MAR Pirates

Note: There will be no Mohji in this arc. Not only would he stall the story, but I can not find a good replacement for him.

It was a very peaceful day at sea indeed, but things were beginning to get rather slow. Alviss sighed and tried his hardest to stay awake.

He grimaced and asked, "Ginta, when are we going to reach land?"

Ginta jumped at the sound of this and uttered, "Uh… I don't actually know where I'm going. I just let the current take me wherever I go."

Alviss, Belle and Babbo grimaced at the kid after hearing this. Their own captain was an incompetent little kid who had no sense of direction.

Alviss groaned and stated, "Okay, the next town we go to has to have a navigator who wants to be in our crew!"

The crew agreed with this. A navigator would have been a big help.

After what seemed like 5 hours, the crew finally made it to land. This was located in a deserted town called Hissori. Ginta was more than ready to unboard the ship, but he noticed that Alviss had fallen asleep 2 hours ago.

"You go on ahead," Belle said, tending to her friend, "I'll keep Alviss safe."

"I will too," Babbo said, "Unlike the fairy, I can fight!"

What's done is done. Ginta trusted the crew with keeping sleeping handsome safe from danger. He went off to see if there was anyone in town.

The boy looked high and low. He searched every corner of the city. Sadly, there was no sign of life. But, he was soon proven wrong when he heard the sounds of a girl screaming.

He noticed a girl about his age running from a group of pirates. They all held their swords up in the air and shouted, "GET BACK HERE WITH OUR MAP!"

Ginta grimaced in frustration and anger. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was a defenseless kid being attacked by vicious pirates. It was this kind of behavior that gave pirates a bad name.

The boy charged angrily at the pirates and stood between them and the girl.

"Hey, kid, would you mind moving?" one of them asked as the other said, "Yeah, you're getting in the way of important business. You'd better scram if you know what's good for you."

The little girl looked up at Ginta and felt a strange power within him. She could sense that there was a lot of muscle in that small kid.

"It seems as if you don't pay attention," one of the two pirates stated walking up to Ginta.

In an instant, Ginta socked him in the face and kicked the other one square in the family jewels. This was enough to knock out both of them as they lay on the ground unconscious.

The girl looked up and noticed that the pirates had been taken care of by this boy.

"Thank you," she said, smiling, "You saved me from those pirates. My name is Snow."

"Nothing to it," Ginta replied, "My name is Ginta and…"

He froze when he noticed the girl before him. She was very cute. She had short blue hair, a pink bowtie in her hair and wore a pink sleeveless top. (She doesn't have her sweater yet)

'Oh my god,' the boy thought, 'she looks just like Koyuki.'

We now take you to another area in the middle of the town. This was the only place in town that was populated. A man sat in a chair and had just heard some disturbing news.

"You mean to tell me that you were stopped by a kid?" the man asked two of his followers, who were covered in bruises.

The man sighed. He was a strange one. He wore a big black robe and a skull over his face, so nobody ever saw his real appearance. His only visible human trait was a tongue that always stuck out of his mouth.

His two followers bowed their heads and replied, "Sorry, Ash! This won't happen ever again!"

Their captain, whose name was apparently Ash, nodded in understanding and said, "It's alright. You've been working hard. Take the day off. I'll just send someone else to get that girl."

The followers breathed a sigh of relief and walked out of the room happily. One of them grinned and asked, "Isn't it great to work for a guy like Ash? He's always so nice to everyone."

Ash sat in his chair and thought, 'This is truly terrible. It's inhuman of me to even enforce a child being hurt, but she stole something very valuable to me.'

Then, the man snapped his fingers as a mysterious short person with blue-gray skin and white pupil-less eyes entered the room. This short man wore a black cape and a cloak and had a very intimidating face.

"Harmelune," the captain said, "I trust you to take care of that girl. The others crewmembers seem incapable."

The short man nodded and said, "I'll do the best I can, Ash."

Then he vanished as if by magic.

Back in town, Snow had taken Ginta into her temporary home that she had decided to stay in for the time being. There she gave him bread so he wouldn't starve to death.

"Thank you so much!" he stated, forcing the carbohydrates down his throat, "By the way, can you navigate?"

Snow thought about this, smiled, nodded and said, "Yes, I am known for my amazing navigational skills!"

Ginta knew that he had found the right person. Now he was prepared for his journey.

"Snow," he said, "will you join my pirate crew as our navigator?"

Upon hearing this, the girl froze. She trembled with fear and backed away from the boy. Ginta seemed so young and innocent when she first saw him. Alas, she should have guessed that no normal boy would have power like that.

She had no idea how to react, so she just ran out of the house screaming in fear. Ginta watched the girl run down the street as he held out his arm and shouted, "WAIT! PLEASE CONSIDER MY OFFER! NOT ALL PIRATES ARE BAD!"


Then, the girl ran through the street screaming every minute. Ginta could not believe it. Nobody had reacted like this before. But, he could understand her feelings. Nobody likes to lose a family member.

Ginta decided to tell his crew about her first. They needed to know about her. He was going to try and convince Snow to join them. He didn't know why, but he felt as if he needed her in his crew.

(Okay, I'm out of thoughts at the moment, so this will be the first arc that I do not clear up in one chapter. Surely, there'll be others, but right now, I'm tapped for ideas on how to make this more original than it already is)