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Chapter two.

"We're tailing her." Darryl Morris muttered determinedly, the second Piper was out of earshot.

Leo turned to watch her leave. Free of charge, due to insufficient evidence. But not before she turned and gave Darryl a smug smile, followed by a 'thanks for the tea' remark. She tossed her long, slightly dishevelled dark hair over her shoulder, and walked confidently towards the exit.

She looked as rested and awake as Leo had ever seen anyone. Not like she'd spent half the night unconscious in a prison cell, and the other being interviewed, deliberately avoiding questions. Her wit had certainly lasted the night. So had that look in her eyes. He couldn't quite describe it. It was a difference. Uniqueness. Slightly pretentious, but mysterious, and compelling at the same time.

He, on the other hand, felt awful. Sleep deprived, and desperately in need of a nice hot shower and a change of clothes. He hated the night shift.

"Why?" he asked.

"What do you mean 'why'?" Darryl snapped.

"'Insufficient evidence.' That's a technicality Leo. It doesn't mean anything. And it sure as hell doesn't mean that she hasn't done anything wrong. Maybe if you managed to tear your eyes away from her ass for two seconds, you'd realize that."

Leo glanced at his partner, and decided it was best not to pretend that his eyes hadn't slid down Piper's back, and stayed focused there for slightly too long. It would have been futile to argue when Darryl was in a mood like this.

Instead he offered a grin.

"Sorry. My eyes are now focused on whatever part of you, you want them to be."

Despite himself, Darryl smiled. But it soon faded.

"I talked it over with Harris. She agrees that 'little miss ass' might be into something bigger than we first thought. A description very similar to hers pops up in a lot of files Leo. We got orders to follow her. See if we can find anything."

Leo nodded.

"For the record, I think its pointless." He told him.

"We've got one witness. One very elderly and confused witness, who says he thinks that Piper maybe had a gun. We found no gun. No bullets. No bullet cases. No injured people…. Do you see where I'm going with this?"

"We've found none of these things yet." Darryl countered.

"It doesn't mean they're not there. And whether she had a gun or not Leo, the girl still went psycho in the middle of a shopping mall, caused three counts of criminal damage and resisted arrest, injuring five police officers. 'That sound normal to you?"

"Okay, okay, I'm in. just don't blame me when she turns out to be an angelic little church goer, who works in a charity shop and volunteers on weekends."

"Not gonna happen…"

Two hours later, Leo was parked in an undercover police car, with Darryl. He'd been home, showered, changed, and downed as much coffee as was humanly possible in the half an hour allocated.

The likelihood of Piper being an angelic little church goer had taken a severe battering when they saw the estate she lived on. It was one of those places that you had to be tough to walk through, let alone live in. this point was proved pretty early on, when the fact that they were sitting the car only just saved it from being graffitied.

Darryl gave him a triumphant look.

"Doesn't prove a thing." Leo said stubbornly.

"She lives in the second apartment on the third floor." Darryl told him, nodding towards the block closest to them.

"The one with Nirvana's latest noise blaring out of it. –Guess we can add bad taste in music to our list…"

Leo glared at him indignantly.

"I have that album."
"I know… and I feel for ya."

"And it's not exactly recent, given the fact that Kurt Cobain died over ten years ago…"

Leo sighed. This was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. For a start, he was exhausted. Wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed. He didn't need to sit here and be slated for his music taste, by someone who didn't even know that the greatest rock band in history were disbanded. Secondly, who would be stupid enough to get arrested, then incriminate themselves by something else just hours later? There was no point in being here.

"'Little miss ass' at one o clock." Darryl said, interrupting his thoughts.

Leo blinked. He glanced up to the second floor and saw that Darryl was right. Someone who looked a lot like Piper was on the move. Dressed all in black, with a hat placed on a deliberate slant to hide her pretty face. Was she trying to look inconspicuous? Maybe she wasn't as clever as Leo had given her credit for.

Piper made her way down the rusted steel stairs, and then stopped. Looked straight at the car. For a second Leo thought she had seen them. Then a young looking man, with slightly long dark hair, swaggered past.

"Hey." He greeted.

Piper looked disgusted.

"Don't you fucking 'hey' me." She snapped angrily, and kept on walking.

"Piper, hang on." The man insisted, catching her arm.

She immediately shook him off.

"Or not."

He smiled a self assured, smarmy smile.

"It's not like I got you arrested." He grinned.

"If you're stupid enough to-"

"I am not stupid." She interrupted.

He raised a patronizing eyebrow at her, evidently not agreeing.

"Are you okay?" he asked boredly, sounding like he didn't really care what the answer was.

Piper seemed to notice this. She glared at him. One hand on her hip.

"Mark, don't even pretend that your not here for any other reason than to check daddy's favourite toy's not broken."

Mark laughed at this, and the sound seemed to soften Piper. He closed the distance between them. Slowly brought a hand up to her face, and tilted it upwards so she had to look at him.

"Piper…." He whispered almost soundlessly, his face edging closer to hers. Close enough to kiss.

"We both know you've always been broken."

"Fuck you!" she spat, taking a step back from him, apparently angry at herself for letting him near her.

She turned. He blocked her path.

"Well that's not very nice is it?"

Piper shoved him. Hard. He stumbled. Almost fell. Not recovering until she was well into the process of storming off.

Leo glanced at Darryl, who raised a triumphant eyebrow at him.

"Daddy's favourite toy? Well… that was interesting…"

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