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The Clique-All Grown Up

Claire: Claire became a photographer for Vogue and enjoys every second of it. She and her husband Cam Fisher (Jr. High, High school sweetheart) are trying to get pregnant but it's coming a little more difficult than they thought. Will they ever succeed?

Massie: Designer bags, shoes, clothes, etcetera! Massie is living the life she's always dreamed as a fashion designer. But men aren't a big concern to her right now and neither is being a parent. In fact she plans to stay single for quite a while longer because she is incredibly busy. Can Derrington, who is currently in town with

Alicia: Alicia is working with Massie on their new designer fashion line but unlike Massie, she's got a whole hell of a lot of boys falling at her feet. What will she choose? The boys or her best friend?

Kristen: Money machine!! No time for friends? She hasn't spoken to the rest of the Pretty Committee since God knows when. She's a filthy rich medical doctor now but has that caused her to forget about the best friends she ever had?

Dylan: Doing the usual thing, trying to keep off all that weight she gained from her pregnancy with twins Emma and Erik. And her marriage with her husband Jason is on the rocks ever since she found out he was cheating on her and she is determined to find out who his other lover is.

Monday, October 15th
11:00 pm

Massie sketched away in her design journal as she thought of new ideas for designer clothing line's winter fashions. She sipped on coffee as she drew. It was going to be a late night again. It was October and she still hadn't completed half of her winter clothing and accessories! She usually had it all finished by early November.

Alicia Rivera, one of her nearest and dearest friends wasn't helping either. Instead of working her ass of every night thinking of new ideas, she was off having sex with random men. The next day Alicia would always be the center of attention because of her wonderful night. While Massie Block was having to work all by herself in her huge, lonely apartment. Whoop de doo.

Just then, Massie's cell phone rang. She picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It was Claire Fisher. It sounded so weird, saying Claire Fisher. Just a week and a half ago she'd been Claire Lyons. Massie answered it.
"Hey!" Massie said, still sketching a handbag.
"Hi, Massie. I was just calling to chat a bit. I know it's late but I'm totally off schedule." Claire said happily.
"No that's fine! I am too...but do you mind me asking why you are off schedule?" said Massie finishing her sketch and walking out into the living area of her Penthouse apartment.
"Well...I really haven't told anyone yet. But I trust you with this information. Cam and I are trying to get pregnant. And...the nights have of course been really late." Claire replied.
"No way! How is the sex? Is he good?"
Claire giggled a little bit at Massie's comment.
"Yeah...it's awesome. He looks really sexy when he's all sweaty and completely naked."
Both girls laughed.
"Man...I can't believe you have a husband...and a sex life! I don't even have a boyfriend!" Massie said twisting her brown hair around her finger and looking out at the city lights of New York. It looked so beautiful. Massie was proud to call it her home.
"I know! But if you really want a sex life, you have to get a boyfriend." said Claire.
"I really don't have time! Alicia isn't helping me at all with our winter project and it just gets on my last nerve that I have to deal with her going out and having sex with this one guy every night. It's not fair and we will be toast if we don't have our new winter fashions out within the next 3 weeks."
"God, why does Alicia always have to be about the sex?" Claire said.

"I know, right?…You'll never believe this! I got a call from Derrington yesterday." Massie said, using Derrick Herrington, her ex-boyfriend's pet name.

"From who?" Claire asked as if she didn't understand what Massie was talking about.

"Derrick Herrington!" Massie replied.

"No way! Why did he call you? I thought you guys were over like 5 years ago!" said Claire.

"Correction, 3 years ago…right after college is when we broke up. Damn we'd been together a long time." Massie heard groans of pleasure in the background. She instantly knew Claire was no longer listening.

"Oh...look, I've gotta go. Cam is trying to make out with me and it's hard to do that and talk at the same time. Much love. I hope to talk to you soon!"

"Kay…good luck." Massie said, but Claire had already hung up.

Massie missed gossiping with her friends and being the queen bee in school and having a boyfriend. She had lost touch with Kristen and hadn't bothered to make her relationship with Derrick work out. She was so busy with other things that she forgot what all of this was like.

She picked up the phone to call Kristen but then she remembered that her phone number had changed and she hadn't told any of TPC what the new number was. Massie flopped back onto her bed and began working on her designs again. She sipped on her coffee and sketched…sipped on her coffee…sketched…all alone in her huge penthouse apartment.