Summary: Miley and Oliver wake up one morning in each other's arms, but they don't remember how they got that way. Lilly is freaked because she doesn't know where they are and Jackson is acting really flirty with her. Are they together or something? And what is going to happen between Miley and Oliver now?

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--It's Too Late--

Chapter One: Wake Up Call

To say that Miley Stewart woke up surprised was an understatement. It was more like she was A: horrified, B: confused and the most important, C: curious. Yes, it was true, Miley was definitely curious. She couldn't understand, or even better, comprehend why, oh why, she was curled up on an unfamiliar looking couch, clutching the waist of a floppy brown-haired boy with thick dark lashes that almost touched the top of his slightly rosy cheeks. If she moved her head forward about one inch, she would actually be able to touch the guy's face with hers, kiss him if she was willing. The only thing was, the sleep in her eyes hadn't been rubbed away yet, and she was having trouble recognizing the person next to her was. She wasn't sure if she even knew him, and that thought scared her. She also didn't know if she wanted to kiss him, but she had a feeling that if she did, it wouldn't be the first time.

Oh, my gosh! What am I doing? What did I do last night? she frantically asked herself. She quickly tried to think about the events from the day before. She could remember waking up, eating breakfast and then taking a long shower, but the rest of the day had obviously faded from her immediate memory. She lifted her head up from the arm of the guy who she was practically tangled up with. She looked around and immediately squinted her eyes and put her head back down because the sun that had woken her up was now glaring right into her eyes from the window across the room. She felt like it was trying to torture her for her supposedly promiscuous night. All of a sudden she had a thought. She looked down at herself.

Oh, thank God. I still have my clothes on. Well that was good to know, at least. At least she could pretend that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't a complete slut or something for waking up next to a completely unfamiliar person. Also, she couldn't possibly think of what she would do if she had found that any piece of her clothing was not in its rightful place on her body.

She moved her head back to where it had been when she woke up, hoping to get a closer look at the mystery guy. When she did, she found herself staring directly into the brown eyes of her overnight sleepover buddy. Apparently while she had been observing her surroundings, he had woken up and decided not to let her know.

"Morning?" he said groggily, but it came out more like a question. Miley's eyes widened when he spoke. She was looking straight at him and he started to look a little familiar to her. His voice seemed completely familiar to her, too, but his name still didn't come to her straight away. She kept he gaze locked with his, thinking hard, and gradually the realization of who he was slowly dawned on her. She knew this person. She knew exactly who she was lying next to. Of course she knew him. He was no stranger; in fact, he was the complete opposite.

"Oh wow," she said out loud, more to herself. She couldn't believe her predicament. How did she get here?


"Hey, Jackson, do you know where Oliver is?" Jackson Stewart looked up at Lilly Truscott and smiled. He was stretched out on a long towel on the beach. He had just gone for a quick morning swim and he was letting the sun dry the drops of water off of his tanned body.

"I haven't, actually, no. Why do you think I'd know where Oken is?" Lilly was standing in front of his head, looking down on him, blocking the sun.

"I don't know. I was just asking."

"Do you think you could move to the left just a little bit?" he asked, motioning for her to move to the right. Lilly gave him a confused look.

"Which way do you want me to go?"

"To the left! You're in my sun." He was still pointing to the right.

"Whatever." She stayed where she was. "Do you at least know where Miley is?" Jackson nodded his head 'no'.

"Where are those two?" Lilly asked just as Jackson reached up and wrapped his arms around her legs. She squealed in surprise and immediately fell to her knees, dangerously close to Jackson's head.

"That's better," he said.


"Hi," Oliver Oken said and gave Miley a weak smile. She tried to smile back but found that it was hard to move her lips and form her usual carefree beam.

"Hi," she finally got out, along with an uncomfortable smile in return to his. "What time is it?"

"I'm not sure." She nodded slowly.

"Um, can I ask you something?" he asked her. She nodded again. She didn't think she would be able to form anymore new words for the next few minutes, at least.

"Why…" he paused, and his face took on a look that Miley translated as a look of contemplation and deep thought. "Why are we, you know, all cuddled up together?" She just stared at him, with no answer. He waited. She looked down the length of their two bodies. They were still lying really close together since none of them had bothered to move yet. If anyone were to walk in on them, they would see a teenage guy and girl lying on a black leather couch, her two legs in between his, her arms wrapped around his waist, and his left arm under her head. His right arm was holding her right shoulder close to his. Their faces were still only about an inch apart, noses almost touching. It was incredibly weird for them.

Finally, after about an eternity of silence and staring at each other, she started to giggle. It was a quiet, slow giggle that started at the back of her throat and eventually turned into a hearty laugh.

"What?" he asked. He couldn't grasp at what she could possibly find so funny.

"Nothing." She was laughing because she found it ridiculous that she was hugging her best guy friend of four whole years tightly to her body in a very aggressive, possessive way. And the fact that she didn't know how she got that way, and where she was. She also found it funny that he seemed to be holding on to her just as tightly and possessively as she was to him. It was just plain strange. They were close, but they had never been this close. Mostly, she was laughing because she didn't know what else to do.

"I don't know why we're, you know, 'all cuddled up together'." She ended up using his words to describe their very awkward position after she finished laughing.

She started to sit up, and he, noticing her movements, quickly tried to do so as well. It wasn't a good idea. They ended up bumping heads.

"Oh, oww." Miley said. She tried to rub her head but found it hard to free her arms. Oliver just grunted in pain. Miley tried moving again, but suddenly, with a loud thump, she found herself on the floor, splayed awkwardly on top of a shocked Oliver. He didn't seem to get what just happened.

"Um…" he didn't know what to say. Miley didn't let him finish his sentence. She quickly rolled off of him and stood up. She stretched her arm out and his brain was working normally enough to recognize the gesture. He grabbed her hand and she helped him stand up beside him. Then they both sat down on the couch, each on different ends. There was a pretty large gap between them. Miley spoke up first.

"Well, I'm not gonna lie, Oliver. This is kinda weird."

"You're not lying," he said.

"What happened last night?"

"I honestly don't remember. I just remember getting ready to go somewhere and then, having a lot of fun." He smiled briefly at the thought, but still couldn't really picture why he had been having so much fun.

"I don't really remember anything either." Just then, she gasped. "Oh no. Do you think we both got drunk or something?" Her blue eyes were practically bulging out of her head; she was so appalled by the thought. Oliver cupped his hand in front of his mouth and then gagged.

"Well, if we did, it would sure explain my breath." Miley copied what he did and was shocked to smell how bad her breath was. She wasn't sure if she smelled any alcohol, though.

"Oh man. I need some toothpaste. And a toothbrush. Eww."

"Hey Miley?"


"Do you know where we are?" She abruptly remembered that they were in an unfamiliar place. They both looked around. Oliver even turned in a full circle.

"Well, it's obvious that we're in some sort of den of family room."

"Yeah, but whose?" Miley asked. She was starting to freak out.

"I don't know. You've never been in here before?"

"I don't think so…" There was a door a couple feet away from them. They both noticed it at the same time and headed towards it. Oliver was about to grab the door knob and open it when it opened itself. Miley jumped in shock and instinctively wrapped her hands around Oliver's left arm. She had no idea what was going to happen.


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