Chapter 9: Hercules

"Xena," Cyrene greeted. She hugged and kissed her daughter and grandson."Where's Gabrielle?"

"With her family," Xena replied. "They've got crazy people there who tried to kidnap Solan. They don't think he's very well taken care of."

"Oh but he's very well taken care of," Cyrene said taking him.

"I know that," Xena said. "I'm not even going to dwell on it. So where is everybody?" Xena noticed the Tavern was empty.

"Oh I have to go to Larissa for supplies. They've got some problem. So if I want it done right I've got to do it myself," Cyrene said. "I was just about to leave. Would you like to come along?"

"I was actually looking forward to just resting," said Xena, "and have a real bath after traveling so long."

"Fun," Cyrene said."Well I heard you were coming before you actually made it to the village so I prepared your room just the way you like it. I laid out your favorite dresses. I know you hate dresses, but I laid out the ones your most comfortable in. Oh I made sure a bath was ready with your favorite scents."

"Thank you mother." Her mother spoiled her. She finally understood why Cyrene loved to do it. She aimed to please her children. At the same time she wasn't a total push over.

"Well I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning, so we could go for a walk or something." Cyrene said.

"We could eat dinner outside like a picnic. Should be a full moon tonight. I know a good place." Cyrene nodded. Xena took her bath and changed to please her mother. They all ate dinner under the stars. Solan enjoyed it.

"He should be walking soon." Cyrene said as they walked back. She carried Solan.

"Yeah, he'll probably be a hand full," Xena said smiling at him. Cyrene smiled too. In the morning she left early. Xena had the whole tavern to herself beside Solan.

"Come on big boy let's get you some better fitting clothes. " Xena said tickling him. He smiled. They got him new clothes and washed his old ones before giving them to a mother with a child. She was less fortunate and could use them.

"Thank you." She said.

"No problem. I have a son of my own. I know little boys can grow fast." Xena said. She nodded and hurried to catch up to her husband. Xena went back to the tavern and spent the day doing a list of chores around the tavern. Later after dinner Xena spread out a blanket on the floor and put some toys on it for Solan. They played on the blanket; they bonded together. A knock sounded at the door.

"Who could that be at this hour?" Xena asked Solan. He just looked at her as he placed one of his blocks in his mouth. Xena rolled over onto her back before standing up and going over to the door. Solan watched her intently as he sucked on his block. She opened the door to reveal Hercules. She smiled and invited him to come inside.

"Hey what brings you up north, this time of year?" Xena asked as they hugged.

"Oh just my favorite warrior princess and her handsome son." Hercules turned to Solan and played with him for a little bit making him smile.

"Ah I see so it's not me than." Xena looked down at the floor sadly making Hercules laugh.

"I almost forgot how good of an actor you are and believed you." Xena laughed.

"I am good aren't I?" Hercules nodded.

"So where is everybody, why is it so deserted?"

"Well my mom closed down the tavern while she headed to Larissa for a few days. So basically I've got the place to myself until her return, when it will fill up again," Xena informed him. "Usually mother leaves someone else in charge or at least someone who can cook when I'm around. But she knew that this being Solan's first year and me a first time mother, I would rather rest than play tavern keeper."

"She was wise than because the first year is the roughest."

"Got that right, I don't know what sleeping is anymore." They laughed.

"Yeah, I can imagine." Xena picked up Solan.

"Look it's his bed time so why don't I get him ready for bed and then we can have supper, all right?" Hercules nodded.

"Of course I would be honored to dine with the great warrior princess herself." Xena smiled.

"You're such sycophant."

"And you're a tease, but I never complain." Xena grinned.

"You're good, very good." Hercules grinned as well. Xena took Solan upstairs and to her delight had him asleep in no time.

"Sweet dreams darling." Once he was all tucked in, in his cradle, which he was becoming too big for. "Note make a smaller bed for him." Xena returned downstairs.

"I can't believe how big he's gotten since I last saw him. He was only a month old."

"I know, I can't believe it either, he's growing up right before my eyes." Hercules nodded his understanding as he followed her into the kitchen after she picked up his toys and put them on a table. Xena cut some lamb for the both of them, which was keeping warm by the fire after washing her hands. On the side there were roasted potatoes.

"Smells delicious, did you make it?" Hercules asked curiously.

"Depends, how does it taste?" Xena asked pouring them both a glass of wine. Hercules ate a piece of meat and then potatoes letting nothing show on his face.

"Needs a dash of salt," Hercules commented chewing thoughtfully. Xena passed him the salt, and he added a dash and ate some again. "Perfect."

"I made it," Xena told him happy that he could at least stomach her cooking.

"You're becoming a good chef, now all you have to do is cook more often." Xena nodded.

"I was thinking the same thing, but I really like Gabrielle's cooking and I'm much too lazy to cook myself when she's around." They laughed and agreed.

"Xena did I ever tell you how proud I am of you?" Hercules asked. Xena shook her head.

"Why would you be proud of me?" Xena asked.

"Because you changed your life around. It takes a lot of strength to do what you did and you did it." Xena smiled.

"Thank you, that means so much to me to hear you say that." She kissed his cheek, but it immediately turned to a tentative kiss on the lips. Each kiss went a little further than the last. Xena pulled back as his hands undid her dress.

"What?" Hercules asked confused as to why she was resisting him.

"I'm going to go slip into something more comfortable, while you clean up the dishes and put out the candles. Oh and I'm going to go prepare my room so take your time." Xena gave him another kiss before she walked off seductively swinging her hips, which kept his eyes on her until she was gone. Hercules raced to clean everything. Xena placed Solan's cradle in her mother's room, which could not hear any naughty activity going on in her room before she slipped into some sexy lingerie she had been saving for a rainy day. Or warm summer's night when she had the tavern all to herself. Xena ate a leaf that would cause a sensation on his skin. She let down her hair, which seemed to have more of a shine and more volume to it. She didn't have long to wait as she sat on the bed and Hercules walked in at the same time. He drank in her appearance as she paused in sitting down. She stood up straight and walked over to him. He couldn't move as he watched the Goddess before him.

"Someone has been a very naughty boy," Xena whispered into his ear and blew on the back of his neck and Hercules shivered with pleasure as he moved towards the bed and grabbed the bed post for support. Xena grinned. She was going to enjoy this immensely. She strided over to him and proceeded to torture him in ways he could have never imagined and he was helpless once she had him handcuffed to the bed.


"Very," Xena answered as she moved pass his navel and his eyes became wide.

"No, no please oh my Gods don't Xena, I'm begging you." Never in his life had he feared pleasure more than now. Xena grinned and blew on the tip of his manhood sending his body into convulsions of pleasure. He even let out a little scream. Once the initial intensity was over he couldn't stop shivering as he came everywhere.

"Who's the naughty one now?" Hercules asked.

"I am, always have been and always will be," Xena told him as she did it again making him cry out. When he had finished she released him from his shackles and gave him the leaf.

"What's this?" Hercules asked.

"I'm not completely mean, I like to be tortured too you know." Hercules grinned and ate the leaf before he handcuffed her. Xena nearly bit her lip to the point of bleeding especially when he arrived at her more sensitive area.

"So that's what that looks like," Hercules commented as he looked at the wet spot on the floor.

"I forgot to mention I do that," Xena breathed. Hercules laughed.

"At least now I know when I've really done it." He did it again wanting to see if it went farther or to the same place.

"Where did it land this time?" Xena asked once she had recovered.

"Just a little more ahead." Xena laughed. "We should turn this into a contest, see how far a woman can go." Xena chuckled some more.

"No, it's too hard to achieve even a little bit of it sometimes." Hercules nodded. "Now I believe you have a particular stick I want to play with or with me rather." Hercules laughed as he undid the handcuffs and straddled her between her legs. He began slowly at first as he let her adjust and get use to his size, but Xena cried out for him to go faster and harder and he forgot about hurting her and focused more on both of their pleasure he thrusted in and out.

"I've got a position you definitely haven't tried," Xena told him as they lay side by side after their first joining.

"What?" Hercules asked and she told him how she would stand on her head. She found him very willing to try every position in the Karma Sutra they possibly could, but the fun was cut short as Solan woke up.

"This isn't over," Xena told him as she dressed, she could already tell from the volume of Solan's cry that he had no plans of going back to sleep until morning.

"Definitely not," Hercules breathed. She kissed him one more time before going to take care of her son.