Our New Journey Together

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Chapter 9 (Final Chapter) -

"Taylor?" Summer asked breathless.

"Mhmm?" Replied Taylor, not taking her eyes off the road.

"Did you call the hospital?"

"Yes. Summer, don't worry about anything. Okay? I got everything under control. I've called everybody. You're going to be okay Summer, you're going to be okay." Taylor said as she pulled the car into the hospital's parking lot.

Summer, listening to Taylor's reassuring words, nodded her head, hoping Taylor's right.

"Okay Sum, let's go." Taylor said helping Summer get out of the car.

A very scared Summer clung onto Taylor as they made their way into the hospital; so much for scared Summer, she was now in rage blackout mode.

"Miss, just fill out the papers and then we'll get you into a wheel chair." Said a nurse with a smile spread across her face.

"Papers?!," Summer snapped, "I'm going into labor and you expect me to fill out papers!"

"Okay Summer, calm down." Taylor said putting a comforting hand on Summer's shoulder.

"No, okay? This nurse here isn't cooperating with a patient, I don't think you're boss would like to hear this." Summer said pointing a finger at the nurse.

The nurse then signaled for Taylor to just take Summer away and get a wheelchair for her. 'Sorry' Taylor mouthed to the nurse.

"Summer, there you are," Summer's doctor, Doctor Jones said as she found Summer and Taylor waiting, "Let me go bring you into your room so I can find out how everything is, Taylor, is it? You can come with us."


"So, it seems that you are eight centimeters dilated. Meaning it shouldn't be much longer until you're ready. There is a problem though, it's going to be premature and that could cause complications when the baby is born," Hearing this, Taylor immediately squeezed Summer's hand, "On the other hand," the doctor continued, "It may be fine, we can't tell at the moment. So I'll be back to check on you in a few minutes, remember, when you have contractions, breath in and out."


Taylor looked up, signaling for Summer to speak.

"What happens if the baby doesn't survive? And Seth isn't here. So, what would be the point of living? The only reason I survived these past months is because of this baby, and know, after all of this, the baby is in danger."

"Summer, do not speak like that. You still have Ryan, Sandy, Kirsten, and I that will be here for you no matter what. Don't ever think that there's no reason to live, because if you keep saying it, you may start believing it too, and it's not right."

Then interrupting them the door opened revealing Sandy, Kirsten, and Ryan.

"Hey Summer, how are you feeling?"

"Crappy." She responded glumly.

"Everything will turn out fine Summer." Summer just nodded her head, after hearing this for months, she wasn't going to start believing it now.

"Ow!" She then shrieked, gripping Taylor's hand tighter, breathing in and out. Seconds later, the contraction passed, leaving Summer in relief.

"Summer...," Doctor Jones said walking into the room, "Oh, well we don't you have a lot of support here today." She said spotting the three other people. Summer smiled sadly.

"Well, I'm going to need to check up on Summer, I'll let you guys know what's happening."

The started heading out the door when Taylor stopped Ryan.

"Ryan." Taylor whispered.


"Maybe you should stay here with Summer, she's going to need somebody."

"Me? I'm not so sure that's such a good idea. And besides, I highly doubt Seth would want me to see the stage Summer is going to be in." Ryan said sarcastically.

"Ryan," Taylor replied seriously, "She is going to need somebody. Be a good friend, be a good brother-in-law."

"Technically, we aren't really in-laws yet."

"Ryan! I'm being serious."

"All right, fine."

"You're the best," She replied giving him a peck on the lips, "Summer?" She then questioned, "Would you like Ryan to stay with you?"

"Actually, that would be great." She replied giving her friends a small smile.

"Well, good luck Summer." Taylor said giving her friend a hug.

"What about me? I'm probably going to die from her grip on my hand." Ryan said sarcastically.

"Did Atwood just attempt on making a joke?" Summer asked pretending to be astonished.

"Wow, I think he did Summer. Well, I guess, good luck Ryan," Taylor replied sarcastically kissing his lips once more, "Bye guys," She said waving, walking out of the door.

"So, Ryan?" Doctor Jones asked.

"Yup, that's me."

"I'll get you scrubs in a second, first let me check on Summer...,", "And it looks like... you're ready. So, Summer I'm going to get Ryan scrubs, don't be nervous. Try and stay calm."

Summer nodded her head, this was it, the moment that her child will be born, hopefully without complications. This was not exactly the way she pictured her first child being born. She pictured herself being much older and of course with the father standing right beside her.

"Summer, we're ready." Summer thoughts were interrupted when the doctor and Ryan came back into the room.


"Okay, one last push Summer." Summer was in so much pain, Ryan too, as Summer gripped onto his hand giving one last push.

"Congratulations, you have a girl." This would be the perfect time to smile except, there was a problem, the baby wasn't crying.

"What's going on?" Summer asked as she noticed the doctors huddling together around the baby.

"Summer, calm down."

"Don't tell me to calm down. What the hell is going on?!"

"Hold on... Nothing," Doctor Jones replied as the baby started to cry, "Nothing is wrong," She said, a smiling appearing across her face, "You did a great job Summer, congratulations," She said handing Summer her newborn wrapped in a pink blanket, "Now, everything is fine. She's just a little under weight, but it's nothing serious."

Summer smiled her first real smile in months. She couldn't take her eyes off her brown eyed baby.

"Hi, I'm your mommy." She cooed to the newborn.

"Um, do we have a name yet?" Asked the doctor.

"No." Summer said not taking her eyes off her baby.

"Okay, well on the bracelet for now I'll put baby Roberts."

"No, Cohen. Her last name is Cohen.

"Oh, sorry, okay Cohen. Well think about the name while I go step out for a minute. I'll send in your visitors, I'll be back."

"She's beautiful." Ryan said breaking the silence.

"You wanna hold her, Atwood?"

"Are you sure?"

"She's your niece, don't be silly." Summer said.

"Sweetie," Summer said talking to the newborn, "This is your Uncle Ryan, but you can call him Uncle Atwood."

Ryan smirked at Summer's comment as Summer handed the baby girl over to him. Just then Taylor, Sandy, and Kirsten walked in.

"Awww." Taylor said as she, Sandy, and Kirsten made their way over to Summer, where the baby now was.

"She's so adorable."

"Did you think of a name yet?"

"No, I didn't get a chance. I'll think of one."

"Excuse me," Doctor Jones said, coming back into the room, "Can Summer have her privacy for a little bit? I'll call you guys back in later."

"Sure. Summer, we're going to go out for a bit, we'll be back soon."

"Bye Summer."



"Okay so..." The doctor started as there was another interruption at the door.

"Doctor Jones, may I have a word with you?"

"Sure, I'm sorry Summer, one moment."

Doctor Jones was pulled to the side for a minute or two when she finally returned to Summer.

"Summer, it's Seth, he's awake, he's asking for you."

"He's awake?" Summer asked shocked.

"Yes." The doctor replied with a big smile on her face.

"Can.. I... Can I go see him?"

"Do you feel up to getting out of bed?"

Summer couldn't get word to come out of her mouth so she nodded, "Wait, can I bring her with me?"

"Well, usually I wouldn't allow it, but, under your circumstances, I guess I will make an exception."



"Are you ready?" Doctor Jones asked taking her hand of the wheel chair, putting her hand on the door knob.

"I think so." Summer said taking a deep breathe looking down at the baby.

The door opened, and then she saw him. Finally, she saw his deep brown eyes after all these months. Their eyes met.

"Seth," She said quietly, "Oh my god, Seth!" The wheel chair finally made its way over to Seth's bedside.

"Summer, I missed you." He said in a hoarse voice.

"I missed you too." She said, tears forming in her eyes.

"I'm going to leave you two alone." Doctor Jones said leaving.

"Seth, we had a baby. A girl." Summer said, gazing at her daughter.

"She's beautiful, I'm sorry I missed it." He said, lightly touching the baby's face.

"You're here now, that's what's important." She said leaning over giving him a kiss.

Once they parted from the kiss, they were both left gazing at their beautiful daughter.

"Madison." Seth then said breaking the peaceful silence.

"What?" Summer asked confused.

"I don't know, she looks like a Madison."

"Hmm.., Madison Cohen?" I like it, Madison Cohen."

There was then silence again.

"Are you okay?" Seth asked taking Summer's hand, kissing it.

"Yeah," She responded glancing at Seth and then Madison, she then smiled, "I am now."

This was their new journey. And they were ready to face it... together.


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