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After All I Done…

Mewtra walked out of the temple, thinking about what was going on.

'I can't believe this! I am actually a ranger! One of them, but will they ever forgive me? After all I done, I gave them hell. What should I do?'

He was stopped by LadySeviper, who was sitting on a rock outside the cave. Mewtra stood there. Silence filled the Desert of Disaster as she stood up and walked toward him.

"I guess you're joining them. Aren't you?" asked LadySeviper.

Mewtra shook his head, "I don't know."

Mewtra and LadySeviper were walking through the desert, and continued talking. It then hit him, his friends were in trouble. Like dangerous trouble. He didn't want them to end up like his severely destroyed Ecliptazord. He turned to LadySeviper.

"Listen, it was great talking to you. But, I got to go. I got to go and kill your father," said Mewtra.

"I understand," said LadySeviper. Tears came out of her eyes, "Good luck."

She kissed him on the cheek and disappeared. Mewtra turned on the Mewtwo morpher.

"Super Change, Ninja Change!"

"Ancient Might, White Light!"

He transformed into the White Ranger and took out Kuto.

'Activate the White Mewtwo zord!'

A white shuriken appeared in Mewtra's hand.

"Thanks," said Mewtra, "White Mewtwo zord, Power Up!"

The White Mewtwo zord appeared. Immediately, Mewtra jumped up and teleported to the cockpit of the zord. The cockpit was white with blue lines from either side. A black chair with white stripes was in the middle. Mewtra sat in the chair and took out Kuto.

'Put me in the slot and activate the Omega Psy Phoenix Poke zord!"

"Right!" said Mewtra. A black lever appeared on the right side and he pressed it down.

"Omega Psy Phoenix General!" said Mewtra.

A black sky appeared around them. In stone, the phoenix appeared behind them. The Mewtwo disappeared in white light. The nose of the Mewtwo turned into a bird with his legs becoming talons and heading down. The arms were shrinking and were replaced with white wings. The stone figure sat on the ground. Suddenly, in white light, the phoenix flew out and flew toward Slateport City.

Slateport City…

Fire was all over the consoles of the Ninja Megazord. Jack's helmet was off. He looked at the others, still unconscious from the last attack. He noticed Gardrak coming toward them with his arms. He carried the Megazord and aimed at the docks. The glass around them was broken, meaning that the Megazord could drown at any moment. He pressed a couple of buttons to try to release the Megazord back to its feet. The controls were inoperative. The other rangers came around to notice their helmets were somehow fallen off and landed on the ground.

"I guess this is it," said Jack.

"Who knows if there is a bar in heaven," said Sean.

"If there is, you're buying beer when we get there," said Danny.

Suddenly, a Psybeam came out from nowhere and hit Gardrak in the eye. Gardrak fell backwards and rolled around like a little baby. The Megazord began to fly across the contest hall and they landed in the forest. Now de-morphed, the rangers had bruises from their major falls.

"Okay," said Jenna, "Who the hell was that?"

"Who cares?" asked Sean, "We need to get this Megazord up and running! I GOT AN IDEA!"

A light bulb sprung above him.

"What?" asked Jack.

"I am going to do a quick 10 second emergency repair! I press this button and the Ninja Megazord will quickly recover!" said Sean.

"Do it," said Jack.

Sean turned toward his console and pulled the black lever toward him and pressed the red button. A big green glow came from below. Suddenly, a green web came from the sky and the Megazord began to glow. It was now good as new. The rangers turned toward Sean with admiration. The Starmie on the back began to become the helicopter and the rangers flew toward Gardrak. Gardrak turned around to notice that the Ninja Megazord was back… with a phoenix from above.

"Super Ninja Poke Fist!"

The Megazord began to glow and it pierced Gardrak's chest. Gardrak fell backwards with the Omega Psy Phoenix shooting white beams at it. He noticed the others.

"Guys!" said Mewtra, "I know how much you guys have been through. It's all my fault! I'm sorry! We need to combine zords!"

"Why should we?" asked Jack.

"Nimpo told me!" said Mewtra.

"Let's do it!" said Jack.

The Ninja Poke Megazord jumped in the sky. The Omega Psy Phoenix came from above and latched on to the back. It attached to the Megazord, making the Ninja Poke Greatzord. Gardrak began to run away. He felt fear in his eyes, but he turned around. He took a piece of a tower from a damaged building.

"You can't stop me!"

Mewtra sat down and pressed a couple of buttons.

"What are you doing?" asked Derik.

"Ninja Saber!" yelled Mewtra.

The Ninja Saber appeared in the rangers hands. It was gold with a silver blade.

"Supercharge Slash!"

The Ninja Poke Greatzord supercharged and Gardrak was now road kill. After one slash, Gardrak fell down and exploded.

Dawson's Tower…

"Crud! Well, I am never listening to Gardrak again. I knew Mewtra was going to switch!"

"Yeah right," said Mariah.

LadySeviper looked down at Hoenn with tears coming out of her eyes. They dropped on to the ground that was far away.

'Thank you,' she thought.

Sky Pillar's Beach…

The seven rangers looked at Mewtra.

"Listen we are so sorry. We forgot how much things you went through!" said Jack.

"We shouldn't doubt your loyalty!" said Mika.

"You're one of us now," said Danny.

Amii walked over and said, "Mewtra, join us?"

Mewtra shook his head, "A very fine offer. But, I shouldn't. Why? After all the things I did, I can forgive you. But can you forgive me?"

He walked toward his cave and the rangers looked at each other. The darkness consumed the light, ending the day. The rangers walked to Sky Pillar with concern.



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