Author's Notes: Pretty Cure fanfiction. Takes place around season two. Although this will be mainly a fluffy story, I tried out some action scenes as well to give it a better storyline.

The wind blew through my hair as I leapt from the rooftop onto a lower one beneath it. Rolling to cushion my fall, I took a small moment to take in my surroundings. Cure Black slid to a halt a few paces to my side and Belzei landed in front of us easily. The short enemy made a small beckoning motion with his hand that sent Black into a furious rampage. The distance between them closed quickly and the two were fighting hard before I managed to catch up. Jumping into the mix, I managed to land in a few blows using my partner to the fullest advantage. Belzei growled and lashed out his foot quickly. My body bent backwards to avoid it, but my nose was still clipped and I soon tasted a bleak coppery fluid in my mouth. Coughing, it flecked my lips and made my partner even madder. Lashing out a war cry, Black ran forward to avenge me. I could tell she wasn't thinking straight through her anger and was soon punched in the stomach and swept kicked off the building, Belzei grabbing her hand before she fell.




"Black!" Cure White froze, seeing her partner dangling over the edge of the building. Belzei pulled upwards quickly, making Cure Black lift up a brief moment before having her hand caught again, this time only by the two middle fingers. "Let her go!" White yelled out, making the taste in her throat stronger.

"Where are the stone's powers being hidden?" Belzei demanded, gripping Black's fingers harder and causing the girl to scream out. "If you don't answer, your partner will pay for it.

Cure White met her partner's eyes and then followed them to a small ledge beneath her. Taking the hint, she glared back at Belzei. "I'm not telling!" The words worked and her opponent snarled angrily. Instead of dropping Black like she had planned, instead he gripped his hand tighter and slung the hostage at her. Two sickening cracks were faintly heard before she got an armful of a screaming Cure Black.

Before Belzei could make another attack, Juna fazed in front of him to deliver a message. "Belzei, the Dark King wishes for all of us to come to him immediately." And with that short message, the blue clad man vanished.

"I'll come back to deal with you," Belzei snarled before jumping backwards and disappearing as well.

"Black! Are you okay?" Cure White cradled the crying girl in her arms and sat down on her knees so her partner could rest against her. "Let me see your hand." The blond answered by shaking her head quickly. Instead she used her legs to push herself closer against White's body, as if it could ease her pain. "Let me see," White repeated again, gently putting her hand on her friends and slowly prying the fingers off Black's other hand. Black started breathing harder and whimpered, using her now free hand to wrap around White's waist and press against her harder.

The sight made White's stomach turn. The two middle fingers on her partner's hands were bent oddly, obviously broken clean. The hand twitched and Black cried out, pressing her face against White's lap and breathed faster. "Black, I need to set them." Her answer was a quick shaking of her friend's head and attempt to pull her hand back. Gripping her wrist, White spoke again. "Black, I need to set them right, okay?" This time she got a quick single nod and felt the hold on her tighten to a point where it almost hurt.

Slowly the blue haired girl took one of the fingers and gave it a small twist, making her partner scream out in her lap, but getting the job done. "It's all right … it's all right, Sweetie." She took a free hand and stroked her partner's hair to calm her down. "Once more, okay?" Again she got a nod and the girl repeated the technique a second time.

Cure Black screamed out again, but then noticeably calmed. She felt her hair being stroked and soft words spoken to her. Ever so slowly she pulled back from her partner's lap and rolled over so she could lay against White, resting her head on the other girl's shoulder. "Well," She breathed out shakily. "That hurt like hell. How is your nose?"

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine." White smiled down at her friend, despite dripping blood from her nose. "Just busted, not broken. We need to get you to a hospital, though."

"I don't think I can walk right now."

"You're in shock," Cure White held her friend close and wrapped her arms around the girl. "Its probably best we get you to medical aid while you're still disorientated. So you won't be nervous."

"My fingers are broken." Black spoke, looking at them. "He broke my fingers…"

"Its going to be fine Darling," White soothed her, standing and picking the girl up in her arms. "Hold on, I'm going to run to the hospital."

"Lacrosse accident you say?" The doctor asked the blue haired girl as he examined Nagisa's hand.

"Yes, she fell down and fingers got caught in the net of her racket and I tripped. Landed on her and busted my nose and hurt her fingers." Honoka smiled uneasily at Nagisa, who looked even more out of it than normal after being given a pain numbing shot. "She'll be okay right?"

"Oh yes, yes. Things like this happen all the time. We'll put a cast on her hand and she'll be good as new in four to six weeks."

"Any way to cut that down?" Honoka scratched her cheek as she watched the doctor tape Nagisa's fingers together before putting a splint over them. "Like, can she play Lacrosse soon without damaging her hand?"

"If she wants them to heal crooked, by all means." The doctor gave Honoka a stern look. "Don't let her do that, okay?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now let me take a look at your nose."

"No more Lacrosse?" Nagisa asked sleepily, resting her head on Honoka's shoulder as they rode the train. "I can still play in the tournament, right?"

Honoka awkwardly tried to think of a tasteful way of telling her friend that there was now way she would allow her to play. "I don't think you should play until your hand heals up."

"I wanna play." Nagisa looked up at her, eyes not quite focusing. "Honoka, let me play."

"That won't do." She looked down at her friend. "Wow you're really drugged up aren't you?"

"I don't feel good." The blond laid her head back against her friends shoulder and closed her eyes. "I can't concentrate."

"Just rest, you'll be home soon."

"Honoka?" Nagisa heard a hum to show that her friend was listening. "What are we fighting for?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just that." Closing her eyes, she let out a sigh. "I can't have a normal day. I can't play lacrosse now. I can't turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without seeing 'Pretty Cure' somewhere on it. Its just annoying sometimes that we don't get anything from all this."

"You want something from it?"

"Well… no, not like that…" Nagisa took a breath and tried to decide how to word what she was thinking. "I just wish people wouldn't bother us. Not try and make us famous or profit off our battles by recording it and the only thing we get from it is interference."

"But because of it, people cheer us on. Isn't that nice?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it, if it wasn't for people encouraging me it would be a lot harder. But still…"

"Don't let it bother you Sweetie. It was only a matter of time before people took notice to us."

"That name again."


Nagisa looked up at her friend and gave her a soft smile. " 'Sweetie'. I like it."

Honoka felt her cheeks color a little. "Then just rest, Sweetie. You'll be home soon."


Nagisa walked into her house and sighed. "I'm home," she stated as she kicked off her shoes. A cheer made her walk into the living room, where her family was watching the television. Upon closer inspection, she realized that it was, ironically, something about Pretty Cure. "What's going on?"

"A security camera caught one of their battles on film!" Ryouta told her excitedly. "That's about to play it!"

Nagisa sighed to herself. "Why bother watching it?"

Ryouta turned around and glared at her. "What is it with you and complaining about Pretty Cure being on TV?"

"Don't you think its annoying for them to be constantly pestered about all this?" Her question fell on deaf ears, however, as the recording of the battle played. 'Aw man, they could have at LEAST got a fight where I didn't get my butt whooped…' Her eyes scanned the room for the remote and walked toward it. As she picked it up she heard her alter ego scream bloody murder as her fingers were broken. 'Just hearing it makes me sick to my stomach…' She pressed the power button, instantly getting complaints from the other three people watching. "Chill out, the battle was over anyway."

"Nagisa, why are you in such a foul mood today?" Her mother demanded.

"I'm not in the mood for this!" She retorted, turning to walk out.

"Sister's just upset she isn't in Pretty Cure." Ryouta taunted back to her, making the girl stop.

"Why would I want to be part of a group that has to fight some freaky dark king bent on consuming the world in darkness and get beat up at least once a week!?"

"For boys," Her mother answered quickly.

"And chocolate!" Ryouta chimed in.

"And in the name of the moon!" Her father finished, getting laughs.

"I can't believe this!" Nagisa turned back to her family and threw out her good hand in frustration. "You think their pain and battles are amusing!?"

"It's you using that fame that would be amusing!" Ryouta got up and ran past her, bumping into Nagisa's side in the process.

The girl cried out and removed her hand from her pocket and cradled it, tears springing to her eyes. "Nagisa, what's wrong with your hand?" Her mother asked, walking over to her.

"Oh so now someone else's pain isn't amusing anymore?" She glared at her family.

"Nagisa we know you're their biggest fan, you don't have to get so defensive about it, now let me see your hand."

"I still say she's in it for the chocolate," Ryouta called from whichever room he ran off in.

"And boys!" Her mom called back, laughing.

Before she knew it, Nagisa's good hand stung lightly. Her mother was looking to the side, slowly bringing her own hand up to touch the cheek that her daughter had just slapped. "What's so funny, huh!?" New tears came to Nagisa's eyes as she shouted. "You think I'd do it for boys and chocolate!? You think I'd choose to fight and get hurt for such simple reasons!? Well!? Do you!?"


Turning, Nagisa walked out of the room quickly, angrily wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt, finally revealing the cast on her hand to her family. Her bedroom door slammed loudly and she fell onto her bed, crying into her pillow.

"Nagisa, are you okay?" Mepple popped into his real form and touched the girl's head. "Don't cry-Mepo. I'm sure they didn't mean it like that-Mepo."

Sobbing, Nagisa buried her head deeper into the pillow. "Not now, Mepple. I just want to be alone…"

A soft knock came on her door a moment later. "Nagisa? Can I come in?" The girl didn't answer her mother and heard the doorknob try to turn. "Nagisa, lets talk. I want to see your hand." Again she stayed silent.

Her mother sighed and walked away from the room and into the kitchen where Takashi was just putting down the phone. "I just called Yukishiro," he greeted her. "Nagisa had an accident while practicing Lacrosse. Two fingers on her right hand are broken."

"Oh my…" Rie turned back to go to her daughter's room again but her husband put his hand on her shoulder.

"Leave her alone for now, Yukishiro said that the medication she got today made her moody."


Honoka leaned forward on her desk to inspect herself closer in the mirror. Mipple sat aside from her, also looking at the girls face. "What do you think?" The girl asked the animal like creature.

"You can't tell-Mipo."

"It's swollen, I know it." Honoka sighed and gingerly touched her nose.

"Don't mess with it-Mipo! It'll bleed again!"

"You're right…" With a small sigh, she stood and picked her friend up. "We should get in bed, its getting late." The girl stopped when her friend went stiff a moment. "Mipple?"

"I feel Mepple close by!" She called happily up at her.

"Mepple?" Honoka walked out of her bedroom and looked around her yard. After a moment Nagisa came into view, walking slowly with her head down. "Nagisa?"

"Hey," She greeted lamely when close enough. Mepple popped from her belt and hugged his girlfriend before pulling her away to talk. "Can I stay the night?"

"What's wrong?" Honoka took her good hand and lead the girl into her room. "It's almost eleven, what are you doing out so late?"

"I kind of had a falling out with my family…"

"Do they know you're here?"

"I left a note."

Honoka sighed.

"So that's what happened…" Honoka spoke her thoughts aloud as she finger combed her friend's hair. She was sitting up on her bed, resting against her headboard with Nagisa lying with her head in Honoka's lap. "I'm sure they didn't really mean what they said. If you weren't actually part of Pretty Cure, you probably would have just stormed off to your room for a few minutes."

"Like you said earlier, people cheering us on helps out a lot… But hearing my family say that stuff just…"

"I know, don't worry." Honoka's hand got a knot in Nagisa's hair, making the girl wince a little. "Comb your hair every now and then, Sweetie."

"It'll just get messed up again," The blond replied, looking at her friend. Reaching up, she took the hand in her hair and interlaced their fingers. "How's your nose?"

"It feels weird but at least it doesn't hurt. I still sound funny though."

"Just like you have a cold or something."

"You're not helping." The two girls grinned at each other a moment before Honoka gently lifted her friend's head and slid down to lay next to her. "Get some sleep, you look exhausted."

"I had a rough day," Nagisa half way laughed. "And the pain killers make me feel really weird and sleepy."

"You going to skip school tomorrow?"

"I want to, but the sooner I let my team know I won't be playing the sooner they can plan around it."

Honoka gave her friend an encouraging smile. "It'll heal before you know it. Just rest for now okay Nagisa?"


"Hm?" Honoka blinked.

"Am I not 'Sweetie' anymore?"

Honoka gave her a happy laugh. "Okay, okay." She leaned up and pecked her friend on the forehead. "Good night, Sweetie."

Nagisa grinned. "G'night Honoka."