Author's notes: This chapter contains slightly adult situations. Nothing major at, but just a warning.

Humming to myself, I opened the door to my house and walked into the front yard. "Grandmother, I'm home!" I called out, stopping a moment to pet my dog. "Hey Chutaro," I greeted him. "Did you have a good day?" He barked at me and ran off to do whatever it is that he does when I'm not around. Continuing along my way, I noticed that my grandmother wasn't in her room. I walked around to the kitchen and saw an envelope on the counter. Picking it up, I took out some money and read the note along with it. "Honoka," I started aloud. "One of my dear old friends came by and we are going out to dinner together. Why don't you and your friend do the same tonight? I already made reservations for you at the French restaurant you always want to go to. " A hot blush went across my cheeks. This would technically be our first date together, and my first one ever.

Broken III



Honoka looked in the mirror and applied a little more makeup to her nose. Although it didn't swell up like she though it would, it was still slow on healing and she had to wear a little thing across it to help it mend correctly. Naturally she covered it up so it was barely noticeable at all, but she still found herself looking closely at the mirror once again while putting in her ear rings. "Okay… How do I look?"

"Pretty-Mipo," Mipple encouraged. "Why are you so enthusiastic about tonight-mipo? You and Nagisa have gone out together several times-Mipo."

"This is a little different," Honoka explained as she put on a necklace. "We're going on a date, not just going out." She wore a light blue dress that flared at her waist and matching white high heels. Her hair was put up, leaving a few twigs to twirl around her face and neck "I hope I'm not going overboard…" A knock came on the door before Mipple could reply. "Come in!"

Nagisa opened the door and stepped in slowly; adjusting the collar to the button up shirt she wore. The girl had on khaki pants and dark dress shoes along with a dull bluish white shirt and a darker undone tie. "I can't believe this stuff was over here." Nagisa half stated, half complained. "I never thought I'd wear it after that stupid reverse beauty pageant thing out school had."

"Aw, you made a cute guy!" Honoka protested her friend as she walked over to her. "Besides, it was for charity. Remember how Fujipi looked in that dress?" Both girls giggled at the memory and Nagisa went back to trying to fix her tie. "Here, let me help." She reached up and started to loop the tie correctly. "You didn't have to cross dress for me, you know." Her hands went around Nagisa's collar and straightened it out, setting the tie correctly.

"Yeah, but it's the only nice looking cloths I have at your house." Nagisa pulled on her jacket and posed for her friend. "How do I look?"

"Like a perfect boy!" Mepple commented from the inside breast pocket of Nagisa's jacket.

"No one asked you!"

"You look Handsome," Honoka picked up her purse and Mipple, sliding her friend into her pouch and into the bag. "I'm ready too."

"Then lets go," Nagisa offered her arm, which Honoka took with a small laugh.

"Uwah!" Nagisa gaped at the restaurant and the people hanging around outside of it while waiting to get an open table. "Honoka… Are you sure its okay for us to come here?"

"Don't worry, my grandmother made us reservations."

"I swear she knew we were dating before we did…"

"Come on," Honoka guided her date towards the entrance and was rewarded with Nagisa opening the door for her.

"Nagisa's a gentleman!" Porun proclaimed excitedly form Honoka's purse.

"Porun, you promised you'd be good!" The blue haired girl whispered quickly, making the small child get quiet and earning her a few looks. "Hehe… left my cell phone on…" Honoka walked into the building quickly.

"Good evening, Sir, Madam." A waiter greeted them as they entered. "Table for two?"

Honoka brought her hand to her mouth to try and cover her giggle but Nagisa chose to ignore it, more to save herself embarrassment than anything else. "We have reservations. Yukishiro."

"Ah yes, we've been expecting you. This way please." The waiter showed them to their table and handed them both menus. After getting their drink orders he left them in peace.

"I really don't have any sex appeal do I?" Nagisa sighed, hanging her head.

"There, there." Honoka reached over the table and patted her date on the head. "It's just because you're wearing that. You're adorable in a dress."

"Really?" Nagisa opened one eye and looked up at her.

"Of course," Honoka blinked when her friend suddenly looked scared and pulled the menu up in front of herself and buried her face in it. A few moments later someone stopped by their table and looked down at her on his way by. It took the girl a moment to recognize who it was, but he spoke first.

"Yukishiro, fancy seeing you here." Takashi greeted her merrily. "You look lovely tonight, are you out on a date?"

"Yes sir," Honoka replied shyly.

"Nice to meet you," Takashi spoke to Honoka's date and offered his hand. "Take care of my friend all right?" When he got no reply he tried again. "What's your name?"

Realizing she probably couldn't get away with hiding without embarrassing Honoka or being discovered anyway, Nagisa lowered her menu. "Hey dad…"

"Nagisa!" He looked over at Honoka a moment, why had a faint reddish tint to her cheeks and then back to his daughter who found her fingers suddenly really interesting. "Oh… Oh!" Reaching back, he scratched the back of his neck. "I won't disturb you two then." He took one step away before looking back over at his daughter. "Hey, Nagisa?"

"Yes?" She turned to look at him.

"Come home soon okay kiddo? I miss you being around." He winked at her.

For the first time in the past few days Nagisa felt like smiling at her family again. "Okay Dad, I'll be home tomorrow."

"Have fun you two!" He waved one more time before continuing along his way and eventually meeting up with his wife at a table across the floor form them.

"That wasn't bad," Honoka said after they got their drinks.

"I think my dad new I was bi for a while now… My mom on the other hand…" A moment later they heard a loud surprised outbreak that was quickly quieted back down. "Yeah, that was her…"

"Oh my…"

"How about a movie?" Nagisa asked as they walked out of the restaurant and into the now crisp night air. "My treat."

"Sure, I'd love to." A small breeze ran by them, making the girl shiver lightly. Before she could even bring her hands up to rub her bare arms she found a jacket placed around her shoulders. "Thank you," Honoka pulled it close around her. "You know, its kind of nice having a girl as a boyfriend."

"Why's that?"

"She knows just what to do all the time to make me happy," Honoka nudged up against her, getting Nagisa to put her arm around the girl. "See?"

"Haha, I guess you're right. But don't get used to me cross dressing, next date I want to wear a dress."

"Of course! You have to wear lipstick too; I've never seen you in lipstick."

"Hey now, lets not go overboard!"

"I can loan you some of mine! I'll do your makeup for you!" Honoka grinned at her date, whom was looking unsure of herself. "You're so much fun to tease."

"Hey! You already got me back. Everyone is calling me 'S.K.' thanks to you."

"S.K? What's that mean?"

Nagisa blushed and looked back in front of her as they walked. "Nothing, don't worry about it. Oh look!" She pointed to a small store. "Let's get a drink or something in here so we don't have to pay for overpriced stuff at the theater."

"You're going to sneak in drinks to a movie?"

"Yup!" Nagisa gave her a peace sign. "I'll be right back!" With that she took off at a small sprint and into the store.

"I wonder where she gets those bad habits from?" Honoka asked aloud, intending for Mipple or Porun to answer her, but instead a voice beside her spoke up.

"From her father," Rie said, walking next to Honoka. "He's in there right now doing the same."

"Hello Miss Misumi," Honoka greeted, bowing lightly.

"Hello Yukishiro-dear." Nagisa's mother smiled down at her. "I heard you were on a date tonight?"

"… Yes mam." Honoka looked down lightly, embarrassed. "I hope you don't mind?"

"I was a little surprised, but I don't mind. Whatever makes my little girl happy." Rie laughed lightly. "Right now, though, she isn't too happy with me."

"She's over it, I think." Honoka looked up and gave her an encouraging smile. "She just had a really bad day. Along with the medicine she got at the hospital, it probably just overloaded her."

"Mou, Dad, you're so mean!" Nagisa laughed as the pair walked out of the store together and over to their dates. "Ah, Mom, good evening."

"Hey Nagisa." Rie hugged her daughter, much to her displeasure. "I'm sorry I upset you!"

"Mom, not in front of my date, you're embarrassing me!" Nagisa protested shyly.

"Well well, it seems we have a crowd today." A new voice sprang up, making the four people look around.

"It would appear so, Belzei."

Honoka and Nagisa instinctively looked up in the air, seeing two of the Dark Warriors above them. "White will be reflected…" Porun stated, voice trembling. "I'm scared-popo! Honoka, don't leave me-popo!"

"This way," Nagisa commanded as her parents looked up as well. The four of them ran into an alleyway beside the store while Nagisa whispered to her friend. "Honoka, go left at the end, we'll split from my parents there."

"Don't think you'll be getting away," Juna flew down in front of them, making them all stop.

"It's past time to end this," Belzei landed behind them.

"Not good," Honoka spoke as she stood by Nagisa.

"Stand back girls," Takashi stood in front of the group, facing Juna. "I'm going to distract them; all of you run for it okay?"

"Darling, you can't!" Rie's protest was cut off as her husband prepared himself.

"How cute," Juna snarled, dashing forward with his fist drawn back to strike. "You'll be the first to fall tonight!"

Instantly the two young girls of the group dropped down, both sliding their foot across the ground and tripping Takashi so he fell backwards and the attack soared over him without damage.

"Don't try to be a hero, Dad!" Nagisa screamed at him.

"I'm really sorry Mister Misumi!" Honoka added in.

Juna hopped back to cut off their path of escape while Takashi pulled himself off the ground. Nagisa looked over her shoulder, then back to Juna. Licking her lips, she turned back to her father, who was rubbing his backside from the fall but was otherwise unhurt. "I can't let them get hurt…" She spoke softly to herself. Closing her eyes, she battled herself mentally. "I can't involve them… I can't… I can't…"

"Nagisa!" Honoka stood next to her again.

"Honoka!" Nagisa opened her eyes, slight tears coming from the corners of them. "I'm sorry, I can't-" She stopped speaking when Honoka held up Mipple in one hand and her Queen card in the other.

"You can't let them get hurt, right?" She gave her girlfriend a smile. "You'd do it for me too, if it was my grandmother, right?"

"Of course!"

"Are you two going to talk or you going to fight!?" Belzei taunted them.

"What do you think!?" Nagisa pulled Mepple out from her pocket and the Queen card came to her call.

"We're going to fight!" Honoka added in, slashing her card.

"Duel Aura Wave!" They cried in unison as Nagisa slashed her card as well. The light blinded everyone looking for a brief moment and when they could see again, Pretty Cure was standing where the two girls once were.

"Emissary of light, Cure Black!" Nagisa started.

"Emissary of light, Cure White!" Honoka finished.

"We are Pretty Cure! Servant of the dark powers! Return to the darkness from which you came from!"

"Can't you ever think of anything new to say!?" Juna called as he attacked, getting deflected by Cure Black and knocked aside from her partner.

"Servant of the dark powers, return to the darkness before I kick you butt and force you to!" Nagisa re-posed, pointing at them both. The two dark warriors stared at the girl a moment before lunging forward.

"I need you two to run away from here," Cure White spoke to Nagisa's parents. They were both against the wall of the ally, watching their daughter fight, too shocked to say anything. "Listen to me!" She demanded, getting their attention. "As soon as I run in, you two get away from here. Fast!" Takashi nodded quickly, putting an arm around his wife. "Get home… We'll call you." Cure White turned and looked at the battle going on.

Seeing a chance, Cure White leapt into the mix and kicked Belzei as he was thrown into the air. The man flew towards the ground and after a well placed punch from Cure Black, Juna was tossed into the line of decent and the two people crashed together.

"Why did you guys have to pick tonight!?" Cure Black demanded as her partner landed next to her. "Do you plan to interrupt us when we do something!?"

"We don't have time to keep messing around," Belzei stepped forward and held out his hand. "Now, tell me where the power of the stones are!"

"They're up your-"

"Black!" White scolded her.

"Incoming!" Black cut a back flip and twirled in the air to avoid an energy blast. Landing on White's outstretched arm, she braced herself as her partner spun around and launched her back towards their enemies. Juna met the attack with a roundhouse that was neatly deflected. He continued to turn and lash out his other foot but White was already below him in a sweep kick. Cure Black reached down and balanced herself on White's up-stretched hand and used it to pivot her body in an upside down whirlwind kick that sent Belzei crashing into a wall. The two girls regained their footing and stood next to each other, glaring at the two opponents.

Cure White was the first to attack again, dashing forward with her arm reared back to strike. Juna reached forward to grab the smaller fist but found the girl suddenly drop to the ground and slide underneath him. In her replacement, Cure Black attacked with a jump kick that bowled the large man over thanks to White unbalancing him. Black landed on top of him and wasted no time in continuing the advantage by punching Belzei. The smaller man blocked but found two feet under his chin as White shot back up from the ground. Black grabbed her partner and twirled the girl around herself, knocking Juna back away no sooner than he got back up. The two claimed their battle stance, now back to back and holding hands.

Before either of them could make an attack a new force fell down, lashing a foot between them and making the pair let go of each other. Regine threw out both arms and knocked the girls in different directions.

"Got you!" Juna screamed, holding out his hands and creating something like a mirror. A large flash of light blinded White and before she could see again, she was imprisoned in a large cube that covered half of the alleyway.

"White!" Cure Black looked around suddenly scared that she could no longer see her partner. "Where did you take her!?"

"Black! I'm right here!" White ran to the side of the cube and pounded on it. "I'm right here! Black! Here!"

"She can't hear you," Juna spoke calmly, crossing his arms. "The darkness is bending the light, reflecting everything away from us. From the outside it's as if nothing is here. This includes your voice."

"Let me out of here!" White threw out her arm. "Before I get really mad!

"I have no intentions to fight with you in here," Juna narrowed his eyes. "We learned before that the two of you fight harder when you're separate. This time we'll remove that will that drives you together and finish you one at a time."

"I won't allow it!" White ran forward, but Juna once again created the mirror in front of him. White stopped her assault and jumped backwards, gasping at the device.

"Thank you for the surprised look," the man congratulated her. "Regine, I have it!" The mirror was thrown from the cube and the female of the trio caught it. The two inside looked over to the battle going on outside.

"If you really want to see your partner that bad, have a look!" Belzei held up his hand and White saw a Zakenna leap out from Regine and caught by the small man. The red girl in curls then held the mirror, reflecting a beam at the monster making an image of a shocked Cure White appear over it.

"White!" Cure black gripped her fist. "Give her to me!"

"Black! That's not me!" White screamed, pounding on the cube wall frantically. "Black!"

"You want her? Then by all means!" Belzei reared back his hand and slammed his fist into the back of the fake Cure White. His hand continued through the mist of the Zakenna and appeared out the front, spraying fake blood.

"White!!" Cure black's pupils went small in shock seeing her friend get impaled. "Wh….Wh…"

Belzei pulled his fist back; making the fake Cure white gasp out lightly and fall to the ground with a small thump sound. Blood leaked from the wound in her body and her eyes closed lightly, head falling to the side lifeless. "One down," Belzei said triumphantly as Black fell to her knees.

"It's not me!" White screamed so hard her throat hurt. "Black! I'm here! It's not me!"

"The will to get to your partner gives you power," Juna spoke behind her. "She will fall easily after seeing your fake death, and once she is gone, you too will be easy prey."

"How does it feel seeing your partner die?" Belzei asked as he landed, nudging the lifeless Zakenna with his foot.

"….I'll kill you," Black whispered faintly, gripping her fist as tears stung her eyes.

"It was so easy," Belzei continued, walking forward. "Such a weakling."

"…I'll kill you," The voice was a little louder, barely coming from her mouth.

Belzei continued his slow pace to the girl on her knees. "It's a shame she gave us so much trouble in the past. This didn't have to happen."

"Kill you… I'll kill you…"Black choked on her words, getting louder. "Kill you…. Kill…"

"Eh? You saying something?" Belzei crossed his arms and smirked.

"I'll kill you!!" Black screamed, lifting her head with a snap. Belzei's eyes went wide as the figure of the girl faded out and was replaced much closer to him. Black slammed her fist into his stomach and screamed. Before he could move backwards from the attack she punched again, this time creating a small shockwave that blew the man all the way across the alley.

The girl appeared behind him and lashed out her foot. Belzei yelled in pain but the cry couldn't be heard over the frantic screaming of the girl hitting him. The few seconds it took Regine to get to them, Belzei was already too weak to move. "You too!" Black choked out. "I'll kill you too! All of you!"

"Black! Black calm down!" White pressed both her hands on the wall and started to cry. "Black!" Juna leapt from the cube and passed through it easily, joining the battle. With his help the berserk girl was thrown back into a wall, which she repelled off of and dashed forward again, leaving three afterimages of herself as she did so. Cure White watched in horror as her friend took on all three at the same time. Even in her power educing rage she was obviously getting hurt badly. "Black…"

Knocking the three away from her, Black gained some distance and fell to one knee. "White…White…" Tears came to her eyes again. "Just wait… Just wait White… I'll see you again when these are taken care of."

"Black! Calm down-Mepo!"

"Mepple…" Cure black took the pouch from her side and set it on the ground. "Don't worry; the garden will be saved when these three are gone. Find the guardian and make sure everyone is at peace okay? The Dark King can't revive if he can't get the power from these three."

"What are you talking about-Mepo!?" The creature turned into his normal state.

"Honoka…" Cure Black looked towards her enemies again and narrowed her eyes. "This is for Honokaaaa!"

The girl blurred as she ran, getting to the middle of the group and twisting so she had them all in a lock with her legs and one hand. "Black Thunder!" Her free hand shot towards the sky, instantly getting a black bolt of lightning.

"Fool!" Regine snarled, struggling. "Without the white thunder to balance your power it'll…" Her eyes went wide.

"Yhaaaaaaaaa!" The power doubled, blasting everything around them as it collected.

"Black!" Cure White slammed her fist against the cube. "Don't! You'll die!" She jumped back and held out her hand. "White Thunder!"

"Don't!" Mipple screamed. "White, the power will explode if it's not balanced!"

"I have to try!" She pulled her hand back and gathered the power. "Marble screw!" The white bolt of power slammed into the wall and forced the girl to slide backwards. As she reached the end of the prison, she braced her feet against the wall and leaned forward, crying out as the power increased and started to burn her hand. "Nagisaaaa!"

The power shot from the wall of darkness and shattered the effects of it. Screaming by, the white lightning slammed into her partner and combined into it. All at once the pain was gone and replaced by a warm feeling. When the blast cleared, Cure black fell to her knees and then onto her face.

"Nagisa!" Cure White ran forward, ignoring the Zakenna shattering into small stars. Mipple came off her waist and joined Mepple, who was holding a crying Porun. "Nagisa!" She fell to her knees and put her friends head in her lap. "Nagisa…"

Slowly Cure Black opened her eyes and looked up. "Ho…no…ka…?"

"Nagisa…" a tear fell from her cheek and landed on the sandy blond below.

"Honoka!" Nagisa shot up and hugged her as the power of Pretty Cure faded from them. "Honoka! Honoka! Honoka!" The girl buried herself hard against her. "But… but I saw…"

"It wasn't me," Honoka told her softly, hugging the girl back. "It wasn't me. I'm okay, don't worry."

"Honoka…I was so scared!" Nagisa's voice cracked. "I was so scared!"

"You!?" Honoka pulled back a little to look at her. "I was terrified! Do you really think I'd be happy if you died after me!? Huh!?"

"Sorry…" Nagisa blinked some tears from her eyes. "When I thought you were gone, I… I…" Instead of finishing, she buried her head against Honoka's chest again and cried harder. "I'm sorry!"

"Same here!" Mepple suddenly joined in, hopping next to them and glaring at Nagisa. "Don't you ever do something like that again-Mepo!"

"You either Honoka-Mipo!"

"Whaaaaa, you scared me-popo!" Porun leapt onto Honoka and cried hard against her sleeve. "Don't ever leave me mommy!"

"Mommy?" Honoka paused her stroking of Nagisa's hair and picked up Porun to hug him.

Nagisa took a few steadying breaths and moved to a sitting position. "I guess he adopted you as his mother," She smiled lightly, wiping her eyes.

"You too, daddy!" Porun quickly jumped from Honoka to Nagisa and clung to her chest. "Don't get hurt again-popo!"

"Daddy!?" Nagisa awkwardly pet the child. "Why am I your dad?"

"Because-popo!" Porun called out, still in the middle of bawling.

"You make a good father, Nagisa." Honoka happily took the opportunity to think about something else than their battle.

"Mou, I'm a girl, you know…" She stood up and held Porun with her good hand.

"Let's get home." Honoka said softly, picking up their friends as they turned back into their cell phone like shapes. "It's been a rough night…"

"Yeah…" Nagisa helped her friend up and the pair started walking together. After a few moments Nagisa reached over and took Honoka's arm with both hers. "Honoka?" She asked softly.

"Yes, sweetie?" Honoka looked over at her and smiled.

"I'm glad you're okay."

"Same to you…" She leaned over and kissed her cheek.

Honoka sat on the bed next to Nagisa and looked down at her. The girl was wearing a long tee shirt and was resting comfortably it seemed. After the battle they had that night and calling her parents after it was over, Honoka wasn't surprised at all to have her crashed out so early. Reaching out, she gently brushed some hair away from Nagisa's eyes and was rewarded with her hand coming up to take her own. "Did I wake you?" She asked softly, leaning over.

"No, I was awake." Nagisa opened her eyes and tenderly reached out to pull Honoka down on top of her. "I'm really, really glad you're okay."

"I know sweetie. I feel the same way." Honoka whispered into her ear slightly before pulling back enough to rest their foreheads together. Honoka took Nagisa's other hand and slid them up above her head, interlacing their fingers on either side. The two looked at each other a moment before both closing their eyes and kissing. When it ended, Honoka started another kiss, then a third. Nagisa ever so slowly left her girlfriends hands and instead wrapped them around her, pulling the girl completely on top of her. Their kiss deepened and before she knew it, Nagisa had her legs wrapped around Honoka's waist lightly.

The two pulled away slightly and opened their eyes. Honoka smiled down at her, leaning forward and kissing her cheek and trailing down her neck, where she lightly bit and started to suck. The blond moaned out softly and brought her hand up to press on Honoka's back to encourage her. When she was done, Honoka pulled back and was pleased to find a red mark where she had just been. She looked back over at Nagisa and smiled as she was pulled back to her lips. Their tongues met each other again and after a few moments they started breathing heavier, almost panting into each other's mouths. The blue haired girl shyly started to rub her body against her girlfriends, getting a much enthusiastic response in her mouth. They just began to moan lightly when a voice stopped them.

"What'cha doing?" Both girls stopped quickly and turned to look to the side, where Porun was sitting; watching them with a curious look on his face. Behind him were Mepple and Mipple, who were sharing a small bucket of popcorn. "Ne, why are you two on top of each other?" Porun titled his head to the side and used one of his ears to cover one of his eyes.

"Don't watch!" Nagisa cried out, grabbing a pillow from behind her and using it to shove them all off the bed. "Mou! I can't believe this!"

"Nagisa!" Honoka called out to her friend as they walked to school. After being greeted, she smiled at her girlfriend's hand. "Today's the day you can play Lacrosse again, huh?"

"Yup!" Nagisa held up her right hand and flexed it. "The doctor said it was all healed up and I am free to play as hard as I want!"

"Congratulations!" Honoka cheered, laughing. "Do your best okay!?"

"Of course!"

"Good morning, Honoka, Nagisa!" Rina ran up to them. "Can you play, S.K.?"


"S.K?" Honoka blinked. "Why is everyone calling you that? I thought it was a term for someone who was injured in Lacrosse?"

"Eh!?" Nagisa blushed darkly. "Don't' worry about it!"

"Good morning, good morning, good morning!" Shiho jumped on Nagisa's back happily. "I heard you can play again, S.K!"

"Shiho!" Nagisa laughed as her friend rode her piggy back style.

"What does it mean!?" Honoka demanded, sniffing.

"Eh you don't know?" Shiho blinked." But, but, but you're the one who gave her that name!"

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Rina grinned as she realized. "She never told Honoka about it and let her think it was a lacrosse term!"

"Rina! Shhhhh!"

"What does it mean?" Honoka asked the girl, confused. "I don't call her that?"

"You did, you did, you did!"

"Think about it," Rina offered, much to the displeasure of Nagisa. "What have you called Nagisa that all the lacrosse players would know about and tease her?"

" 'Sweetie'," Honoka replied easily. "But I call her sweetie everywhere."

"That's not what the 'S' stand for!" Shiho told her, finally getting down from Nagisa's back.

Honoka put a finger to her chin as she thought. "S.K …….. S.K…… S……… K ……Kitten….? S…" Her face suddenly lit up. "Sex Kitten!?"

Nagisa's face fell and the other lacrosse players cheered at her. "She's you're sex kitten!" Rina teased, putting an arm around Nagisa and giving her a noogie.

"They've been calling you that for over a month!?" Honoka asked, smiling like an idiot. "Really? Hahaha!"


The girl let her head fall back as she laughed loudly. "Hahaha! Hahahaha! Oh my sides hurt!"

Nagisa sniffed and looked down; sure her face was completely red. She waved lightly at her friends who went on ahead. "Mou… I didn't want you to find out…"

"I think it's adorable," Honoka told her merrily, walking next to her again. Seeing her friend still looking embarrassed, she leaned down and whispered in her ear. "My place, after school. Okay, Kitten?" she blew lightly in her ear, making Nagisa instantly stand up straight and stammer out.

"O-Okay! I-I mean, sure! I mean…" She looked down again, blushing horribly.

Honoka smiled, taking her hand. "Come on sweetie, we'll be late!"

"Ah! Run, run!" The two dashed forward together, holding hands.