoming someone she didn't like, either.

Once the door closed, Kakashi looked into the concerned eyes of his adorable dolphin, which were looking at where his student had retreated, before they flickered back to his. He loved how his cute lover could never hold onto hating someone; even when that person had hurt someone so important to him. He smiled to himself, knowing that Naruto would make a good Mother because Iruka was.

"So, Iruka-sensei, will you?"

"Will I? Will I what?" Came the confused reply.

"Will you marry me?"

Immediately, Iruka's blush returned as he whacked the silver haired man over the head again and shouted "As if now is any good time to propose!"

"Mou, Iruka-sensei is so mean." Kakashi whined.


Tsunade stood with Jiraiya near Naruto's bed. The blond was pale and tired, but recovering quickly. She had analysed Naruto's cells and found that they had aged marginally again, but other than that, there were no adverse effects from the Kyuubi's chakra. The best thing was, however, that the makeshift womb Kyuubi had made had completely disappeared without a trace.

"Tsunade-hime." The toad sannin started the inevitable conversation. "With Akatsuki making such a direct attack on Naruto, we should start thinking about sending him into hiding. The fact that there is another Uchiha out there also doesn't bode well for anyone, least of all the Kyuubi."

"Tsk, don't you think I know that? Having Itachi back is an advantage, but having Obito and potentially Madara out there against us is dangerous. The problem I have is this Zetsu. According to my analysis, they contain grandpa's cells. If Madara has managed to control that power, along with his own, there is a chance that it could end the Shinobi world as we know it. This information we will definitely have to share with the other Kage."

"I'll make sure to call up another meeting. But in the meantime, I'll have a word with the elder toad at mount Myoboku and see if there is anything else to this prophecy. What would you plan on telling people about where our little Jinchuriki has gone?"

"I haven't decided to send him anywhere yet." Tsunade snapped.

"We both know it's the only way, Hime." He placated, laying a hand on her shoulder before he shunshined away.


Itachi watched from his corner in his ANBU uniform as the two girls, Ino and Hinata went from cooing at the adorable babies to panicking as they were all crying for food at the same time. He left them to it, as nurses were called to help and his fellow ANBU found himself holding a crying infant. He sank back into the shadows and appeared into another room with the clinical beeping of a monitor.

Slowly, he approached the incubator without emotion, peering down at the tiny girl with tubes sticking out of her and a mask covering her face. His niece. A girl that was probably better off being killed now before she fully understood the pain she would have to live with through every chakra transfusion she would have to endure to merely survive. Her life would be torture.

Itachi gripped at his curse mark, his eyes narrowing. Naruto was selfish, forcing this girl to live. His eyes flew to the nurse asleep in the chair, having to be constantly posted with such a fragile infant. He touched the plastic surrounding the child, knowing that it would be so easy to end her suffering…but then, wouldn't it also be so easy to end his own, or even Sasuke's.

He blended back into the wall and watched over the cot from a distance. He would take it as his personal mission to protect this child from both of her fathers. Should she want for anything, including death, he would grant it; like he did so long ago with his beloved Shisui. They may have been young, but what they had between them was something worth treasuring in the dark, depressing clan they were born into.

He still remembered Shisui clearly. What they had wasn't romantic. They had initially gotten together over desperation and comfort. Two children that had been so heavily put upon, that they couldn't remember ever slowing down or playing like the other children their age. Maybe that was why they dabbled in sex so early on; because they were forced to grow up so quickly.

They had been put onto different teams and progressed differently, but they were both primarily loyal to the village rather than their clan. The problem was they were both prone to making, rash, stupid mistakes. As was Naruto, he guessed. As they've grown older, they've learnt patience, but Shisui never had that opportunity. He asked Itachi to take his life too young; forever gone into the flames of Amaterasu.

Shisui was his best friend. It took him years to accept the man also had his own faults. After all, only someone with hatred could have defiled a young boy. When Shisui had told him, he had initially refused to believe it. He had detested himself at that point and Itachi knew that was the real reason he wanted to end his own life. His father had died during the Kyuubi attack, but never once had he heard Shisui speak badly about its container.

Alcohol really did bring out the deepest, darkest and most carnal part of a person. It had been a brutal mission and Shisui had been out drinking with his team to forget it. The hate that his friend had for the Kyuubi had been fed by his teammates, and on the way through town they just so happened to run into the little seven year old Naruto. He had been an easy target and Shisui just saw the fox.

Shisui cried when he told him. He told him that when those blue eyes opened and the pain shone through, it had immediately sobered him. He had apologised and ran off with the other two that were laughing at how pathetic the supposed great demon fox was. Sometimes, Itachi wondered if Naruto had been the catalyst to him standing up to Danzo. Other times he hated him for it.

Itachi had been keeping up to date with his brother's well-being and detention. Tsunade was willing to leave things to him. Just like, being head of the Uchiha clan, she had left the decision upon the stolen eyes of Danzo to him. He now had both of Shisui's eyes. The reason he wanted all of himself destroyed and the clan was so upset by his death; the ability to implant memories and influence decisions.

In all honesty, he wanted to destroy them, as they were so dangerous, but he also knew how vital they could be to getting rid of Madara…or even to fix his little brother. Isn't that why he had carried one around with him for so long? At any moment, he could have fixed his own eyesight by implanting them within his own, but never did; knowing it was too precious to waste on himself.

As always, Uchiha Itachi would be a martyr. He didn't want to have the blood of any Uchiha being his salvation. Maybe he wasn't a martyr…maybe he was just as selfish as Naruto; the idiot that put his daughter into intensive care by losing control of the Kyuubi and then refusing to let her die.



October - (Late) SasuNaru begins.

November - (Early) Pregnant, (Around 10th) Party, (Mid) Day mission, SasuIno (Late) Mission starts.

December - (Early) Mission ends, Sakura Pregnant, (Week later) SasuSaku marriage told, Naruto moves teams, (Late) Failed visits, Observe NejiHina, KakaNaru talk.

January - (Early) Kakashi makes a lie, NejiHina told to be false. (Mid) Sakura tries visiting. (Week later) last failed visit.

February - (Early) Questions of father stop, (Mid) Sakura's baby's sex, Sasu rapes Naru, Naru moves. (Late) Meets Sakura, Stops training.

March - (Mid) Finds Itachi, Saves Itachi, finds Itachi's curse seal, InoSaku talk, Stag do (interrogation), SasuSaku wedding, ItaNaru consummated, Naruto taken out of Konoha, the aftermath (Late) In world of summons

April - (Mid) Found answer to Kyuubi's seal

May - (Early-Mid) Shizune, Tsunade and Ino in the world of summons. (Mid) NejiHina

June - (Early) Attack on Konoha. (Late) In cabin.

July – (Mid) Naruto's induction date, Attack during induction, Hospital

August - (Early) Naru's due date.

September - (Early) Sakura's due date.

In order of occurrences (bold is this chapter), tell me if I've missed anything and I'll add more as it's revealed.