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"This will be a long-term assignment," Tsunade stated to the pink-haired kunoichi across her desk. Because her head was bowed, Sakura failed to notice the evil smirk that accompanied the words. By the time she looked up, the Hokage's face was clear, smiling kindly and innocently (pfft…) at her apprentice.

"H-hai, Tsunade-sensei. I understand." Gesturing towards the door, she added, "I've asked them to find a replacement for me."

Tsunade nodded in approval before she continued. "Are you aware that the Kazekage is currently looking for a wife?" she inquired. "I don't know how the idea got into his head…" Sakura giggled, blushing when the Fifth raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Gomen, Tsunade-sensei. It's just that… when Temari-chan visited us last time, she mentioned trying to force Gaara-sama into getting married, or at least into getting a girlfriend. I don't think that it was his idea at all," she explained. When she'd finished, Tsunade was grinning.

"Ah, I see," she chuckled, wiping away a tear. "Well, you'll be acting as temporary secretary for him – it really is hard work for Temari to keep track of all those women on top of her usual stuff. There are hundreds just dying to be the Kazekage's wife – or girlfriend. I believe that he also has a fanclub." Calming down, she handed Sakura a stack of papers. "You leave tomorrow. Here's a file on all of the women he's met so far."

"Arigato, Tsunade-sama."

As Sakura left, she just barely heard the older woman call, "I'm trusting you to help me win my bet with Shizune!" Sakura wondered what she was talking about, and also debated with her inner persona about whether she was drunk or not.

End flashback

That's why Sakura was standing in front of the Kazekage's door, chatting with his sister, Temari.

"He's moody; and if you feel a dark aura around him, get out as quickly as possible. The last secretary… Poor girl…" Both women shuddered. "Well, you should go, then!" Temari beamed, pushing the green-eyed girl into her little brother's office.

"Ahh!" Sakura landed in a heap on the ground. She got up quickly and dusted herself off, grumbling silently. Darn, impatient Temari… As she usually did when annoyed, she punched the ground – or at least tried to. At the last moment, the pink-haired girl remembered where she was – most people do care if you split their floor open. So she removed the force behind the fist hurtling towards the ground and the blow just glanced off the floor.

Sakura stood up, embarrassed, and looked at the red-haired man sitting behind the desk, who was watching her impassively. She stared into his eyes for a moment – and jade met emerald – before she remembered her position. Slapping her face mentally, the kunoichi reminded herself that this was no longer the Hokage, and she would need to be respectful.

Bowing, she stood before the Kazekage. He scowled, and Sakura felt the beginnings of the killer aura Temari had warned her about. She kept her eyes respectfully on the desk instead of his face as she spoke.

"My name is Haruno Sakura and I will be taking care of all of the paperwork concerning the… erm… women who are staying for a while," she told him. "Is there anything you think that I should know?"

"Yes. They tend to be overly active and a certain group of girls seems to be attacking any females who work here. Temari can fill you in on the details later," he said monotonously.

"Ah. I'm assuming that this 'certain group of girls' is your fanclub, Kazekage-sama?" the pink-haired medic-nin inquired, her emerald eyes twinkling. "Annoying, ne?" She laughed softly as she remembered the fangirls in Konoha. "Sasuke-kun's fans tried to ambush me one night… I hope that yours aren't as bloodthirsty." She'd had to avoid knives and branches and purses alike before knocking one girl out. The rest had fled very quickly after that.

"…You may go. Temari will show you around," Gaara said. He was not really surprised to see her move closer to his desk. He'd asked for a male secretary, but no, Temari just had to go and find him a young woman (and not bad-looking, either, though that was just another reason for Gaara to despise her.) If she turned out to be another lucky fangirl… He closed his eyes and braced himself for earsplitting squeals, or the thousands of questions that were shouted to him on the street, or for her to ask if she could just call him Gaara-kun, seeing as they were working in the same building and all; usually followed by a giggle-storm. He tried to tried himself that he could not kill his secretary on her first day, no matter how irritating she was.

Instead, his secretary just held out her hand and asked, "May I have the papers, please? Or does Temari-chan have them?" His eyes flew open. Startled at the unexpectedly sensible question, he handed the large stack over to her. "Thank you, Kazekage-sama!" she chirped as she walked out.

Sakura brushed the hair out of her face, approaching her blond friend's desk. "Temari-chan, could you show me where my desk is? I need to go over these, and then I'll probably have to punch something," she remarked, grimacing.

The fan-wielding woman looked up from the scroll she was reading. "Oh, yeah; hang on a second, Sakura," she told the younger kunoichi. She got up and stretched, groaning. "Ahh… That feels good. Let's go!"

Sakura's desk was a middle-sized, wooden desk not unlike Temari's. When the spiky-pigtailed woman asked where she wanted it, Sakura decided to stay next to Temari. Using the tremendous strength that Tsunade has taught her to wield, she lifted the desk and carefully set it down. The chair looked exactly like the one the Hokage sometimes chucked out her window.

Both girls settled down and Sakura began reading the reports on the various women who were currently in Suna – and, she suspected, causing no end of annoyance to the poor Kage. And not all of them were young, either. She shuddered as she read some of the profiles. She could be his grandmother!

"So, Temari-chan; how'd you get him to put up with this?" she asked after a while.

Temari laughed evilly. "Nothing. He finally agreed that it was time to settle down and get a girlfriend." At her friend's impatient, disbelieving gaze, she relented and confessed, "Well, actually, it's true. I just had to bug him about it and I also stole his teddy bear and held it hostage. I think that might have something to do with it." She continued to laugh evilly.

Sakura sweatdropped. "That's not really agreeing, then… Is it?" Temari was too deep in her evil laughing to hear, so she sighed and went back to reading.


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