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Ready to Destroy

A white ninja appeared in a dimension and was attacked by seven element copies. He dodged the attacks using ninja streak. The fire element came toward him. The fire element used his sword. The ninja quickly took out his sword and sliced the element copy in five pieces. The element of phantasm jumped in the air. Her white cloak kicked him. The ninja blocked it and punched her in the face, then stabbed her with the sword right in the heart. She fell down and died. The next was the gravity element. The gravity element began to use the power of water. The white ninja levitated and sliced the element in half. He then became invisible and went after the time element copy. He snapped the time copy's neck and went toward the earth element copy. The earth copy began to attack. He swung a fist at the ninja. He then punched the earth copy in the chest, leaving a big gaping hole. The element of metal came up to him. He stopped him and split him in two using his powers. The only one left was the wind element copy. She was throwing shurikens at him. He dodged it and kicked the wind element and decapitated the copy. Suddenly, the dimension disappeared and the copy digitized. Mariah appeared watching him.

"Oh yes, you are ready," said Mariah, "HA!"

(theme song from season 3 plays)

YankeeFan2 productions presents

In production with Toei Entertainment Corporation (Just kidding)

With Poke Rangers Productions


Starring- (hope you don't mind, after all you created the characters, that includes me)

Psyduck Ranger as Jack Farrell

o0Hikari0o as Amiizuka Chii

Alpha Blade as Derik Dragonfly

YankeeFan2 as Sean Fubrizzi

RubyVulpix as Jenna Whitestone

Kitty demon as Mika Alden

Daniel the Dragonfly as Daniel Dragonfly

Blackangle2 as Mewtra








Edna Whitestone

Count Golbat



Geki Limestone

Sid Greenstone

Mary Silverstein

Zack Summers


Based on Ninja Sentai Kakuranger © 1994-1995 by Toei Entertainment Corp. and MMPR Season 3 (1995-1996) by Saban/Disney which I don't own

Storyline by blackangle2 and YankeeFan2

Produced by blackangle2

"Poke Rangers" concept created by YankeeFan2

Directed by YankeeFan2

I know short, but I got the opening credits done! I should have the second chapter done by Tues. In the meantime, Happy Holidays again!