Judgment Day had arrived. All afternoon we stewed in our cells, waiting for just the right moment to strike. The staff had to be caught completely off guard. So for much of the day, it was business as usual in hell. Unfortunately, this meant sacrificing one of our own to Vannacutt's whims. As punishment for the uprising, Billy Bergren became the subject of the good doctor's curiosity. Vannacutt wanted to study the internal organs of the insane. But he had grown bored of the many cadavers that kept piling up around here. No. He wanted to see the organs alive!

I watched from my cell as Billy was strapped down to a gurney kicking and screaming. His head jammed into a wooden vise. I couldn't bear to think of what they would do the poor imbecile. But Robert's tapping code reassured my shattered nerves.

"Just a little while longer, Ellie."

Jacob Burns made the first killing. While an orderly escorted him to the toilet, Jacob rammed a sharpened piece of scrap metal through the hapless man's throat. It was quick and surprisingly quiet. But orderly was stupid. Never trust a psychopath. Even when he's been on good behavior.

Keys in hand, Jacob released me and a couple other patients from their cells. But we weren't going to rebel just yet. We needed a distraction. That's where Philip Kilbride came in.

For the life and death of me, I cant imagine what they were thinking when the admitted Philip. A year younger than me, his only affliction was a violent case of epilepsy. Other then that, he was the most gentle and kindest boy you'd ever meet. And it was his placid demeanor that bought us some time to free more of our army.

With all the innocence of a child, Philip stood before the nurses station. A burly looking male nurse was getting ready for his shift. To drown out the wailing of the patients, he turned on the Victrola. Nurse Beebe had terrible taste in music. It made me pine for the days my family and I would sit around the radio listening to Big Band broadcast.

Agitated by his presence, Nurse Beebe looked up from sharpening his pencils to see Philip gazing at him from behind the glass. The poor boy wore a glazed smile one often sees in someone who's had electroshock. Seeing the Philip as harmless, the nurse paid him no heed and went back to work.

That's when we struck!

Nurse Beebe never knew what hit him. Jacob made short work of him with the help of Beebe's pencils.

With the nurse dispatched, Robert and I set out to release more patients. It was during this mission, I got my first dose or revenge. Just by chance, we ran into Dr. Marr. The very bastard that ordered the lobotomy that cost me my eye. With all the strength that comes from rage and madness, I tackled him to the the ground and stabbed him in the eye with the keys. Just thought I'd repay him the favor.

Before you get all holier-than-thou on me, know this. I didn't kill Dr. Marr. I didn't kill anyone. I left their deaths in the hands of patients who had been more scorned than I.
I just wanted to take from them what they had taken from me.
While I made my rounds about the hospital, I played a game in my head. How many nurses and orderlies I could blind in the course of our revolution. My favorite trophy came from Nurse Bowen. She had such pretty hazel eyes. Just like my left one used to be.

I don't remember much of what happened next. Everything sort of blends into a haze. The once orderly hospital quickly devolved into a vortex of chaos. Mobs of patients roamed the halls, claiming every victim in their path. And we would have gotten away had Vannacutt not pulled the switch. In the midst of this maelstrom, the death knell of the steel plates sounded throughout the building. We were all sealed in. But like Robert said, so were they.

While the revolution roared on, some of the patients got into the hospital archives and set about burning the files. That was the final nail in the coffin. The fire spread quickly. It was as though the flames had been fanned by all our pent-up anger. I remember standing in the electroshock room watching that infernal device being devoured by flames. The inferno inching ever closer towards me. But there was no use in running. In that spot, I let the fire feast on me. I laughed and wept at the same time. My wish was finally being granted. Atlast I was allowed to die. At that time, I was so full of hope.
I would be taken away from all this pain. In time, I could even be reunited with my family...

But this place had other plans.

The Vannacutt Hospital doesn't want to be alone. We are all it's trophies. A testimate of the sheer evil man can do to his fellow beings. As I sit here alone, I often wonder if people will ever come back here. The populace see the hospital as a curse that can never be lifted. And because of this, the building still stands.

But the world is changing. Every day, I stand in wait for someone to come back. To realize the full magnitude of what happened here. Maybe in the future, they will see what an awful blight this place is and destroy it once and for all. That is why I write these words. A ghost can use a typewriter, but we cannot tear down this hospital.

To anyone who finds these notes, please, burn this place to the ground! I want to go home. We all do. Be our angel and set us free.