Title: For the Ones You Love
Narrated: TorringMay

Typed by: Sorringmay
Pairing: Eiri / Shuichi
Rating: M / Mature

Disclaimer: We do not own Gravitation, its characters, bands, or songs.

Summary: Yuki and Shuichi's lives had gone separate ways. Now Shuichi has returned to Japan to face his past while his older sister and her band help both he and Eiri find their way back to each other again. OC and of course Yuki x Shuichi

Note: You can all thank Catti-dono for the guilt trip given to me otherwise it would have been a while before I would have typed this for Torring. Thanks Catti for the kick where I needed it.




Scrubbing the palm of his hand across his golden eyes Eiri looked over at the clock as the red number showed the time. Vaguely his sleep filled mind was wondering why his alarm clock was going off when he never set it. It took him a full minute to realize that it was the phone ringing and not his clock alerting him to get up.

As he ventured sleepily out to the kitchen he wondered why the answering machine was not picking up. His answer came was the caller hung up, only to call right back.

"Hello," he answered in a sleep filled voice.

"Eiri your up great," He cringed at the cheery voice on the other end of the phone.

"Rio it's seven in the morning, why are you calling?"

He squeezed his eyes shut as her laughter rang through the receiver. "I just need your email address."

He held the receiver away from him blinking at it several time. "You called me this early for my email address?" He knew he was raising his voice with ever word but didn't care at the moment. Then again Rio did not seem to take notice either. "Why Rio do you need it?"

"Cause I want to send you the lyrics to this song. You seemed worried about it, so I wanted your ok before I added it to the final recording list and I knew that it would be wrong if I didn't let you read through it first so I – "

"Rio!" the woman's rambling came to a halt and silence filled the air. "What song?"

"the one O called you about, you know my ballades because I wont do some sucky love song, broken hearted, cry your eyes out, been way over done – "

"Rio, you're rambling." Eiri could almost imagine the look on her face, one of shock that he would even suggest such a thing. Suddenly a thought occurred to his now waking mind, something that had been bothering him all week. "I will give you my email, but first you have to answer a question."

"Umm…ok" came the uncertain answer.

"What color are your eyes?"

There was a brief pause before laughter emitted from the phone. "That's it? Really and I thought it was something hard. With or without contacts?"

"Both," Eiri snapped getting mildly impatient with the guitarist.

"Well my contacts are brown, but I had them made special so that they have little golden flecks all through – Hey give that back." That last of her words were faded and Eiri frowned wondering why someone would have taken the phone from her.

"Hello?" Came a deeper male voice and Eiri was quit certain he was speaking with none other than Toby Cypress.

"Umm, hi this is Eiri Yu – "

"Why do you want to know the color of my wife's eyes?" was the cold reply.

After several seconds of thought Eiri figured the truth was the best answer, after all this man was not only Rio's husband but Tenchi and Takken's friend. "She reminds me of someone and I wanted to know if she were – "

Again Toby cut him off with another question. "What makes you thin you have the right to know?"

The likeness of Toby to his own personality was not lost to the blond author. From the cold harsh tone in the singer's voice to the protectiveness for those he carried for, and even his demanding demeanor, was so very like Eiri's own.

"If she is who I think she is…" His words trailed off as he recalled his first meeting with Rio. Trust me it's for selfish reasons, That was what she had said.

"Listen Eiri, you meet with Kenji and I," here the singer paused making sure he had the other man's attention, "and I will provide you with the answer to your question?"

Eiri scowled now. It was one thing for him to do it with Rio over something simple, but he resented anyone else becoming a part of this. "I think I have already answered that thanks." Eiri snapped getting ready to hang up, but Toby's next words made him freeze.

"So you know where he is then?"

The silence hung in the air for several painful breaths before Eiri could get his voice to cooperate with him. "You know where he is?"

"Do you know the jazz club down the street from the studio?" Toby was not unkind or angry as he spoke just matter of fact.

"I know it," was the shocked reply.

"Meet us there at six tonight." With that the phone went dead leaving Eiri staring at it with both trepidation and hope. There was only one 'him' that the lead singer could be talking about.




Cody moved his fingers across the frets on the base losing himself in the music. Though he had only been with Bad Luck a week, they had re-recorded three of their biggest hits, adding other instrumentalist, back-up singers and of course his base. He loved the music too. It was not as heavy as Anime nor was it the intense keyboard work that Nittle Grasper had to it.

Hiro and Suguru had also welcomed him with open arms, though he did catch the eye rolling over his and Chi's antics. That was nothing new to him though, not when your brother is Toby Cypress, Ice Prince himself. The other two members of Bad Luck had been open to both his and Shuichi's ideas to bring in others to help give them the feel they were after. Even the psycho manager was behaving himself, though that didn't happen till after he and Chi had had an impromptu sparing match in the middle of the recording room.

There was however one thing that did make Cody uncomfortable, and he was currently staring at the bassist as if he was demon spawned or something as repulsive. Tatsuha sat at the back of the recording studio pretending to listen to what Shuichi was telling him, while trying to cause bodily damage to Cody's person with his glare.

"Good job Cody, I think we got it that time," called one of the techs from the both, giving the dark haired man a thumbs up. Cody placed his base in its case, taking his time to lock it up, in hopes that Tatsuha would follow his usual pattern and leave. Luck however was not with him.

He sighed as he stepped out to great the rest of Bad Luck who were all reassuring him that everything had sounded great and how, if they kept up like this, the record would be done in no time. Cody smiled, in particular at Chi hoping to chase the sour tempered teenager away. And to think when he had first seen Tatsuha he had thought that the jerk was cute.

"Now what?" Cody asked, getting worried as he saw the look on all three of his band mates faces.

"Well," Shuichi smiled brilliantly, "Since you have taken on the challenge of playing base so well, we thought we would issue you another challenge. If of course you are up to it?"

"No drinking contests, Toby would have both of our heads and Rio…" a shiver ran through him as memories of the one and only time Rio found him drunk.

Shuichi grinned broadened, "No nothing that will get us in trouble. Just fun." With out further ado the group of five made their way out to the waiting van. Cody slipped into the back seat frowning when Tatsuha ended up also sitting in the back with him. Looking up he saw Shuichi giving him an odd look from the front seat before he launched into an animated discussion with Hiro about something that had happened in school.

Shuichi tried his best to get Cody and Tatsuha out from under what Rio referred to as the black cloud.

He was certain that Tatsuha was not happy over the absence of one Ryuichi from NG Studios, but he didn't have the heart to tell his friend that Ryu had been out with someone else. Especially when that someone else might as well be family, though he wasn't sure exactly what Lance was to him. But Lance made Ryuichi happy and that was enough for him.

Cody however seemed to be a puzzle. At first Shuichi though maybe it was due to everyone speaking a language he didn't understand. Peg had resolved that, finding a group of techs that all spoke English as well and who were more than happy to pull one over on their up tight boss, by helping Bad Luck record with out the presidents knowledge. This however did not lift the happy go care free Cody and Shuichi was starting to get concerned.

That was why he had gotten together with Hiro and Suguru and decided a trip to their favorite arcade was in need. After all, Cody claimed to be just as good at Shuichi's beloved dancing game. He was hoping a friendly competition might draw one if not both of the cranky men out from under their clouds, or at least act as an umbrella for a few hours.




Eiri draped his long wool jacket over his arm as he scanned the crowed looking for the two members of Anime, trying not to get his hopes up. He found it a bit ironic that he could be so at easy with Tenchi and Takken, but he was so uptight about this meeting with the other two men of the band.

Icy green eyes met his own golden ones as Toby nodded towards him in acknowledgment. While the singers look was not hostile, it was not friendly either. Kenji though wore a gentle smile as he gestured for Eiri to join them.

Kenji held out his hand and made introductions n what Eiri would have considered a typical American fashion, though he did notice the way both men watched his reaction closely. He felt as if he were trying to pass a test, and mayhap with what Toby had spoken earlier, that was exactly what was taking place. A test. If it was for Shuishi's safety, in body, mind or heart, he was willing to go through with it.

"If you will excuse me for being blunt," Toby glanced at Kenji a if asking permission before continuing, "Why did you leave that night?"

Eiri's eyes grew wide as his gaze shifted back and forth between the two men. Taking the time to collect his thoughts he drug a hand through his hair wishing desperately that he had taken the chance to order a drink before sitting down.

"Why do you want to know," he posed the question to Toby but it was Kenji who answered.

"Yuki-san, it is my understanding that you have a younger brother do you not?" Eiri nodded confirming this. "As his older brother, if you found out that there was the possibility of someone possibly causing him harm, would you not question them as well?"

"Of course I would, but what does that have to do with anything?" was Eiri's crisp hard reply.

Toby and Kenji passed a look between them before Toby spoke. "I am certain that you are aware that Rio is related to someone you care about." Again Eiri only nodded his confirmation. "Are you aware of how they are related?"

"I figured they were cousins. Though as much as Shuichi likes to talk about his family, I was a bit surprised that he never mentioned her."

"He did know." Toby watched the blond for a moment, but Eiri only returned his gaze. "Shuichi is Rio's little brother. They are half siblings."

Though the comment should not have surprised him, he could not help but let his jaw drop slightly. His jaw snapped shut as realization hit him. Toby's cold demeanor suddenly made since, he was acting the part of protective big brother. The seriousness of the situation began to weigh heavily on him as he realized what implications this meant.

For one brief moment he was filled with betrayal. He couldn't help for that one moment to think that Tenchi and Takken had only helped him because Shuichi was Rio's brother. Before the thought could fester two revelations came to him. The first was the simple fact that what ever had brought his friends to his door that night, they had proven their friendship already. The second was enough to send his heart pounding and leave him breathless. If they had come to Eiri because of Shuichi that meant Shuichi still had filling for him.

"Yuki-san," Kenji said drawing his attention back to the two men sitting with him. "Why did you leave that night?"

"I…I hit him. He deserves better than that."

"Eiri we know there is more to it," Toby said his voice having lost the cold tone. "Shuichi already told us you slapped him because he lost it."

"He told you what happen that night?" He knew he was not handling this well, but there was just too much being revealed all at once. "I didn't know what else to do. He kept yelling and screaming, I just wanted him to stop."

Toby's green eyes squinted as he stared into Eiri's "Who are you reminding yourself of? Don't shake your head at me either." Toby actually cracked a smile as Eiri stopped himself from doing just that. "I know what it's like to be afraid that you are turning into someone you despise, especially when that someone was important to you."

Kenji caught the servers attention pausing to order them all coffee before letting Toby finish. Knowing how hard this was for Toby he could only imagine what it was like for Eiri. All three waited for the hot beverage to arrive. Eiri gladly picked up his cup holding it up to blow on it. He realized it was a stalling tactic but this was a subject he did not wish to broach with himself, much less anyone else.

"Did Tenchi and Takken tell you I lived in New York when I was younger?" he finally asked.

Toby shook his head, "No they didn't. You have to understand, if they felt you were telling them something in confidence it stays there."

Watching who he now realized was Shuichi' brother in-law, Eiri ran a finger around the edge of his cup contemplating how to explain the situation without it coming out wrong. "I was sixteen when I moved to New York. I was what I concerned very carefree and naive. It made me easy prey for my tutor at the time. At sixteen I figured I was in love, now though I honestly don't know. I defiantly had feelings for him, but they are not anything like what I feel for Shuichi."

"If you don't mind my asking" was Kenji polite interruption, "How do they feel different?"

"Oh no shrink mode," was Toby's immediate comment, earning him a glare from his band mate.

Eiri actually chuckled though, his own 'shrink' had asked him that very question, though now his response was much more important. "With Yuki, my Sensei, I felt like for the first time someone was willing to look past what was different about me. When ever he got angry or upset, I always figured I had done something wrong. It took Tenchi and Takken to show me what really was happening." Eiri shook his head ruefully, "Amazing after all these years, I still could not see what had happened till someone else forced me to."

"No offence Eiri, but it sounds like your tutor was taking advantage of you."

"I think now I know that, but at the time I think that's what I wanted, someone who cared and showed it." He sighed and took several sips of his coffee before continuing. "Sensei was giving me the attention I wanted, I just didn't realize till latter the cost of that. Then there is Shuichi." A fond smile graced his lips as he stared down into his cup. "The brat managed to worm his way into my life no matter what I tried to do to stop him, and it wasn't till after he left that I realized what he meant to me. I think perhaps he is the first person who has ever cared about me for who I am."

"Which brings us back to the original question, why did you leave that night?"

"So I didn't do to him what Sensei did to me." He set his coffee cup down and for the first time was sorry that he had quit smoking, though he knew his friends were right. He had used cigarettes as something to hide behind. "I was becoming frustrated, so I started drinking more to escape it, that just made things worse. The more aggravated I got, the more I realized who I was acting like and I found myself drinking even more. Then that night Shu won't stop screaming and I slapped him, it was to much. I couldn't put him in that kind of danger."

"Why the suicide attempts then?" Toby asked.

Eiri drug his hand through his hair wishing this weren't making him feel so emotionally raw. "Because the little baka was the best thing that had happened in my wretched excuse for a life. Up until Tenchi and Takken showed up, I so no hope. I figured Shuichi was safer away from me, but I couldn't live without him. I figured I would resolve the problem by getting rid of the cause."

Toby was shacking his head a smile playing at his lips. "You both are idiots, you know that right? He had the same idea, leave and never come back so he would not cause you any more trouble."

"And the real problem," Kenji interjected, "Is that you two want talk to each other. You guys have got to figure out ho to express your feelings to one another…verbally"

The last comment had a golden eyebrow arching and Toby actually snickering. "So are you going to tell me where he is?"

He was answered with two mischievous grins.




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