Chapter 7: Rescuing Ben and Doing Damage

It was a few hours since Ben had been knocked unconscious by Vilgax and taken to the hideout of the Syndicate. Since then, Mawgu under the direction of Vilgax had recreated Vilgax's ship that was destroyed by the Tennysons the first time he attempted to remove the Omnitrix from Ben. Next came regenerating the men Vilgax had lost during the explosion which was quite a simple task for Mawgu to use his powers.

"Excellent" said Vilgax as he was taking a look around his resurrected ship, "everything was the way it was before this ship was destroyed by the Tennysons."

"I am glad you are satisfied with my work" said Mawgu.

"Now go tell the Syndicate to bring me the boy and we can head back to my universe and initiate the invasion from there once the Omnitrix has been removed" said Vilgax.

"Will do" said Mawgu as he gave an evil laugh.

"So what happens after this?" asked Dr. Animo as he came into the scene.

"We take over my universe as a stepping point" replied Vilgax, "from there we can use the aliens within the Omnitrix as our soldiers to take over the other universes of those so-called heroes that tried to stop us."

Meanwhile, Jimmy along with AJ and Tucker were attempting to modify the weapon that brought down Vilgax before back in the Tennysons' universe.

"This shouldn't take any longer" said Jimmy as he was using some tools Goddard was providing him with.

"With the technology Sam provided me, I'm sure I can make this more powerful" said Tucker.

"Same here" added AJ as he was near his finishing touches on the weapon.

"Is everything just about done?" asked Grandpa Max as he and everybody else entered the scene.

"Well, mostly" replied Jimmy, "we need somebody big and strong to lift this. I don't think you can do the job anymore."

"I know just the person who wants some payback" said Timmy then he winked to Wanda and Cosmo.

"You got it sport" said Wanda as she and Cosmo waved their wands and Jorgen Von Strangle appeared.

"Say, what the heck am I doing here, I was still being laughed at for losing my wand" said Jorgen.

"Jorgen, how would you like to get back at the Syndicate and their allies who stole your wand?" asked Timmy.

"Oh, you mean I can help you people beat them up for you?" asked Jorgen.

"Not really" said Danny, "we'll be busy with most of that."

"We need you to use this large gun against Vilgax" said Jimmy.

"It's quite heavy for anyone of us to lift the thing" said Tucker.

"Oh, really" said Jorgen, "you mean I get to shoot someone with it?"

"The main target is really Vilgax" replied Grandpa Max.

"Who's he?" asked Jorgen.

"He's that octopus-face guy" replied Cindy.

"Let's get going then shall we?" asked Grandpa Max.

"Great" replied Jimmy, "I'll take my rocket along with Cindy, Carl, Libby and Sheen."

"I'll head there with Sam and Tucker on the Specter Speeder" said Timmy, "along with Spongebob and Patrick."

"Oh boy, we're going to see that muscular Squidward!" shouted Patrick with joy.

"No Pat, he's a bad guy you know that V guy, nothing like Squidward" said Spongebob as he and his friend were heading to the Specter Speeder.

"Well, he sure looks like him" remarked Patrick as they got into the Specter Speeder.

As the Specter Speeder and Jimmy in his rocket took off, Grandpa Max, Gwen and Jorgen followed closely behind them using the trailer as Grandpa Max pushed the buttons on the trailer to make it seem like it can fly. While that was going on, Ben finally woke up to find himself back in his universe and chained to a table along with some sort of dissecting tools on a portable table nearby.

"I don't like the looks of this" said Ben, "this is oddly familiar."

"Yes my boy it is" said Vilgax as he entered the scene with members of the Syndicate along with Dr. Animo and Mawgu behind him, "we're finally going to get the ultimate weapon that will destroy all of our nemeses. Including someone like you."

"Well, you won't get away with this" said Ben as he began to struggle to get out of his predicament.

"Oh, but I already have" said Vilgax as he picked up a knife on the table.

"Uh, we have some company coming this way" said Professor Calamitous as he interrupted Vilgax in his victory moment.

"Fine" sighed Vilgax as he placed the knife back on the table, "I'll deal with these troublemakers first before I come back for you."

While Vilgax along with members of the Syndicate, Dr. Animo and Mawgu left to go and fight off the oncoming intruders, Ben was quite alone as he attempted to do his best to struggle out of the chained table.

"Hey, let me help you" said a familiar voice to Ben.

As Ben turned his head, he notice Danielle floating above him.

"I don't know if I should be happy to see you or quite afraid, but get me out of here!" cried Ben.

"Will do" said Danielle as she floated down to attempt to free Ben.

As Danielle was attempting to do just that, some of Vilgax's soldiers came into the scene.

"Sir, we spotted an intruder trying to free the prisoner, we're moving in" said the soldier as he readied his weapon.

"Uh, Danielle, anytime you would like to free me so that I can help you kick these guys' butts" said Ben as he notice Vilgax's soldiers approaching them.

"I'm almost done" said Danielle who was using her ghost beams to blast the chains attempting to free Ben's arms and legs.

"Don't worry" said another familiar voice, "you won't need to.

Suddenly ghost beams out of nowhere came right at Vilgax's soldiers knocking each one of them unconscious and revealing Danny who had finally arrived on the scene. Danny then helped Danielle free Ben from being chained to the table.

"Oh no you two are not going to make me lose that Omnitrix" said Vilgax as he entered the scene.

Danny and Danielle then fired their ghost beams at Vilgax sending him crashing right into the wall. Vilgax then recovered from the attack and raced toward Danny and Danielle giving them each a good punch sending them crashing against the portable table. Ben then finally had enough of this and changed his Omnitrix to Fourarms and changed into the four-armed alien.

"It's time that you picked on someone your own size" said Ben as he stepped into the scene

Ben then raced toward Vilgax as Fourarms giving Vilgax four good punches using all of Fourarms arms sending Vilgax crashing right into the wall again.

"You might have grown stronger since our last encounter" said Vilgax as he recovered, "but I'm still stronger than you."

Vilgax then raced toward Ben, Danny and Danielle who were recovering from Vilgax's attack and were given several good punches by Vilgax sending each flying toward the wall. As Vilgax was about to change Ben back into his human form, the Specter Speeder came bursting in the room with Tucker at the wheel. Sam then used the weapons on the Specter Speeder and fired at Vilgax sending him flying across the room and right into the hallway of the ship.

"You think that you can defeat me with that such a weapon?" asked Vilgax then Vilgax got out his communicator, "okay Calamitous you can use that Ectosuit."

"Will do" said Professor Calamitous on the other line who then busted into the scene with the Ectosuit 3.0 being powered by Jorgen's wand and the remnants of the ooze stolen.

"Hey, it's Einstein!" shouted Patrick who was in the Specter Speeder and notice Calamitous in the Ectosuit.

"That's not Einstein Pat, that's this Calamitous fellow" said Spongebob.

"Well it looks like he's going down" said Sam as she pressed some buttons on the Specter Speeder which revealed some rockets and fired at Calamitous.

Calamitous had an easier time dodging the rockets and the lasers that were coming toward him in the Ectosuit. The evil professor then fired several rockets from the Ectosuit to which Tucker had to outmaneuver. Ben then had enough as he recovered from the attack and tapped the back of the Ectosuit to which Calamitous turned around. Ben responded by giving him a good punch sending the Ectosuit crashing right toward the wall and another arm of Ben grabbing Calamitous right out of the Ectosuit.

"Uh, you wouldn't hurt someone with glasses would you?" asked Calamitous as sweat began to run down his forehead.

"Now that's not nice picking on someone smaller than you" said Vilgax as he entered the scene.

Vilgax then made his attack at Ben giving Ben a good punch or two and knocked Ben right toward the wall again.

"Now I am going to turn you back into your pathetic human self so that I acquire that Omnitrix" said Vilgax as he pinned Ben toward the wall.

Before Vilgax could go any further, Grandpa Max's trailer busted into the scene and Jorgen appeared from the roof and fired the weapon that destroyed Vilgax in the first place. The blast of the weapon then sent Vilgax crashing through several rooms of his ship and crashing into the scene where Vlad Plasmius along with Mawgu, Crocker, Dr. Animo and Plankton were having trouble facing Timmy, Jimmy and his friends.

"It's about time that you arrived" said Vlad as he was trying to knock Sheen out who was running around him in circles.

"I got my own issues" said Vilgax as he got the debris off of himself.

"Could we have some sort of proof?" asked Plankton.

Suddenly Grandpa Max's trailer then raced toward the scene along with the Specter Speeder, Ben, Danny and Danielle following close behind.

"Uh, I could use some help over here" said Professor Calamitous as he came into the scene all beaten up.

"Say, what suggestions do you have to avoid anymore of this pain?" asked Mawgu.

"I'll go with running away from it" replied Plankton as he was about to be run over by Grandpa Max's trailer.

"Time to take another hit against octopus man" said Jorgen as he used the weapon that was used against Vilgax before on Vilgax again sending him crashing toward a vital part of his ship.

"Somehow I can see this is going to end badly for me" sighed Vilgax as he began noticing the red alert lights flashing around the ship.

"I think we should get the heck out of here" said Grandpa Max.

"Good idea" said Jimmy.

"I'll get Cosmo and Wanda to poof some us out of here" said Timmy.

"You got it" said Wanda as she and Cosmo waved their wands and poofed half of everybody away from the ship.

"Now if you would be so kind" said Jorgen as he got into the trailer along with Ben, Danny and Danielle, "we should go and grab my wand."

"You got it" said Grandpa Max as he started the trailer and headed toward the area where Jorgen's wand laid on the ground after Ben gave the Ectosuit a beating.

As the trailer went toward the area, a door of the trailer opened and Jorgen grabbed his wand.

"Now I can get you people out of this" said Jorgen as he happily used his wand and poofed everybody out to a safer area where Jimmy and everybody else where.

As everyone were finally accounted for, they all notice Vilgax's ship was out of control, heading straight toward a mountain.

"What the heck are we going to do?!" cried Professor Calamitous, "We're surely going to be blown to pieces!"

"Don't worry, don't worry" said Mawgu, "just get everybody here and everything will be peachy."

As members of the Syndicate got together along with Dr. Animo and Vilgax who recovered from the attack by the weapon that nearly killed him, Mawgu used his powers and teleported members of the Syndicate and their ally Dr. Animo back to a temporary safe place. While Vilgax's ship began to fall right toward the mountain, crashing and exploding into pieces like fireworks.

"Isn't it just nice that this is the Fourth of July?" asked Cosmo who was quite clueless to what happen.

"I'm just glad we're never going to have to worry about this Syndicate again" replied Ben as he gave a sigh of relief.

"Somehow I don't think we have heard the last of them" said Jimmy.

Meanwhile the Syndicate along with Mawgu, Dr. Animo and Vilgax had teleported themselves to a strange realm.

"W-w-where did you teleport us?" asked Calamitous.

"W-w-what are those shadowy figures gathering around us?" asked Plankton as he notice several shadow beings wearing masks surrounding them.

"I don't like this!" cried Crocker as he huddled to Vlad.

"Get off me!" cried Vlad.

"I don't like it!" cried Crocker.