Sara deplaned US Airways Flight 90. It was a short flight from Las Vegas to Denver, but one filled with enormous anticipation. Grissom convinced her to take the weekend off and meet him here. No further details were provided. It was the last weekend before he returned to work at the lab. She searched the crowd for his familiar face until she settled upon a gentleman holding a sign with her name. She approached him hesitantly.

"Ms. Sidle?" He presumed.


"Dr. Grissom requests you allow me to drive you to him."

Curious, Sara followed the man towards a waiting limousine. She had hoped to be wrapping her long arms around Grissom by this point, but was willing to play along.

It was nearly 7:00pm when the car stopped in front of the Ogden Theater. The driver opened the door, revealing Grissom standing on the sidewalk. Even casually dressed in jeans, sweater and coat, he took her breath away.

Grissom pulled her into his arms and they stood in a quiet, yet emotional embrace for what seemed like an eternity. He sought her lips and what was, at first chaste, quickly turned passionate. No longer the sole occupants of the sidewalk, they broke contact.

Sara spoke first. "Where are we?"

Unable to disguise a mischievous grin, Grissom replied, "You'll see."

Taking Sara by the hand, he led her into the building. It was crowded and dimly lit. The majority of the patrons were far younger than the two of them. Grissom continued to pull on her hand until they reached the front of the stage. Sara wasn't completely sure, but he seemed to give a nod of acknowledgement to one of the crewmembers. Grissom placed his hands on her hips and moved her in front of him so her back was against his chest. His hands were clasped protectively around her waist and his head on her shoulder next to her ear. Sara finally determined they were at a concert. Cheers erupted as the lights dimmed further and the band took the stage. A single spotlight illuminated two barstools and two microphones.

Taking his place directly in front of Grissom and Sara, the singer spoke, "Usually we start a show with a little more energy, but tonight we thought we would slow things down a little."

One of the singer's band mates sat beside him, lifting an acoustic guitar to his knee.

The singer continued, "These first two songs are dedicated to our new friends Gil and Sara."

The two began an acoustic version of Everlasting Friend. The crowd sang along until the band reached a verse only known to Grissom and Sara. Grissom felt Sara's intake of breath. They swayed together in time with the music singing the lyrics written by Grissom. When the band began to play Chameleon Boy, Grissom felt Sara's fallen teardrops on his hands. As the song reached the words Sara had written, she turned to face him.

"How did you do this?"

"For once, my dear Sara, it's not the how, it's the why. I love you."