Evil Kat: Hi. I'm back!

Tina: No duh.

Evil Kat: Oh shut up.

Tina: Shut doesn't go up but taxes do.

Evil Kat: What?

Tina: Never mind.

Evil Kat: Ok. Well I don't own Sly Cooper 1, 2, or 3.

Tina: lets start the interview.

Evil Kat: Ok. C.Cslyfan would like to know and I quote "Where did she learn to shoot she couldn't hit sly if he were standing still."

Carmelita: Interpol trained me. He just dodged it to well.

Evil Kat: What ever. Bentley the Great wants to know if you could go anywhere on a date where would you go and with whom.

Carmelita: I would go to Schloss Neuschwanstein in Germany. Its one of the most romantic places on earth and I would go with Sly.

Evil Kat: I knew it.

Carmelita: Then why did you ask?

Evil Kat: What?

Carmelita: … -sweat drop-

Evil Kat: TheDrifterAuthor would like to know if you have a crush on Sly, even though you get really pissed at him for stealing stuff and somewhat embarrassing you in front of the chief when he escaped from the helicopter.

Carmelita: Yeah I like him but more than a crush that's why we're going out.

Evil Kat: Cute. Ok Heiduska would like to know if you consider yourself beautiful.

Carmelita: No I think I look ok but it shouldn't matter how I look or how I think I look.

Evil Kat: Next question. Riaan wants to know if you like Sly and if so, how long have you liked him.

Carmelita: Didn't we go through this already?

Evil Kat: I don't know. Did we?

Carmelita: -sweat drop- Ok to make the people understand I say it again. I like no scratch that I LOVE Sly and I have loved him since before the Findish Five incident.

Evil Kat: That's all you had to say. Fuzzball3193 would like to know what your favorite color is.

Carmelita: My favorite color is red.

Evil Kat: That's all for now. The next interview will be with Contessa. Oh and Flame Rising I would back the freak off you got that?