Nov. 13th 1929

Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute

Patient File: (B)

Name: Burrows Elizabeth A.

Number: 75160B

Age at Admission: 16 yrs.

Symptoms: hallucinations, paranoia, self mutilation

Notes: Patient suffers from schizophrenia and acute depression. ECT and/or lobotomy recommended.
Use restraints liberally if patient harms self. Time in Saturation Chamber may be required.

That's me. Or that was me. It feels so long ago. When I first crossed those doors, there was only a fragment of hope left in me. I still thought I could be saved. Someone could make the voices stop.

Was I ever wrong.

Incase you haven't figured it out already, I'm dead. I died in these walls along with the others. Seventy years ago in the great fire that burned this place alive. We're all still here...

I wander these crumbling halls night and day. I don't see any of the others but I know they're here. I don't like to see them. The fear and hatred of this place has warped them into something horrible. As if a chasm to hell opened in basement, releasing its menagerie of demons.

I would have become one of them if it were not for something left behind.

A typewriter. The only machine not used for pain in this vile pit. The humidity has kept the ink preserved, but my paper supply is running out.
So I have to use what I can. Even spirits get bored.

You might wonder how a "ghost" can use a typewriter. There's alot more to spirits than what you think. We can manipulate our environment.

Its the only way we get noticed.

I'm running low on paper. So I'll amuse you with more records.

Nov. 16th 1929

Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute

Number: 75160B

Day: 03

Began water therapy. Patient restrained in water for three hours. 75160B expressed great anger at session. Left in tub for extra hour.

Removed from session at 1:00 pm. Given shower to remove urine odor. Patient refused to attend lunch. Stayed in room for rest of the day.

Day: 05

Scanned patient's brain wave patterns. Head Nurse Stockard monitored process. Placed electrode sensors under scalp. 75160B expressed violence during session. Restraints needed. No sedatives administered.

Data showed sporadic brain waves. Schizophrenia diagnosis consistent was findings.

Those first days were hell. But I had no clue as to what horrors lay ahead. It wasn't just the agonizing "sessions". Behind these walls, I wasn't a person. None of us were. I still remember my old cell. A simple bed and barred window. I bet my old hand prints are still there. They gashed me up something bad that day.

I managed to find more paper. The electroshock room. Of all the sick places to store typewriter scrolls! The wires are dead now but they still make me feel ill. I also found one of the others there.

Gerta Furlou lay shackled to the table with a rubber bite-gag in her teeth. Her empty eye-sockets staring right through me. She died on that table.
Vannacutt was in one of his experimental moods. How much electricity the human body could endure. Her eyeballs exploded five minutes into the session.

Normally we don't see eachother. If it wasn't for their wails, you'd think I was the only one here. Gertie must really be lonely.

I first started hearing the voices when I was fourteen. All day long, they whispered demonic utterances. Filling my head with the most unholy thoughts imaginable. For two long years, I lived with these demons. At times they even revealed themselves to me.
Flamion has no mouth and was covered in keloid scars. He told me to burn things.

Moritz urged me to cut myself. His bleeding eyes gleaming whenever I slit my wrists. But Lin was the worst.

It was she who planted the abominable thoughts. She told me my mother had ripped my baby brother from her womb and baked him for supper. Because of Lin, I never ate anything my mother cooked again.

After I died, the demons never ravaged my mind again. It may have killed me, but I was finally cured.