Author's Note: This story is set after the series ended; I always felt that there was a great deal more to Kantarou and his past, the origins of the scar he received, and the amount of information that he hides from the world. A great deal of this will be Kantarou's P.O.V. the real Kantarou in my opinion, the one we saw in the last few episodes of the anime.


I believe that it was shortly after Haruka returned that I started to feel a great weight on my chest. I haven't felt this way since I first began youkai hunting and met up with a demon on that fateful day; the village said that I should have died—it was a miracle that I was found before I bled to death. A miracle, I smirked at the thought just now, or was it a sick joke?

I've never been accepted, my entire life I have had people state that they know how I feel…fools…they know not of the sins I bear.

The door opens and sure enough it's Reiko here to bitch at me about the article again. Some days I really don't know why I tolerate her at all. I put my finger to my chin in thought; oh, right…money…


"Ohayo Sensei! I am here to see how the article is coming along…the due date is only a few days away!" Reiko's voice rang throughout his room.

"Ah, Reiko-san…" I manage to put on my happy go lucky face, one I've been using for years to mask the real me, "…I have finished the article, you will need to edit it; it's a little jumbled up."

"SENSEI…" she began to lecture then blinked, realizing that the article was already finished?! Her mouth nearly dropped open as she took the manuscript from his hand.

He sat with his back to her, as he lit his pipe and inhaled, holding it for a moment before slowly exhaling and blowing smoke rings toward the open window.

"Arigato Sensei!" she exclaimed, hopping up from the seat she had taken, "I shall edit this at once!"

Kantarou dismissed her with his free hand before hearing her take her leave and apparently smack into Youko who had been carrying some tea, having expected her to pay a longer visit.


I'm not sure what ever possessed me to finish the article, and on time as a matter of fact…perhaps it was this feeling of unease that had washed over me these past weeks. Haruka doesn't talk to me much, but I suppose that's to be expected. For some reason Rosary eyes me strangely when she comes to call. I wonder if she feels it too?

I clench my chest in pain, even though I know there's no demon around…


"Kan-chan!" Youko cried out, dropping the tray that she had been carrying as it clattered to the floor causing the sound to echo throughout the household.

"…Shimata…" whispered Kantarou as he turned his head to find Youko at his side and fussing over him.

"Kan-chan, daijobu?" she whined, placing both of her hands on his shoulders as she looked into his eyes.

"Ah, Youko-chan," he stated in his carefree voice with his childlike face looking at her, "I'm fine," he waved his hand to dismiss her but her look told him that she wasn't buying it.

Kantarou winced, he couldn't refrain from putting his hand on his chest and doubling over in pain as he heard the footsteps of another coming down the hall.

"Oi, Youko what is all the noise?" asked Haruka with an agitated tone, they knew how he hated noise, as he stopped in front of the doorway.

"Haruka-chan! Please help something's wrong with Kan-chan!" she cried as she looked to him with pleading eyes.

Haruka blinked, "Kantarou? What's wrong?" he asked as he made his way to the side of his master.

"Please, please…don't fuss over me, it's just a slight…" he trailed off, the pain was clouding his thoughts, and he couldn't even come up with a good lie. He tried not to smirk at his dilemma—the con artist hadn't even thought up a descent lie.

"Kantarou…you should lie down…" suggested Haruka who received a firm nod from Youko.

"Hai, Kan-chan please lie down for a while…I'll bring you some tea…" she offered as she stood up and ran out of the room only to nearly smack into Rosary. "Gomen, Gomen Rosary-chan, Kan-chan isn't well today!" they could hear her voice from the hallway.


Rosary slowly stopped in the doorway, her eyes fixated on Kantarou, who feeling her presence turned his head and shot her a fake smile, beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Kantarou…what's wrong with you?" asked Haruka, not allowing himself to openly show a great deal of concern for his 'baka' master.

"…Nothing, it'll pass…" Kantarou informed, pushing himself up off the floor, and turning slowly to face Rosary, "…Ah, Rosary-chan…have you come for a visit?" he stupidly asked, trying to smile.

Rosary hugged her doll and nodded silently as Kantarou slowly made his way toward her; his breaths were ragged and his head felt heavy as he lost his balance and tried to catch himself as he held onto this book shelve, but hiis eyes slowly closed before he fell backwards.

"Kantarou!" yelled Haruka as he slid forward and caught him in his arms.

"Kan-chan!" cried Youko, standing in the doorway as she found her master unconscious in Haruka's arms.


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