Silver Millennium

By: Amber Evans Potter


Summary: When Queen Serenity's spell goes haywire, the entire population of Earth must watch the chain of events that led to the Moon Kingdom's destruction. Sequel to Lunar Expedition.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon. All rights reserved to Naoko Takeuchi and everyone else who owns the rights to Sailor Moon – people who do not include me. Oh, how I lament the tragedy!

Author's Note: hello and welcome to the sequel of Lunar Expedition, the story of Silver Millennium. Like it's predecessor, SM is going to be pretty long so I hope you're ready for a huge story. I know that some of you may not like this seeming detour from the main story but this is the story I've wanted to write for ten years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Also, you probably want to read LE before this one, although the chapters without Chibi Usa will be standalone. Enjoy!

Night blooming jasmine wafted in through the half-open doors, sending slivers of delicious perfume to all the corners of the room. The small, cozy lights hanging overhead offered a semi-lighted ambience to the bed raised on a dais in the center of the room. White and silver curtains shadowed the lone occupant of the bed, stretching out like loving hands over her legs.

The pain was excruciating. Queen Night Serenity had draped herself over a sea of pillows, her eyes tearing up at the sudden agonizing pain in her back. She lifted a hand to her swollen belly and stroked it, trying to soothe the insistent kicks to her kidneys. Part of her wondered if she was being punished for something she'd done in a previous life. She tilted her head back and struggled to find her inner peace.

"Having some trouble?" an amused voice said over her head. Night opened one eye and glared.

"I hate you," she said. "You're not pregnant. Go away."

"You look like an overturned turtle," Sailor Moon laughed, eyes sparkling mischievously as she perched by her sister's head. "They'll have to carve that child out of your belly. It is way too big for you to carry around anymore." Even though her words were biting, her gloved fingers were gentle as she smoothed back the sweaty hair at Night's temple.

"Moon," Night whispered, "Normally, I don't mind listening to you make fun of me. But I really don't have the patience for this right now. Can't you annoy someone else?"

"Can't, Venus is securing the perimeter and Jupiter is prepping the army before we seal ourselves inside the palace. The priests have determined that you're having this baby in the next fortnight. You're stuck with us until she pops out," Sailor Moon said with a grin, her fingers dancing along Night's neck and over her shoulder. "Have you decided on a name yet?"

"I already have a name for her," Night said, forcing herself up on her elbows to glare at her sister. "Just because you won't accept the one I picked doesn't mean I have to listen to your list of possibilities."

"Lady just seems so unimaginative," Sailor Moon whined, gently pushing Night back into a restful position, tucking pillows behind her head. Night let herself be manhandled - Sailor Moon so rarely had an opportunity to take care of someone. "You have the opportunity to name the girl something new and exciting. We've already had two "Ladies" in our ancestry."

"What are you talking about? We only had the one," Night said without thinking. When Sailor Moon didn't say anything, Night's face heated up. "Ah, two." Her eyes flickered to her sister and then quickly away. "I'm sorry. I forgot."

"I know," Sailor Moon said, patting her cheek a little harder than she needed to. "It's just such a boring name."

"It was your name," Night said, frowning.

"Was being the important word, and it was still boring," Sailor Moon said with a grin that appeared and disappeared just as quickly. "Anyway, you can't call her by that cursed name. You'll make her into a Senshi when I die otherwise!"

"Shut up," Night said, sinking back into the bed. "I like Lady."

"I'll call her something else behind your back until she thinks my name is the real one and yours is the fake," Sailor Moon said, dancing out of Night's reach as her sister tried to pinch her thigh. "I'll make it something good and embarrassing. You just watch people get confused about us calling her different things; and I'll spoil her rotten so she always thinks I'm the right one."

"Just go make sure Venus is done," Night said as she chucked a pillow at her sister's head. True to her Senshi training, Moon dodged with a laugh and a half prance out the door. Night waited a moment longer to make sure she was really gone before stretching out on the bed again, closing her eyes. Her hand gently stroked her belly, a little annoyed that the baby had stopped kicking at Sailor Moon's voice. She'd always had that calming effect on the baby, uttering just a few arrogant words and soothing all those painful kicks. She hoped it didn't mean the child would turn out just like her sister. She had enough problems without another hot tempered princess dashing around her in circles.

Author's Note: Thank you everyone for completing this huge adventure with me. This story has been bouncing around in my head for ten years now and even as the story continues and I finally have a chance to write about what I've always wanted to - the story of Silver Millennium - I find myself reliving the best things about Sailor Moon over and over again. Please continue reading the next chapter of the story in Silver Millennium, which you can find on my author page. I hope you enjoy Usagi's story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. May we meet again!