An SPK Christmas. Chapter Seven.

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That Wonderful Time of Year Again

by Darkness Princess


A Happy Holiday

Mello could not believe he had landed in such a position. First, the fact that Near had driven him to such a thing irritated him, but then to have his best friend turn on him as well was awful. Matt was definitely going to get it when they returned to his apartment, if Near let them return. There were always those odd quirks which came with the white-platinum boy in front of him.

And Near looked so calm. He always looked calm, whether he was bored or so excited he could barely contain it. Mello didn't understand, but right now, he wasn't happy about it. As Near just watched him quietly, Mello glared, wanting to pull out his gun and land bullet upon bullet into his thin chest. The pajamas hid nothing; Mello already knew Near was scrawny as anything... Most likely skinnier than Matt.

He wasn't really sure why he was sitting there still, the angry look plastered on his scarred face, but he hadn't moved. He really needed to move.

Near leaned forward, their faces only inches apart.

Mello needed to move, wanted to... couldn't. The pressure seemed so overwhelming that he could barely breathe.

Near leaned closer, then smiled. "Merry Christmas, Mello."

He pressed his lips upon the blonde's, and for a few seconds, the two shared a sweet, gentle kiss under the mistle toe. Near pulled away, leaving his friend blushing and staring, before the boy sat back, breathing heavily.

Matt snickered, stifled it, but soon burst out laughing, reaching into his pocket for a new cigarette. He was still laughing as he finally sparked the end, and ended up coughing and falling into Rester's chair as he attempted to smoke while laughing.

"Matt, shut up..." Mello hissed, his eyes narrowed, though his face still blushed with embarassment.

Hal walked over with a happy grin. If it was still in the holiday mood, and Mello hadn't moved from under the mistletoe... waltzing over, she placed a sweet little kiss on his lips, and soon joined Near by the tree, reaching for a present. "Gevani, this one's yours."

It took Mello a few more seconds to finally move, shifting over to the door, but Rester shook his head and pointed to the tree. Now that he was there, he was stuck for a little. This... really sucked. Or something... that kiss wasn't half bad. He wasn't sure which kiss he meant, but it didn't matter. It was still alarming.

Matt wheeled the chair over, grabbing another present. His eyes lit up with joy behind the orange lenses as he looked at the video game. House of the Dead Nine. More slaughtering, all perfect for him. Mello could only roll his eyes; he didn't want to wake up to another blood-curling scream and think his neighbors are being massacred...

A gift was being presented under his nose. Mello looked up quietly, to see Near sitting in front of him, offering the present with one hand while he twirled a lock of his hair with the other. "Here, Mello... I got you something."

Mello grumbled his thanks, taking the gift with both hands. Then, like a greedy child, he ripped into the wrapping paper, lifting the box lid. His eyes widened...

"You... like?"

Mello was speechless. So he used the one tactic he knew always got him out of words. He grabbed a chocolate bar from the box, tugged off a part of the wrapper, and sunk his teeth into the sweet goodness.

"Oh God..." he murmured, looking up, as if some sort of chocolate-covered dream.

Near couldn't help but smile.


A few hours had finally gone by before most of them had gone to sleep to the rooms in the back. Rester gave up on guarding the front door, Hal quit worrying on if they needed cookies and milk and if Gevani bought eggnog, and Matt had finally said his eyes were spinning from the video game. It left three of the six in the first room, Mello lying on his back, his head in Near's lap as Near stroked his soft locks. Matt had ended up falling asleep curled in the office chair.

"Mello?" Near whispered.

Mello's ears opened and stared at his friend. He hadn't been sleeping, and even though his eyes were closed, he was munching on the kisses in his present box. "Wha?" he asked.

"You're not angry at me, are you?"

Mello grinned. "Perhaps. You do piss me off, a lot. Like the entire chase today." The smile faltered, and now he frowned as he looked at Near. "You turned my friend against me, after you kidnapped him, then you get your lackeys to hold me at gunpoint. You should know I don't like being at the wrong end of a barrel..."

Near frowned. "I'm sorry... I just wanted to see you..."

Mello stretched a hand up, chocolate-covered fingers gently running against Near's cheek. "I know, Near," he said calmly. Near's eyes turned toward the smudge of chocolate, and he looked at Mello again, a tad confused.


From Mello?

This was actually rather odd. But everything seemed odd. Mello had bought gifts for other people, then he actually stayed during this entire ordeal of presents and fussing and food. He was perfectly fine with his chocolates, it seemed; if anything, the sweets made him rather submissive to such holiday torture. It was odd, but now Mello seemed calm and peaceful, if not somewhat happy.

Happy with being with Near, instead of being as far away as possible. Near felt happy, genuinely happy, and though he didn't smile, he knew that Mello knew. Mello sighed softly, pushing himself to sit up. Near watched him, trying to figure out his next move. He could wake Matt and run, or he could attack the tree, or maybe he was only going to the bathroom. Who knew when it came to an unpredictable genius.

Mello reached into his presents box and pulled out one chocolate item. He unwrapped the foil, crumpling it beneath his fingers, then dropped it. His brown-stained tongue slid out, and soon, he placed the chocolate on it. Near couldn't help but watch in interest at Mello's seductive devouring technique.

He was very surprised when Mello pounced. Chocolate-flavored lips were pressed against Near's, a tongue parting his, touching his own. Slowly, Near felt himself being pushed back, now laying against the tile floor as Mello pounced on top of him, blonde locks falling around both of their faces. Experienced fingers tugged at his white pajamas, sliding across his chest over the cotton fabric. His hand slid up, tugging some of the shirt with it, before moving downward again, sliding down to his waist, lower...

It left Near feeling powerful and breathless when Mello pulled away and sat up, licking his lips with a broad smile as he turned away and reached in for more chocolates.

Near tasted fresh chocolate under the flavor of Mello. A melting Hershey's Kiss lay on his tongue. As he sat up, he shut his mouth quickly and chewed.

Wow... That was some chocolatey kiss.

Near was still watching Mello as he ate the chocolate, disposing half-crumpled foil squares onto the floor next to the box. Mello seemed to ignore him, for a moment or two, before looking up.

Mello looked at him strangely.

"Uh... Mello...?" Near began, ready to ask why he had been kissed. But his next question took a different direction when he noticed the look on Mello's face.

Hunger... pure, dangerous hunger. Mello attacked again, holding his face still with one hand as he began to run his tongue along the chocolate smears on Near's cheek. Near cringed, trying to fight off the blonde, but Mello had always been more active, more powerful. He ran his teeth along Near's cheek, and Mello stiffened.

"Mello, p-ple--ack!"

Mello almost bit him!

He wasn't chocolate!

These were the things that made him almost regret getting Mello to come. But, strangely, it was also a very kinky way of Mello to say something he didn't say out loud.

Merry Christmas, Near.



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