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Our New Journey Together

Chapter 1-

"How many bars is that?" Summer asked, squinting at the pregnancy test that lay in her hand.

"Uh, two. What does that mean?" Seth asked, curious to find out what the future had in store for the two of them.

"Oh my god. That means...I'm...I'm pregnant." She replied barely above a whisper.

Seth's eyes bulged out. Even though there was a fifty percent chance that Summer may have been pregnant, it finally hit him. He was going to be a dad! A dad! At the age of eighteen!

"Oh my god, what are we going to do? We're only eighteen. We're not ready to become parents. I can't believe this is happening." Summer said, hysterically crying.

"Hey, we'll get through it. The two of us together. We'll get married and have the baby. Everything will work out, don't worry."

Summer totally forgot about her engagement to Seth...Until he mentioned it a second ago! Sure, she loves Seth to death, but a part of her felt that the only reason she said yes was because of the possible baby in her stomach, and now there actually was! But of course she couldn't tell Seth that, that would tear his heart to shreds. When he proposed it was so cute and sincere, there was no hint of sarcasm at all, which is very unlikely for Seth. Everything he does or says usually is a joke, but this, this he meant.

"Everything will turn out fine." He said pulling her into a hug, rubbing tiny circles on her back.

"How can you be so sure? We're so young."

"Yeah, we may be young. But we love each other. We're too young for a lot of things. Some people may say we're too young to be engaged, but it was our decision because we love each other."

Summer swallowed a lump in her throat. Had she said yes out of love?

"Aren't you scared about all of this?" Summer asked, curious as to why Seth was so optimistic about this. The Cohen she knew would be freaking out, possibly more than Summer was.

"Of course I'm scared. But, I have a feeling that we'll get through this. I personally think this baby came at a perfect time. We each finally know where we stand in our relationship. I mean, we're engaged! We're gonna get married!"

"A perfect time? Seth?! We're both supposed to be in college, yet we're not. We don't even know what we're doing with our lives. On top of that, we're only eighteen! Everything just seems to be happening way too quickly. First thing I know, I'm an ivy-league student attending school in Rhode Island, finally getting over my best friend's death. Next thing I know, I get suspended from school, I find out I'm pregnant, and then for some odd reason I say yes to my immature boyfriend's proposal only because I'm pregnant with his child!" Summer then realized what she had said. "Oh shit. No, Cohen, I didn't mean that."

"So what exactly did you mean?" He asked, cleary hurt.

"It's just... We're so young."

"You keep on saying that? So what exactly does that mean? You don't love me enough to get married?"

"Cohen, I love you to death, it's just, I'm not sure if I want to get married now. I'm not sure what I want to do. Everything is happening so quickly. I just need time to think everything over."

"Well that's great. Let me know when you decide." Seth then got up and started heading to the door.

"No, Cohen, wait, please." But it was too late. He had already left.

Summer looked at her innocent rabbit. "Pancakes, you are so lucky you don't have to deal with this kinda stuff. God, what should I do? Ugh, I'm asking a rabbit, very smart of me. I've been doing a lot of things stupid lately." Summer sighed and looked at the ring Seth had placed on her finger. What should she do?

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